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Theraline Neck Pillows

Theraline Neck Pillows available in a selection of sizes and styles
The Baby & Kids Neckpillow: Perfect as a travel & sleep pillow
THERALINE animal neck pillows are the ideal combination of a cuddly toy, sleeping and travelling pillow.

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Prices start from £14.90 - £19.90 for Animal neck pillows - purchase online or click online to find local stockist

Theraline Neck Pillows Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Dyson – Declan 2 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Dyson – Declan 2 Years

Joanne Awarded The Theraline Neck Pillow 4.8/5

My initial impression of this product was nice, soft and colourful. It was well packaged and presented. It was very easy to use as was self explanatory. It gives me piece of mind that my child is much more comfortable and I know he is less likely to have a sore neck after sleeping. Declan loved the colours and design of the product and wanted to take his new friend everywhere. He loved taking his new toy/teddy on long journeys with him. I also use it in my umbrella pram. It is really easy to wipe clean. I do think that this product is a little expensive compared to other varieties on the market. We will continue to use it and recommend it to others. It makes journeys a lot more comfy and enjoyable. My son really enjoys his new pal, taking it on journeys and I like the fact of knowing he is more comfortable. Joanne Dyson – Declan 2 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Leach – Jacob 2 years

Caroline Awarded The Theraline Neck Pillow 4.9/5

This looked like a lovely product. It was soft and cute and colourful. The packaging was nice and product was self explanatory. The quality is excellent. My son is always going to sleep in the car and his poor little head always tilts forward, but using this it prevents that and makes travelling more comfortable for him, he loves it too. It is so easy to clean, I have just wiped it over and it’s done. I have only used this in the car but can easily be used for other things. I think it offers good value for money as its fantastic quality and I have used it loads in our car with Jacob. We will definitely continue to use it. I have already recommended it to others as I think it is lovely and I have friends who travel a lot with little ones. Jacob loves it. It’s a great neck pillow that really helps make car journeys more comfortable for your child. Caroline Leach – Jacob 2 years

Product Tested By Cara Simmons – Janet 2 Years

Cara Awarded The Theraline Neck Pillow 4.7/5

Looked comfortable product to use and good quality. Really liked the animal design and soft for Janet to use. Packaging was sufficient and really do not need instructions and very self-explanatory how to use this item. Very high quality product and durable. Was perfect for Janet in the car as stopped her getting neck ache, and we took this on the plane and train journeys too. Janet just snuggled into this neck pillow so was calming for her. Very easy to keep clean too. A tad pricey as seen lots of neck pillows a lot cheaper, but the animal style and the quality does make this well worth the investment. Will be using this for a while yet and have told loads about it and told them to go onto the company website. You can get these in small and large so ideal for baby or toddler. A superb, comforting neck pillow which is ideal for all children when travelling and has been used extensively. Cara Simmons – Janet 2 years



 My son really enjoys his new pal, taking it on journeys and I like the fact of knowing he is more comfortable.


Joanne Awarded The Theraline Neck Pillow 4.8/5

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