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Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow

Fantastically cuddly terry plush combined with ultra-flexible stretch material and filled with original micro-beads create sleep & relaxation comfort as never before. Your head simply always lies in the right position. Let yourself be tempted and touched!

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Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow Reviews

Product Tested by: Charlotte Biggs – Due 20/01/2011

Product Tested By Charlotte Biggs – Due 20/01/2011

Charlotte Awarded the Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow 5/5

The pillow is of excellent quality and is very versatile. Excellent for supporting the baby bump when sleeping/reading, will also be very good at assisting with nursing baby. The pillow fits easily in the washing machine, and can be washed at 40 degrees. Would be better if the cover could be removed and washed hot but this is not essential. The pillow helped support my bump when sleeping and helped stop me from lying on my front. I plan to pack it in my hospital bag so I will be able to start nursing with it from the start. So both baby and I get used to it from the beginning. It is also small enough to fit in luggage when visiting family. I enjoy sleeping with the pillow and look forward to using it with my baby. This pillow is very versatile, I would recommend pregnant mums to buy it as it will be useful to improve sleeping during pregnancy and will then be excellent for supporting the baby and getting the correct position when nursing. Charlotte Biggs – Due 20/01/2011

Product Tested By Katy Spoors – Baby Lucas Due In 3 Months


Katy Awarded the Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow 4/5

The fabric is soft and an attractive colour; no issues with stitching. Very pleased with quality. The pillow is attractive as a decorative item as well as being useful; a good design in general. A removable washable cover would be a huge improvement as this would save on drying time and mean that the pillow could still be used (perhaps covered by a towel). I used the pillow to cushion my bump, and under my hip when I felt pain there. It helped to some degree but the cushion’s bean filling became compacted and a bit too firm when I put too much weight on it. I feel that the pillow has already served a useful purpose to me as a bump support when lying down. It also looks very sweet in the nursery. Later, I am confident it will be a useful breastfeeding pillow. I do not intend to take this into hospital as I feel that its purpose as a breastfeeding pillow can be served by a normal pillow during my (hopefully) short hospital stay. However, I am certain that I will use it regularly once home. It is relatively portable, e.g. if you have a car. However, it would not fold easily into luggage because of the filling, which is moldable but effectively solid once compacted. I might take it with me on holiday/visits if we were travelling by car. Would recommend as it is a good bump support/BF pillow with the added extra of looking cute! Katy Spoors – Baby Lucas Due In 3 Months

Product Tested By Katy Jarvis-Morgan – 27 Weeks Pregnant


Katy Awarded the Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow 3.5/5

A good quality pillow that is well made and came well packaged. It provides good versatile support and has multiple uses for mum and baby. I found that the pillow was supportive, you could lean on it; prop up books to read comfortably etc. But the pillow went a bit limp after a week of constant use and the colour (light yellow) goes grubby quickly. I took it to Cornwall for a week’s holiday and it was a good extra pillow and prop. I will continue to use but after two weeks’ use it feels like it only has 80% of the filling in it now. I liked the pillow to start with, it was firm and full. The colour (a light yellow) became a bit grubby quickly but it is washable. After a week on holiday of using it as a prop up/ leaning cushion on the leather settee the pillow went limp and lost some of its filling, it looked like sand on the arm of the sofa. I think if I had paid £23.95 for it I would be a bit disappointed after only two weeks’ use that it had deteriorated so much. But overall, it is a lovely looking and very nice pillow that would be well suited for first time support with mum and baby. Katy Jarvis-Morgan – 27 Weeks Pregnant

excellent for supporting the baby and getting the correct position when nursing.


Charlotte Awarded the Theraline Plushy Moon Pillow 5/5

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