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This Is My Car (Noisy Touchy-Feely Book)

  • An irresistible touchy-feely book with a button to press to make the car go "Beep! Beep!"
  • Colourful scenes with touchy-feely patches show the car’s round, bumpy wheels and twinkly lights, and other details.
  • The simple story encourages children to press the sound button to make the car go "Beep! Beep!"
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    £9.99 available in all leading books stores or purchase online

    This Is My Car (Noisy Touchy-Feely Book) Reviews

    Product Tested by: Zoe Kennedy – Niamh & Libby Aged 2 Years and 1 Year

    Product Tested By Zoe Kennedy – Niamh & Libby Aged 2 Years and 1 Year

    Zoe Awarded ‘This is My Car’ Book Top Marks 5/5

    I love this book – and so do my girls.  A lovely, big, colourful, noisy, textured book with a "beep beep" button as my 2 year old quickly noticed!! What a great website. There is so much on here – and not just books that they sell – also pictures to colour, reading programs, giveaways…there is a wealth of information and things to look at on their website.  It was really easy to navigate through the pages and lots of links on each page – I was looking on there for quite a while! Quality of this book  is really good. It is a big hardback book which is great with my 2 young girls and also the other young children I look after during the day.  We have quite a few books with these thick pages as they are ideal for young (and rather clumsy) hands.  All the children noticed the "beep beep" button first and all had to have a few goes before even starting the book! The front cover is really colourful which makes it very attractive and inviting for children. The illustration is very busy too and my daughter enjoys pointing out everything on the cover before we can open the book.   I really love the illustrations. They are very colourful and there is a lot going on in each picture. My eldest daughter will spend ages pointing out everything that she can see.  I love the textured parts of each page – they specifically relate to which part of the car is being described which I thought was really clever.  My daughter can now guess which part of the car I am about to read about because she has found the textured part – she gets very excited that she has got it right and will shout out "wheels!" or "windows!" They both love it.  My eldest nearly knows all the words off by heart already! They both enjoyed it. I like the way that it is all summed up again on the last page.  It is chosen again and again so I know that Niamh loves it.  What this book has above most other books is the number of things children can do.  It is not just for reading – there is so much to see in the illustrations, textured parts to feel throughout the book, a noisy horn to press and my 2 year old can "read" it on her own as she talks through what she is touching and seeing on each page. Brilliant.  There is nothing to not like about this book.  I guess this was the only down side. I do feel that £9.99 is a bit too expensive.  Although it really is a lovely book. When I look around at how many book my girls have I realise that I would not be able to spend this much for 1 book.  I would expect to pay around £7.99.    Would purchase more in the future and I have already seen that there are 7 other books in this series? I was thinking of recommending to Granny that her grandchildren might like some of the others in the series!! A book that is not just a story and where the details in the illustrations tell the story when you are not old enough to read the wordsZoe Kennedy – Niamh & Libby Aged 2 Years and 1 Year

    Product Tested By Susan Carter – Alice Aged 2 Years

    Susan Awarded ‘This is My Car’ Book 3.5/5

    It looked like a good gift for a child who is not so interested in books. I think that Usborne offers an excellent range of good quality books which appeal to children.  The book appears to be fairly sturdy and good quality so I would expect it to last a long time. Alice found it on the book shelf and requested it be read to her – this was probably because she didn’t recognise it and therefore knew it was a new book.  I thought it was very clever the way the bumpy wheels were bumpy and the shiny red paint was actually shiny.  I’m not sure how much my daughter appreciated those features though as the book was a bit below her level really.  My daughter requested the book be read quite a few times initially but then was more interested in other books she owns.  I think she did enjoy it but just prefers other books. I’m not sure that she found the story that interesting as she no longer requests it be read very often.  With other new books, she tends to choose them much more frequently and knows the words to it very quickly whereas with this she did not seem so into it and even the sound effect bit (which is probably what she liked most) didn’t seem to take her particularly. I feel this book was probably a bit too young for Alice as she is very into her books.  I thought this book would be particularly suited to a child who was a reluctant reader and/or was into cars.  As my daughter is quite the opposite, it did not appeal greatly but I can think of a number of children we know who it would really appeal to.  I would say £5.99 is a fair price but £9.99 would be a bit overpriced in my opinion.  Yes I would consider buying it as a gift for children I think it would appeal too.  I would definitely recommend it to those people with children I thought would enjoy it.  A bit of a disappointment for us really but would be excellent for the right child.  Susan Carter – Alice Aged 2 Years

    Product Tested By Lucy Carter – Robert Aged 1 Year 10 Months

    Lucy Awarded ‘This is My Car’ Book 4.8/5

    Looked good quality book.  The website is very bright and attractive to both parents and children.  Very easy to use too. Very sturdy board pages.  It looked like it would be easy to wipe clean. My son loved this book; he kept picking it up and looking at the pictures himself and enjoyed pressing the ‘noise’ button. The illustrations were bright and fun with lots of background detail.  My son loved having this book read to him and would pick it up to try to read it himself.  The story itself is quite simple but is engaging for my son’s age group. The bright colourful illustrations and ‘noise’ button held my sons attention for a fair amount of time.  I thought that this book was bright and colourful and engaging for the age group.  I thought that the books RRP was a bit expensive for a baby’s book but the quality is definitely worth the money. I would consider buying this book as a gift.  I would recommend this book to parents of similar aged children.  Bright, colourful and noisy board book which is stimulating and engaging for toddlers.  Lucy Carter – Robert Aged 1 Year 10 Months


    A book that is not just a story and where the details in the illustrations tell the story when you are not old enough to read the words.


    Zoe Awarded ‘This is My Car’ Book Top Marks 5/5

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