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Thornleys Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix

Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix – 40gA moderately spicy chilli sauce; full of flavour and pleasantly enriched with a small kick from the chilli and cumin – our chilli sauce is one which all the family can enjoy.

Thornleys sauces are made using only the finest quality natural ingredients. They were created for people who want an alternative to the chemically enhanced products currently on the market and most importantly Thornleys products are made for everyone to enjoy! Thornleys is a family owned company with three generations of Coeliacs, so we know and understand the difficulties this can cause when planning to meet the dietary needs of those with gluten and wheat free requirements.  All of our sauces are indeed gluten and wheat free; are quick and easy to prepare for a delicious tasty meal and are delivered as a dry powder sauce, sealed in a high quality lightweight foil pack for ease of transit.

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£2.15 Available to purchase online and also click online for list of local stockists

Thornleys Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Claire Currie – Finlay 5 Years

Awarded The Thornleys Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix 5/5

mistake it was chilli and all words on package easy to read. Instructions very
easy to read and see what it was. Quite striking so would stand out on a shelf. Instructions could not have been easier and simpler.
Very straight forward to follow and I don’t see how it could go wrong. Very
authentic and tasty. My 5 year old loved it too. No faults at all very tasty and easy to use.
Would not have known it was gluten free. Good Value for money because you only
need to add minimal ingredients, so it makes a good cheap family meal. I would
purchase if available at my supermarket.
Definitely recommend. I have a friend who is on gluten free diet so
definitely would. Couldn’t fault this product.
Very easy mix, authentic tasting.Claire Currie – Finlay 5 Years

Tested By
Sinead Cowham – Charlie 7 years

Awarded The Thornleys Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix 4.8/5

packaging, eye catching. Easy, clear instructions and minimal ingredients list.
Looked like a tasty quick family meal. Packaging is Bright, clear wording, eye
catching. Instructions easy to follow and understand. Very tasty, a good build-up
of heat as the meal progressed. A little too hot for our seven year old,
however, easily cooled down and enjoyed once sour cream was added. Good quality
spice mix, generous sized product – would produce a milder chilli if less mix
was used – maybe this could be added to the instructions to notify people that
it is a hot dish. I think the rrp is reasonable as it is a good quality mix.
However, cheaper versions are available by other providers. I would purchase if on offer. I do try to make my chilli mix
from scratch as a money saver option. Perfect for friends who are required to eat
gluten free – I have recommended. Tasty,
hot and spicy, enjoyable midweek family meal which was easy to prepare. Would
buy if I saw it on offer as a handy meal to keep in the store cupboard. I found this very simple to prepare as the
instructions and recipe list were clear, minimal extra ingredients required
which kept the overall cost down. A tasty family meal was; prepared in little
time. Using all of the mix produced a hot chilli taste, next time I would use
less mix to make it milder for children. Not suitable for our 10 month old to
enjoy as too rich and spicy. I would buy again if I saw this on offer. Sinead Cowham – Charlie 7 years

Tested By
Tamara Poli

Awarded The Thronleys Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix 4.6/5

packaging is attractive, I like that the product comes in a sachet as it saves
space in my cupboard as opposed to if it were in a pot. I also like that the
ingredients are all natural, which is nice to know when feeding a toddler! The
packaging is aesthetically pleasing, I would easily spot this on a shelf and
the information is well presented and clear. The instructions are very simple
to follow. The chilli tasted wonderful; there were compliments all-round the
table and empty plates. I prefer a bit more heat in my chilli, but this mix is
a perfect base which was suitable for my toddler to eat, but then spice-lovers like
me can just add chilli sauce for a kick! This is a high quality food product,
which I was more than happy to feed to my family. I think the price is a little
high considering you are required to purchase other items to add to the mix
e.g. kidney beans. I appreciate that the ingredients are good quality though
and probably cost more to source. I would purchase this product and would
recommend. I enjoyed cooking with and eating the product. The taste was lovely;
the mix thickened the sauce really nicely to give it a good consistency. I
would definitely purchase the product again, but would probably wait for it to
be on offer. Tamara Poli


Definitely recommend. I have a friend who is on gluten free diet so definitely would. Couldn’t fault this product. Very easy mix, authentic tasting.


Claire Awarded The Thornleys Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix 5/5

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