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  • ½ inch thick impact tested protective foam hat is designed to help absorb and reduce the impact of falls from a child’s own height and may lessen the chance of head injury when infants are learning to walk.
  • Comfortable (stretchy), circumference band allows for growth and ventilation.
  • Adjustable soft (stretchy), elastic chinstrap.
  • Ultra lightweight materials avoid pressure on developing neck muscles.
  • Thudguard® is endorsed and supported by experts worldwide.
  • Help to promote early cycle helmet wearing habits.
  • Ideal head cushion – for the sitting up / crawling / pulling up against furniture / first steps / walking and playing outdoor stages.  Also protect those little noggins against icy slips and tumbles in the snow.
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    ThudGuard Reviews

    Product Tested by: Angela Bailey – Jack 1 Year

    Product Tested By Angela Bailey – Jack 1 Year

    Angela Awarded the Thud guard 5/5

    First impressions were that the Thud guard looked cute and cuddly. The packaging is bright, innovative and fun and instructions are also very in-depth and easy to understand. The product is of very high quality and does exactly what it says on the box. I think for what the product does, it is extremely good value for money and I have already recommended it to others.  I felt the product was excellent value for money and that it was a fantastic solution for providing a safe way for my son to learn to walk. Excellent product would defiantly recommend to other mothers of children the same age.  Angela Bailey – Jack 1 Year

    Product Tested By Karrie Drummond – Evana 1 Year


    Karrie Awarded the Thud guard 4.5/5

    Looks cute and should be good for the job of protecting babies head. Baby can undo Velcro strap very easily and take Thud guard off when playing, clip might be better suited however. Also purple material is now coming away were strap pulls through to adjust size after only a few wears. But this does not affect the Thud guard’s effectiveness in preventing injury to baby.  I would consider buying it if it were a little cheaper. But overall it’s a great idea and pleased to have had the chance to try it, Thank you. Karrie Drummond – Evana 1 Year

    Product Tested By Samantha Harrison – Edgar 14 Months


    Samantha Awarded the Thud guard 4.3/5

    I thought the Thud guard would be really useful as Edgar is quite clumsy and adventurous which often leads to a bump on the head, it looked nice and felt light. The packaging has the right amount of information and looks very attractive. The instructions were very clear and answered all the questions I had plus lots of useful and interesting safety information. The actual helmet part is very well constructed and feels of a high quality with soft touch ears well attached. I think the chin strap could be improved upon though as the Velcro scratched Edgar when it was done up securely. The Lycra around the strap hole also got plucked from catching on the Velcro.  The Thud guard worked very well as Edgar did take a few tumbles whilst wearing it and received no injuries as a result. I think the Thud guard is a little expensive but not so much so that the price would put me off buying it. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to a friend as I found it a little unnecessary for your average child although I would possibly mention it if a friend’s child was particularly clumsy. Overall I found the Thud guard to be a well thought out product of high quality that serves its purpose well. Samantha Harrison – Edgar 14 Months

    a fantastic solution for providing a safe way for my son to learn to walk


    Angela Awarded the Thud guard 5/5

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