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Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit

Tidy Tot all-in-one bib and tray kit. Your Tidy Tot kit fits most standard highchairs and booster seats. The tray attaches to the highchair or dining table with suction cups to create a stable surface for you baby to eat or play from. The plain, fresh green design makes it easy for baby to identify food whilst keeping mealtimes fun and engaging.The bib is designed with an adjustable neck fastening to allow for a snug and comfortable fit for babies aged 6 months to 2 years. The Tidy Tot bib attaches to the front of the tray with hook-and-loop fasteners.Stylish unisex design. One size. Instructions for use included. Your Tidy Tot comes in a re-usable PVC pouch for easy storage and transportation. Care Instructions Tidy Tot Bib: Made from a soft ‘easy-rinse, quick-dry’ fabric. Rinse through thoroughly in warm soapy water after each use. Can be machine washed at 40 degrees. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not wash with delicate items or items that pull easily.Tidy Tot Tray: Wipe clean with hot soapy water after each use and before using for the first time. Allow to air dry and store in a dry place. Do not machine wash. Do not place in Dishwasher. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Some staining may occur as a result of contact with food stuffs.

Available in Fresh Green, Dove Grey and Sage Green.

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Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Armitage – Leonard 13 Months

Product Tested By Samantha Armitage – Leonard 13 Months

Samantha Awarded The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit 4.5/5

firstimpressions was good, nice packaging, product packed well and easy to open up,quality of material felt good as soon as I took the product out of thepackaging. the printed care is really nice I love the colours, really complimentary, nice easy to read font clear and well laid out, the little cut out window is a great touch to be able to see part of the product without having to open it up (i.e. if it was on a shelf in a store) and same for the full clear outer its really ideal been see through, I also love that the packaging has press studs so it can be used to store the product in when not in use or if you take it with you to eat out and about. I noticed a print error in regards to the bib fastening instructions as the bib I have is secured with Velcro yet the instructions state hook and strap however I do feel the Velcro is perfect as it secures so well and the overall instructions are printed clearly and very easy to follow and also a nice friendly feel about the way in which they are written. very good quality of material for both parts, tray and bib, the tray feels firm enough to no worry the little one will break it and also soft enough that when they do investigate it bends and moves without any worry of them getting hurt, it’s very easy to wipe and wash clean no stain marks left behind and also easy to get crusty food off – you know those last feeds of the day when you don’t get chance to wash it down and the next morning there’s still food stuck to it but it comes off so easily, the bib is really nice feels comfortable however like most bibs they always feel a little stiff compared to clothing but what I do like is that it feels like clothing instead of plasticky but washes and dries really well and doesn’t hold stains like cloth does so it always looks fresh and new after each wash plus it’s so easy to just wash under the tap during the day after each feed if needed and dries really quick ready for the next meal so
you don’t have to use it dirty while waiting to the end of the day to wash it in the machine. very good value especially because I feel it’s one of those products that lasts for a really long time and won’t wear easy so you wouldn’t be paying out over and over to replace it but yet a decent enough price to warrant the initial purchase however if you wanted to buy a spare to have at say a relative’s house then it would tot up quite prices – I say this as a single mum on a budget but if I wasn’t on such a tight budget then I probably wouldn’t be overly concerned on the price for a second one. I would be very happy to buy one of these now after testing, reason being I think all of above applies really, good branding, quality product and material, gender neutral and an affordable price, the biggest plus side to this product is the fact the bib attaches to the tray to stop food falling down the seat or getting on to little ones clothes – this really is that best feature by far and would by it on that fact alone as crumbs messy sloppy food in a high chair I think is the baine of every mums feeding
experience . Happily recommend it to anyone its really great, hand to use, easy to clean, keeps (most) of the food off the floor and perfect for keeping little ones clean while eating. I had never heard of this brand prior to being sent to review. the only few things that I would say are a slight negative (but hardly a deal breaker) is the suction cups didn’t quite hold on the high chair I have as it has a shallow tray so it meant the sat on the lip of the high chair tray which made it a bit unstable but this is more the high chair than the tray and it didn’t hinder that much, the other thing was although it’s great for stopping food from getting thrown on the floor my little one figured out how to get around that after the first feeding session so it just meant I had a wider ring of floor food instead ha-ha still a fun game for mum and baby none the less. Good value, easy to use, easy to keep clean (and dry) throughout the day, ideal for keeping little one clean and dry with the attachable bib, large eating surface, nice design for either gender, folds away easy for storage when not on use. Samantha Armitage – Leonard 13 Months

Product Tested By Cindy Lan – Oliver 18 Months

Cindy Awarded The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit 3.8/5

The product was a good concept which was well thought out. The packaging is clear wrap which can be used to store the product. However due to the nature of the memory wire around the tray which requires tension to hold in place this caused the packaging to rip on the sides very early on in storage. I would recommend a more robust outer wrapping to allow for compact continual storage. The instructions for use are very clear. The most important of these are how to fold away the tray which otherwise could be a bit tricky. A link to a video to show this in action could be quite helpful for the first time user but once you have done it a couple of times it does get easier. The bib is soft cotton material which is waterproof which is essential for purpose. It is easily washed and comfortable to wear. The tray table is easy to wipe down. I think it would have been better value for money for me should I have purchased at the time of early weaning especially if baby led weaning is used. Oliver my son at the time of use is much older and exhibiting his independence and preferred not to wear on some occasions. I would consider purchasing for a younger baby. I have recommend to my cousin who has a younger child. I had never heard of this brand before being sent for review. As described before a more robust packaging to store the product is needed and perhaps two rather than one bib supplied to allow ease of cleaning especially if heavily soiled. The product was easy to use and assemble. Ideal idea for children aged 6 months when learning to eat and also onwards when learning to use cutlery to save you having to spend ages cleaning the floor or having to feed in the kitchen for fear of staining your carpets. It can be used for other activities also such as the dreaded playdoh, painting and messy play. Cindy Lan – Oliver 18 Months

Product Tested By Alejandra Fonseca –Richard 17 Months

Alejandra Awarded The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit 3.8/5

It looked great, good quality and practical design. Ideal packaging for the product. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Good quality. Personally I think it is a bit expensive. My high chair is a Chicco chair and it didn’t fit properly. I tried several positions and still the suctions cups wouldn’t do the work making the tray unstable. The bib as well as the tray should have different diameters and sizes, so people could buy depending on what they have. Plus it smelled rubber and plastic too much and I had to leave it air dry for a couple of days, after that it would still have a scent. I would recommend if friend was looking for something like this. I had never heard of this brand before being sent item to review. I would suggest having Different Sizes and diameters and change the quality of the plastic. I think the design and the idea is a great one, unfortunately my son did not like it, but still the smell of the plastic is quite comprehensible that that was why he didn’t want to be near it. I think is too expensive for the material. If it has more sizes and diameters, and change the plastic than it would be perfect. Alejandra Fonseca –Richard 17 Months

Good value, easy to use, easy to keep clean (and dry) throughout the day, ideal for keeping little one clean and dry with the attachable bib, large eating surface, nice design for either gender, folds away easy for storage when not on use.


Samantha Awarded The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit 4.5/5

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