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Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit

Our multi award-winning Bib & Tray Kit completely protects your baby whilst weaning, as well as keeping your highchair and floor free from food mess and spills.

The long-sleeve, coverall bib attaches to the tray to close any gaps between baby and their highchair tray, preventing food from falling onto their lap and clothes.

The food-safe tray provides your baby with a large surface from which they can explore and discover food. The tray is just wider than baby’s arm span and the lipped tray stops food, cutlery, cups and bowls from falling to the food.

Ideal for all forms of weaning, including baby-led weaning, let baby explore and discover their food and develop their self-feeding skills whilst saving yourself all the washing and cleaning that comes with messy mealtimes!

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Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit Reviews

Product Tested By Charlotte Wallace – Son

Charlotte Awarded The Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit 4.4/5

It was good quality, looks smart and well made. I was pleased it fitted through the letter box as I was away when it arrived. I think it is a clever idea and a good concept for messy babies who like to feed themselves. The instructions  were very clear with good diagrams and they were also written in a friendly voice. The design of the fabric is pleasant and neutral, the product design is good. It is quick easy to put onto the high chair and over babies head. Wiping the crumbs/mess off afterwards was more tricky than wiping them off my high chair tray. I’m not sure how I’d properly wash the tray Velcro area without getting water all over me. When washing the bib in the washing machine it would have been useful if the ‘protector’ Velcro strip was generously bigger than the hooks as it took a little while each time to make sure I had covered it all. We have a Chico polly highchair and the tray is quite big and it fitted fine although there was a gap between the bib and the high chair for food to fall through. This was mostly effective although sometimes food did fall on the floor, but it might have been that my baby is learning to throw food. This did work to some extent and gave me more freedom to allow my baby to self-feed things like rice, rice crispies and bread without making as much mess as normal. Sometimes it meant his trousers stayed clean, but other times food did drop down. The long sleeve bib was easy to attach to the tray. The bib fitted my son fine, although the fastening was at the tightest on the Velcro to stop drips down his clothes. Maybe the neck could be stretchy if ever the product was modified? The sleeves were the right elasticity at the cuffs. My son was happy to wear this bib.  I mostly agree this helps keep highchair clean and stops food falling on the floor.  Although food did spill onto the high chair seat sometimes. I’m not sure if it saves time cleaning up after meals as you still have to clean the tray and shaking off the crumbs into the sink and wiping it down can be a bit awkward. However I would definitely say that it is good at saving the crumbs on the floor so if you have a slightly older child who is likely to walk in the crumbs before you get a chance to sweep the floor it would be perfect. – worth using as a marketing point. I haven’t yet used this for creative play. This comes with a storage bag which makes it ideal to take to friends, family and holidays. I have used this nearly every mealtime since this arrived. Have only used this at home. Very well made and good quality. It is a quality product that has been well designed and thought out. If you have a messy baby/or you like to encourage self-feeding then it is value for money. It encouraged me to give more finger foods to my baby as it catches food that falls down his front and massively reduces what falls onto the floor. I personally would not buy this because I try and reduce the mess my baby makes by feeding the messy foods on a spoon. Also my high chair has a good size tray already and is easier to clean than the tidy tot tray. I would recommend as it is a great product for baby led weaning, messy babies and particularly if you have a toddler who would otherwise walk in the mess before you get a chance to clear it up. Also it’s great if your highchair is small. This is a good product made to a high quality and helps to keep the area around the high chair clean. It is good for self-feeding and removing food away from baby quickly before they make any more mess. It can be a bit awkward to clean the large tray and sometimes food falls into the high chair, but overall it is a good product. Thank you for choosing me to review this product, I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience this tidy tot bib and tray and relax a bit about my baby making a mess with his food. Whilst it saved the crumbs getting onto the floor and onto his seat I did find it a bit cumbersome to shake the crumbs into the sink and wipe the tray on the floor where I had the space to do this. I enjoyed using this to start with but as time went on I found the phaff of cleaning it more work than I needed to do as my baby is mostly a clean eater. Also my baby has got more used to it and is exploring what he can do with it. He found the label and started pulling it making a gap between bib and tray. Baby also has started to pull the bib off the tray at the Velcro and also bounces his crumbs off the tray. The suckers aren’t always very good at sticking to my tray so I have to keep reattaching them. (Maybe I need to have another go at putting them in boiling water to help with this) Whilst I won’t continue to use it all the time I will probably still use the product for particularly messy meals. Charlotte Wallace – Son

Product Tested By Sarah Culley – Daughter 18 Months

Sarah Awarded The Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit 3.7/5

It was very interesting to look at and unique. I was excited to try it out. The concept was very appealing to me as I have a daughter who likes to throw her food. I thought that this would make it more difficult for her to throw food. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I love the colour – it suits every décor. I found it very easy to use but not as easy to clean afterwards due to its size and flexibility. I have an Aldi basic high chair and it does fit but comes loose easily. It would have been effective if my daughter was younger. Unfortunately, due to her size, she was able to lift and move it so everything just fell off anyway. It was very effective in protecting my daughters clothes. The bib was very simple to attach to the tray. The bib fitted her perfectly. She was happy wearing it and did not try to take it off. Surprisingly, it actually took more time and effort to clean due to its flexibility and size.  It worked for a short amount of time until my daughter tipped it up. The storage bag is perfect. I only used it for a while. I would have used it more if my daughter was younger. This was used at home. This is a high quality product. Personally I think this is a little expensive. I really like the concept and idea behind it. Personally I would not buy this as would not get a lot of use out. I would recommend to parents with younger babies. I really enjoying trying out the product, sadly it was not sturdy enough for my 18 month old. Sarah Culley – Daughter 18 Months

Product Tested By Laura Jagger – Maeva 23 Months

Laura Awarded the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit 4.2/5

I was impressed with the compact packaging and liked the look of the product generally. The concept is great! I was a little worried when we started weaning as I didn’t want too much mess. But the fact the bib covers the child and attaches to the tray takes that away! Clear instructions and easy to follow. Cute patterns although personally I prefer something a little more minimalist. This was very easy to use. We have the Mamia wooden high chair so it didn’t stick well. Our table is also wooden grained. I checked the FAQ though and this is stated on there so had I purchased this, I would have known prior. They also state they’re working on this. I imagine if it fitted well it would have been ideal to stop food etc., falling on the floor. For us due to fit problems this was not as effective. I love how the bib attaches to the tray to avoid things getting in difficult to clean areas of the seat. Great design! The bib was really easy to attach to the tray. It was a good fit but she didn’t love it for eating. My baby doesn’t like wearing fully covered bibs for eating but this is because we haven’t used them. However she was fine when used for playing. This would definitely keep highchair clean and stop food falling on floor and keep clothes clean.  For us it was difficult as highchair was not compatible. We used as best we could and it seemed to do the job! We used for some messy play, again as best we could. The cover bib was helpful in keeping my baby clean and the large tray protected the floor. I love the bag and how handy it is to transport. We didn’t take it anywhere but we definitely would. We only used it a couple of times as it didn’t fit properly.  We used this in the kitchen. Good quality materials. I liked how the tray popped out. If we had a compatible high chair and we were starting our weaning journey then this would definitely be value for money. I liked how it would easily protect baby and the floor especially for baby led weaning. I liked how easily it fits into the travel bag. If we had a different highchair I would buy this. I would definitely recommend to those with babies – particularly those about to start their weaning journey! It would help baby to eat on their own and save so much on cleaning all the little crevices that would be needed without it! I only marked down slightly due to the fact it didn’t fit well to our high chair and table. But the concept of the product is great! Laura Jagger – Maeva 23 Months

I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience this tidy tot bib and tray and relax a bit about my baby making a mess with his food. Whilst it saved the crumbs getting onto the floor and onto his seat I did find it a bit cumbersome to shake the crumbs into the sink and wipe the tray on the floor where I had the space to do this.


Charlotte Awarded The Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit 4.4/5

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