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Tidy Tray – Highchair Tray Cover

Tidy Trays™ are an easy to use, sanitary tray cover. They create a clean, safe eating surface for your child guarding them against germs and bacteria. They fit on every restaurant highchair, food court tray, daycare highchair and residential highchair we’ve tested in North America and the UK. Tidy Trays™ are easy to clean and machine washable and the built-in sippy cup holder can be used for easy fold away storage. Tidy Trays™ are friendly for the environment and bring you peace of mind while you are dining with your child.

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Tidy Tray – Highchair Tray Cover Reviews

Product Tested by: Lyndsey Goth - Annabel 12 Months

Product Tested By Lyndsey Goth – Annabel 12 Months

Lyndsey Awarded The Tidy Tray 4.5/5

Looked a good idea, and the simple ideas are always the best.  Very well packaged can see product clearly and instructions very easy to follow.  Comes in a range of colours and great to have with you when travelling.  Does not seem to be the best quality in the world, but when you are taking this over to the In-Laws and also along with you to restaurants is is a good item to have.  Keeps everything safe and clean for your baby.  Easily fits onto mst highchairs (well all the ones we tried).  You can just fold this away neatly and take anywhere.  This has been on holiday with us and will be used on out travels this Christmas too.  Woudl like to see bit more modern design and think price is a bit high.  However, a good concept, does the job well, easy to keep clean and easy to wash. Would purchase this item.  Already recommended.  Just a few changes and this would be spot on. Lyndsey Goth – Annabel 12 Months


Product Tested By Tina Field – Libby 7 Months

Tina Awarded The Tidy Tray 4/5

Good idea for taking out and about to restaurants.  The box is small and compact, uses bright colours and is very clear.  Instructions very easy to follow.   It appears to be a little ‘cheap’ looking but the material is wipe clean which is essential for this type of product.  I only hand washed and it cleaned up fine. I found it easy to fit onto any highchair used during visits to restaurants.  Personally I feel price is a bit on the high side and would suggest £10 would be ideal price for this item.  I would recomment this item as you can ensure a clean safe surface from which to feed your child when out and about.  My opinion is that it does what it sets out to do by providing a take along highchair cover which you know will be safe and clean for your child.  However I do feel it is a little pricey considering the quality of the product.  Tina Field – Libby 7 Months


Product Tested By Kat Shaunessey – Leon Aged 9 Months 

Kat  Awarded The Tidy Tray 4.4/5

Looked interesting.  Had not really seen anthing like this before and hoped it would be useful.  A well packaged item, box shows product clearly and instructions easy to follow.  Also thought the built in cup holder was pretty neat. A good product to take on your travels, as ideal to use in restaurants, on the ferry, even the plane.  Also found it very useful when visiting my sister and mother as helped jkeep everything clean.  Good quality and the material is easily wiped clean and washes really well.  Fitted all the highchairs we tried this on.   Feel the price is just a tad high for a cover and if the price was lower would purchase more. Friends have asked about this item so already recommended.  This is an effective item to have at home and on your travels and provides a safe clean environment for your baby/child.  Just one of those items you do not think you need until you try it.  Would have given top marks if the price was lower.   Kat Shaunessey – Leon Aged 9 Months 

Good concept, does the job well, easy to keep clean and easy to wash.


Lyndsey Awarded The Tidy Tray 4.5/5

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