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Time Out Mat (the original & the best)

The Original and The Best! Suitable 3+

The Time out Mat is a circular 20" portable rubber mat, with a fabric top. It can fold and fit into almost any pocket or bag. It’s washable, durable, and relevant to all locations; provides a clean spot when used on floors or outside.  Encourages good behaviour. 1. CONSISTENCY is key! TOTO can be used anywhere anytime (park, shop, holiday, car, etc.) allowing for a consistent spot. 2. TEACHES SHARING- When children fight over a toy, place on TOTO until they agree to share. 3. PORTABLE- comes with a drawstring carrying tote. Can easily fit into a pocket or bag. 4. FLEXIBLE- Can fit on any chair, stair or floor surface. Plus, the rubber bottom stops child from moving the spot. 5. WATERPROOF and WASHABLE – Can provide for a clean dry spot on a dirty surface. Machine washable.

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Time Out Mat (the original & the best) Reviews

Product Tested by: Elaine Cadogan – Daniel 3.5 Years

Product tested By Elaine Cadogan – Daniel 3.5 Years

Elaine Awarded The Time Out Mat 5/5

Robust, portable, brightly coloured.  Comes with Useful carry pouch.  Instructions are clear and easy to follow. We would use this product consistently.  It helped us highlight areas of behaviour that were unacceptable.  We found this mat a very effective form of punishment for unacceptable behaviour.  We used this in the house wherever we were and out in others homes, but not out in public. Used for timeout with tantrums, or after 3 warnings about unacceptable behaviour.  We took the mat with us when visiting friends and family.   Very good quality product and good value for money.   Would definitely purchase this item and recommend without hesitation.  Gives you a consistent method of managing unacceptable behaviour.  Elaine Cadogan – Daniel 3.5 Years

Product Tested By Ngalula Besana – George 4 Years

Ngalula Awarded The Time Out Mat 3.4/5

I thought it was a brilliant idea and was very eager to try it but I also had doubts it would work for us.  I really like the packaging.Simple, colorful.  The instructions were very clear.  I tried to use it on a regular basis but my son was having none of it.  . My son would just use it as a boat (I wonder why) if made to sit on it. He just didn’t get the message that if he had to sit on it was because his behaviour was not acceptable.  This did not work for us, but I think it was because we already had a method that worked in place and he just wasn’t interested in doing what he was told if there was the mat involved. I kept the mat at the bottom of the stairs and would make George sit on it for 4 minutes (well tried at least).   I think it does. Offer good value for money.  You can take it everywhere, you can wash it and you’ll be able to use it with all your children.  I wouldn’t buy it but that’s because it didn’t work at all with us and this is our own personal experience and due to fact we already had an effective method in place.  I would suggest it to friends who have younger children and haven’t used other methods to punish for bad behaviour.  The concept behind the product is great but to work parents would need to start using it from the beginning.  Ngalula Besana – George 4 Years

Product Tested By Allison Parry – Rhoslyn 4 Years

Allison Awarded The Time Out Mat 4.8/5

A neat idea! Well packaged with handy draw string bag too for storage.  Clear and simple guidelines to be honest only used once – I would have found this item really useful for my eldest child during her toddler/pre-school days!   I was surprised how well it worked – my daughter sat on when asked for the time requested – it helped stop the bad behaviour.  It’s especially useful for younger kids – you can’t really punish by stopping pocket money etc.  We would use this mat at home in the dinning room.  If I’d had it for previous children I’d have taken it to Grandparents.  Practical and durable. Also washable.  If successful with dealing with your child’s behaviour then well worth the money.  I will certainly purchase if I plan to have another child.  Already recommended.  A simple, yet practical item. It’s an effective way of dealing with bad behaviour – you can choose where to place mat and keep an eye on child’s safety.  I was surprised how well it worked (fortunately I only had to use it the once) and would have really appreciated this 6 years ago!  Allison Parry – Rhoslyn 4 Years

Gives you a consistent method of managing unacceptable behaviour.


Elaine Awarded The Time Out Mat 5/5

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