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Timmy Time app

The app is fully interactive and touch enabled, giving children the chance to bring the Timmy Time world to life and play alongside their friends Timmy, Paxton, Yabba, Otus, and Mittens. The App contains two stories, Timmy Needs a Bath and Timmy Can Dance narrated by actress and comedienne Josie Lawrence of TV’s Who’s Line is it Anyway? Josie has narrated many audio books for children including titles from Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss series (also published by Egmont). Boasting a wealth of animated elements indicative of Aardman’s style, the app features stereos that pulse with music, a bouncing football, noisy mud splats, dancing characters and bubbles that float up to the sky. Children can touch Bumpy the caterpillar to reveal hidden video clips and see Timmy score a goal, dance comically, be a cool DJ and splash into a bubble bath. Everyone knows kids love making noise and there’s nothing noisier than the Timmy Tunes keyboard in this app. Children can press the sound buttons to hear the character noises and become a music maestro by playing real tunes on the keyboard. A special musical scale of Timmy baahs allows users to play tunes with a Timmy twist! The App also features links to downloadable sheet music so children can learn to play the much loved tunes: Timmy is a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row Row Row Your Boat and Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Suitable 3 years Plus

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£2.99 Available to purchase online or click online to find stockist details

Timmy Time app Reviews

Product Tested by: Ann-Marie Carlin – Joshua & Rebekah 4 Years and 18 months

Product Tested By Ann-Marie Carlin – Joshua & Rebekah 4 Years and 18 months

Ann-MarieAwarded The EgmontTimmy Time App 4.4/5

Very colourful, excellent pictures. The concept of this app is quite clever. Would be nice to be able to interact with the story whilst it is being read. This was very easy to download. Instructions good and easy to understand. Took a while to realise what each part was for, but fine after that.  Good help menu. I must admit I did not see age suitability listed. Most of the time loved using the keyboard and colouring, but the first story kept freezing and my eldest would get frustrated. Both loved that we could record our voices over the story. I didn’t use the supporting material on the website; my ipad isn’t hooked up to the internet. Excellent quality. Very eye-catching graphics, great sounds too. Reasonably priced within this market. I would suggest more interaction in the stories needed for younger children.  Lovely product,  just not sure I would pay that much.  I tend to pay that amount for educational games, something that will last longer than a few weeks. Would recommend it as a good product. Great fun with the children sharing stories through another medium. Anne-Marie Carlin – Joshua & Rebekah 4Years and 18 months

Product Tested By Louisa Mullins – Jake 4 years

LouisaAwarded The Egmont Timmy Time App 4/5

Nice idea and concept for younger children. The concept is good as fun and interactive. Found it very easy to download online. Instructions clear and precise. Once we read through everything was easy to follow the stories and also used the help menu to ensure we were using this app correctly. The help menu was very good. Not sure of the age suitability but Jake enjoyed this app. It was very interactive and being able to use the colouring part and interact with keyboard certainly held Jake’s attention. The stories captured his attention and he enjoyed them. This is very good quality and the illustrations or graphics are superb. Price is a bit pricey for app, but nice concept and idea for young children. Nice interactive story app with extra benefits that help to maintain children’s interest. I would recommend and would look at some of the other apps on offer. Louisa Mullins –Jake 4 years


Product Tested By Lilly Priest – Eileen 3 years 6 Months

LillyAwarded The Egmont Timmy Time App 4/5

Looked an interesting app for Eileen. The concept is very good. This was a breeze to download online. Instructions good and the help menu also is very good. With this app you have the stories, the Timmy Tunes keyboard which Eileen loved as you can press the sound buttons and hear the character noises and play tunes. This was her favourite part. Maybe we have a budding musicianin the making. The stories were captivating and held Eileen’s attention. She loved them. A very good concept and a nice interactive app which was fun to use. We will certainly use more as so much more to learn from this app. I do think the price is a bit high but the graphics and interaction are superb. We will look at the other apps on offer as really enjoyed using this. Just would like to see the price reduced. My daughter enjoyed this app and had fun. Lilly Priest – Eileen 3 years 6 Months

Would recommend it as a good product. Great fun with the children sharing stories through another medium.


Ann-MarieAwarded The EgmontTimmy Time App 4.4/5

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