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Tinkie Toys Name Plaque

A gorgeous selection of name plaques available in a wide range of designs.  Ideal for child’s room. Personalise with up to 9 wooden letters. Children will be proud in announcing a space of their own! Easily stick the name plaque to your child’s door, furniture or walls via large sticky pads on the reverse – no nail or screw affixing required! Fair trade item by Lanka Kade. Measures approximately 53 x 20cm. Suitable for all ages! 

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Prices start from £9.99 - £13.99 available to purchase online

Tinkie Toys Name Plaque Reviews

Product Tested by: Katie Broadbent – Ellie 3 Years

Product Tested By Katie
Broadbent – Ellie 3 Years

Katie Awarded The Tinkie Toys Name Plaque 4.6/5

This plaque had lovely bright colours and detailed
illustrations on the letters for girls. It was very well packaged and fit
through a standard letterbox. Convenient so I did not have to collect the
parcel. Instructions were basic and did not advise what surfaces the plaque can
be stuck on to. Quality is excellent; well worth the money. Much better quality
than previous door signs I have purchased. It is at the higher end price range
but the quality reflects this. I will be purchasing the boy version for my
nephew. I would recommend them; I have shown my friend who has been online and
purchased one. I am very pleased with the Plaque I have been looking online for
a while for a bright pink door sign for my daughter. Each letter is
individually designed with bright graphics. Each letter has been painted with
accurate detail. Overall very pleased and have recommended to friends and
family. Katie Broadbent – Ellie 3 Years

Product Tested By Kelda
McMichael – Naylan 20 Months

Kelda Awarded The Tinkie Toys Name Plaque 4.2/5

This product came well packaged to protect the plaque. It could
only be improved with a little bit more bubble wrap. No instructions included –
it was pretty self-explanatory! The wooden letters were very good quality. The
tractor was good quality, and it looked nice together but there are certainly
improvements which could be made. The cab area was grey and white. It looked a
bit drab. Could they add a nice cartoon farmer and some colour? The number of
wooden letters should be reduced to 5 maximum. The last letter of Naylan’s name
(6 letters), encroached onto the wheel arch and wheel at the back of the
tractor and so I though it looked a bit messy – not symmetrically etc. I think
the name should be kept to the middle of the tractor and not overlap with the
wheels. I’d rather the wooden letters were glued on rather than using sticky
pads. From far away you didn’t notice but from closer up you could just see the
pads and I think it cheapened the product as a result. I can see why the sticky
pads on the back would be useful but I think you should also offer a hanging
device to the back. I didn’t want to use the sticky pads to attach to a wall or
wardrobe so resorted to sticking to my son’s bedroom door, which worked well in
this instance but I’d like the option of being able to hang it on a hook in his
room for example. It does offer value for money; a few minor modifications and
it would look like a really high quality product and I would be prepare to pay
£13.99 or even a little bit more. With the modifications I would recommend it
to others. The product looked nice; but with a few very minor modifications, as
outlined above, it could be fab! Kelda McMichael – Naylan 20 Months

Product Tested ByAllison Williams

Allie Awarded The Tinkie Toys Name Plaque 3.5/5

At first I thought this was well made, lovely and bright,
attractive design. The packaging was ok but could have been in a box to protect
it more. No instructions included but not needed. The quality was ok but the lettering
was stuck on with double sided sticky pads. The letters were not put on
straight and not evenly spaced. I would have prefered to put the letters on
myself or more care taken when doing the lettering. Allison Williams



Each letter has been painted with accurate detail. Overall very pleased and have recommended to friends and family                 


Katie Awarded The Tinkie Toys Name Plaque 4.6/5

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