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Tiny Tot Snack & Traveller Play Tray

This  Car Snack and Play travel tray is a must for any journey long or short with your tiny tot, ever kept having to stop the car to pick up toys that have been dropped, heard cries of mummy my cup is on the floor or I’m bored-well look no further this unique snack travel tray attaches to virtually any car seat with an easy strap and clip system. Your child then has their very own tray for all their toys, food, drinks, activities…. the list is endless. The rim around the travel tray ensures things do not roll off- and the added side pockets are great for all those extra bits and bobs that come when travelling with children.
The Snack and Play car tray is made from impact collapsing foam and a wipeable sturdy fabric ensuring both your child’s safety and your sanity! Don’t leave home without your travel tray for snacks, drinks, toys and activities.

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£19.99 available to purchase online

Tiny Tot Snack & Traveller Play Tray Reviews

Product Tested by: Zoe Henderson – Phoebe Aged 2.5 Years

Product Tested By Zoe Henderson – Phoebe Aged 2.5 Years

Zoe Awarded The Tiny Tot Snack & Traveller Play Tray 4.8/5

Fantastic idea, perfect for kids travelling in the car.  I liked that the packaging was clear plastic so you could see the product and it had a zip.  To be fair you wouldn’t need any instructions, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how to fix it onto the car seat!  I have not used it on the buggy as my daughter likes to walk everywhere, however attaching to the car seat is very easy to do.  I would recommend it for the car rather than buggy. Once attached it sits very well on the car seat I have.  My daughter is able to use the whole of the surface to put her items in; the side panels are great to keep drinks in or books etc.  For what we have used it for yes it holds items securely.  It has sides so even if the items move around; they stay on the ‘tray’.  I have a very easy toddler but it really helped when we were travelling in the car on a long journey, she kept herself amused with her books, pens and paper.  I was a little worried that it would be too flimsy but it works very well and the quality is fine.  Very easy to wipe clean.  It’s under £20 which is great but I think if slightly cheaper it would attract more consumers.  Yes would purchase this product, for car travel, it’s brilliant.  Would recommend as ideal for long car trips.  Keeps my little one happy on long journeys; who need s seat back television when you’ve got crayons and paper!  Zoe Henderson – Phoebe Aged 2.5 Years

Product Tested By Victoria Bailey – Theodore 23 Months

Victoria Awarded The Tiny Tot Snack & Traveller Play Tray 3.9/5

Really exciting, looks easy to use will be great for long car journeys.  Packaging effective Easy to see what the product is, and easy to open.   Instructions are very easy to read and understand.   It is too big to use with Quinny Zap which is our Buggy, it just doesn’t fit around it at all. I predominantly used it in the car, it attached fairly easy to the car seat as one strap just goes all the way around.  Once this item is attached it is secure.  The thing we discovered was that it does have a tendency to tilt downwards away from the child (even after several adjustments), the ledge prevents things rolling off, but it is still too far for a toddler to stretch, and he couldn’t get into the side pockets at all whilst strapped into his car seat.  The tray does hold things securely, but the incline made things a little awkward. Certainly made travelling easier as my son could sit his teddy and favourite toy on it and it didn’t disappear into the foot well while he was asleep leading to instant tears when he woke up.  Quality of this product is very good.   I think this will get more use as my son gets a little older, I think if I had purchased it on recommendation for a 22month old I would be really disappointed,  but for a 3 or 4 year old it would be quite handy.  Personally I think this is an ideal product for a pre-schooler child not a toddler.  Great idea, just doesn’t quite work as I would like it to.  I was really excited as I have always thought a play tray for the car would be a great idea, I was actually disappointed as I put toys in the side nets and my son got quite upset that he couldn’t reach things (and he is very tall for his age). The tray was useless to let him feed off as I couldn’t get it close enough to him that he didn’t throw food all over the car seat! I like the fact it is soft so in impact it would squash up, but I almost feel like it needs something at the end away from the child to keep it up in the air and not resting on the child’s legs.  Victoria Bailey – Theodore 23 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Goldup – Alfie 21 Months

Lauren Awarded The Tiny Tot Snack & Traveller Play Tray  3.8/5

Looked really good, nice size and easy to clean.  Clear packaging so could see the product easily. Instructions were on the small side though. The instructions were difficult to locate, although were actually found printed on the front of the packaging and not separate like most products.  Attached this to our buggy with ease, but we did have to fiddle with the clip length for a while first.  Once this product is attached it is secure. My son was able to access item easily from the tray as this was no problem. However the pockets at the side are a little small and tight, so he couldn’t get his toys out without getting a bit angry.  I think this would make travelling a lot easier especially over meal times, except my toddler didn’t like the tray strapped and stopping him reaching forward. He then refused to keep it on. A calmer child would benefit.  The quality of this product is very good.  I think this would be a good investment for the car, if eating on the go.  We would not consider purchasing this product simply because Alfie would not keep it on.  However, I am going to lend to my younger nephew as I think he will take to the product much more.  Would certainly recommend this product.   A good idea and good use of material. Would need to be more compact for buggy use but good for a car. I would have rather seem a more permanent fixture (buckle or Velcro) around the seat rather than the child, as is a bit fiddly to get on alongside other safety straps.  A nice idea and good quality product and ideal for the car.  Lauren Goldup – Alfie Aged 21 Months.

Keeps my little one happy on long journeys; who need s seat back television when you’ve got crayons and paper! 


Zoe Awarded The Tiny Tot Snack & Traveller Play Tray  4.8/5

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