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Tippitoes Air-Flow Cool Mats

The Tippitoes  Air-Flow Cool Mats, specifically designed to provide a cooler, comfier stroller experience  for you child. An aid in the all important fight to prevent babies and infants  overheating,  is a a source of greatly enhanced comfort year round. The Air-Flow Cool Mat is fabricated from three layers of breathable polyester, featuring a flexible fibre centre layer, to encourage air flow and reduce heat build up .It fits securely into most strollers on the market. The Air-Flow Cool Mat is currently available in two colour options, cool grey or black, and co-ordinates perfectly with the highly popular Move and Max Viz strollers .

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£5.99 Available to purchase online

Tippitoes Air-Flow Cool Mats Reviews

Product Tested by: Amanda Munnerley – Natalie Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Amanda Munnerley – Natalie Aged 1 Year

Amanda Awarded The Tippitoes Air-Flow Cool Mats 3.1/5

Light, easy to keep clean, takes up no space. The website told me what I needed to know and easy to navigate.  Packaging good.  There were no instructions supplied with this item, had to look at the website to get the full purpose of the product.  Was not secure enough while in the buggy, the string kept slipping and the poppers kept coming undone so the mat ended up all over the place.  When it stayed in place which was not very often it did look cool and comfortable for Natalie. Would purchase this sort of product as when the whether is hot it would be great because it would be cool on my daughters back and legs. I probably will continue to use this, but will have to make homemade adjusters to it somehow to make it more secure within the buggy. The material is very good, easy to keep clean.  At £5.99 it is good value provided you make homemade adjusters so it fitted better in the buggy.  Moves inside the buggy too much not secure enough, material good and very light to carry and takes up no space at all.  Just needs slight design adjustment to make sure it fits all buggies.  Amanda Munnerley – Natalie Aged 1 Year.


Product Tested By Birgitta Wikman – Ciaran Aged 1 Year

Birgitta Awarded The Tippitoes Air-Flow Cool Mats 2.5/5

First impression would not be a necessary purchase. Easy website to use. Amazing free delivery for orders over £10.00! Not that many products on the website.  Packaging standard arrived in see through plastic bag.  This product did not come with any instructions.   After figuring it out myself it was okish. It fits better on Maclaren buggies or similar strollers as you can tie it form the back, but if you have a Bugaboo or similar you cant attaché it to anything and it falls off every time you put your child in the buggy.  Even in a Maclaren the side parts that should keep it fastened form the harnesses open very easily which means that it is nearly impossible to fasten the product to the buggy – it keeps falling off after every use and its hard to get the child in without the product not loosing its place (buckling underneath the child or falling off from the side).  When it was in place certainly looked comfortable for Ciaran to sit on.  This could be a good idea as nice to keep baby cool when out in the buggy in the summer.  Unfortunately their seems to be a problem with the item actually staying fixed to the buggy.  Maybe suggestion would be to improve attachments and make it universal fit for all buggies.  Birgitta Wiknam – Ciara Aged 1 Year


Product Tested By Julie Brett – Freddy Aged 1 Year 11 Months

Julie Awarded The Tippitoes Air-Flow Cool Mats 4/5

It seemed well packaged and presented well.  Website has  some great products on line, lots  of useful things many parents would use. Packaging looked great, protected the product but in this day and age could do with being more environmentally friendly.  Instructions very easy to follow. Found it so easy to fit onto our buggy. Once in place certainly looked comfortable for Freddy to sit on.   I need to be honest here and say the concept looks great but unfortunately we haven’t had the weather for me to be able to test it to its fullest potential.  It is not really something I would personally consider purchasing as I do not go anywhere hot enough to have the need for this sort of product.   Will certainly continue to use if the sun ever shines long enough in the UK!  Good material. Nice and strong, small ventilation holes so safe.  Personally I think this is good value for money if you are going abroad as ideal to take with you, for the UK feel not hot enough.  This product is a great concept and ideally suited to hotter countries.  Great idea and would be such a wonderful thing to take on a foreign holiday because babies and toddlers heat up so quickly and anything that helps cool them down is worth having.  Julie Brett – Freddy Aged 1 Year 11 months

Material good and very light to carry and takes up no space at all.


Amanda Awarded The Tippitoes Air-Flow Cool Mats 3.1/5

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