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Tippitoes Baby Walker

Tippitoes Baby Walker shaped like a car and ready to go. Making play fun but safe this brightly coloured walker has a removable interactive toy tray with lights and sound effects (2 AA batteries required and not included). The walker features a comfortable seat to offer Baby support, adjustable seat position and when not in use folds down into a compact unit. Omni directional rear wheels and friction blocks offer safe but restricted movements on uneven surfaces.


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Tippitoes Baby Walker Reviews

Product Tested by: Katie Sobol - Baby Sofija 11 Months

Product Tested By Katie Sobol – Baby Sofija 11 Months

Katie Awarded The Tippitoes Baby Walker 3.6/5

Very excited to receive the baby walker for my little girl.  Hoped it would give her a new sense of freedom moving around and also build up strenght in her legs to help her walk.  I liked the fun car design and being pink went down very well in my house having 2 daughters.  In a walker I look for quality and versatility.  I think that brand and reputation play a big part in my decision as if I like and trust products they have produced and have had positive experiences, then I am more likely to trust that they will provide a good quality product when buying soemthing else.  Price comes into the picture to a certain extent, in that I wouldn’t be willing to pay more than I think is reasonable for a product.  However, I would not buy the cheapest model regardless, as I would expect it to be of poorer quality and therefore not likely to last.  I have had a Tippitoes door bouncer, which is my favourtie of 3 different bouncers.  So in terms of brand reputation, it definitely fits.  In terms of price, I think that this is a very reasonable price for this kind of product and the quality overall is good.  Instructions were clear and easy to follow.  You also had diagrams showing you how to assemble and how to adjust.  Quality of materials used is good and the construction seems pretty sturdy.  There was some assembly required, including screws, which meant I had to scrabble around for the right sized screwdriver.  However, other thant that there were not too many parts and it did not take long to put together.  This collapses easily and neatly and fitted into our understairs cupboard.  It is limited by it’s large circumference as to how small it can collapse – so not for those really pushed for space.  My daughter loved the lever with the car noise – after a while I noticed that this was a fair bit louder than the musical features, which I personally preferred.  I would have thought that there could have been a little more variety in the play tray activities.  Using this tray as a snack tray is fine, just made sure I did not give her anything too messy.  For short periods my daugher enjoyed playing with this, but not for as long as I had hoped or expected.  I found she would get frustrated about not being able to reach out beyond the confines fo the walker.  This is a safe and sturdy item.  Good value for money, good training for little legs and certainly is controlled and doesn’t fly across the room too fast.  Activities are somewhat limited for the upper end of the age range guide, but if you buy this for your little one ready for use at about 6 months it is ideal.  Personally I would suggest improving the play tray with more colourful images and some different activities and textures.  Also this worked well on tiled and wooden floors, but struggled on carpeted areas.  This would be great for parents with 6 month old baby as ideal for them to grow and develop with the walker.  A nice pink car walker, with a small selection of interesting noises for entertainment and which collapses easily.  Ideally suited to younger babies who are less mobile.  Katie Sobol – Baby Sofija 11 Months


Product Tested By Melanie Clark – Baby Danny 10 Months

Melanie Awarded The Tippitoes Baby Walker 4/5

It looked quite exciting and I liked the fact that the attached toy was a steering wheel.  When looking for a walker I am interested in colour-style and whats on the toy tray.  I really liked the toy tray and would be even better in brighter colours.  Instructions easy to understand.  Good quality, although the wheels were a little small.  My husband assembled the walker and said it was pretty easy to put together.  The walker does fold down for storage, but still a little bulky.  Danny enjoyed playing with the steering wheel and it kept him occupied for quite a while.  You can use the play tray for food, but  Danny preferred to us this as play tray and not mess up with food.  He loved standing up and playing with the toys at the same time, but did not use so much to walk around in.  This is certainly a safe and sturdy item.  Price is on a parr with other similar products available.  Only design suggestion to make the wheels slightly larger.  I would probably buy this is if I had another younger child, as Danny is growing fast and will soon be too old to use this.  A good product and Danny enjoyed playing with it and would be ideal purchase for a younger child so they could grow with it.  Melanie Clark – Baby Danny 10 Months


Product Tested By Carlien Prinsloo – Baby Johan 9 Months

Carlien Awarded The Tippitoes Baby Walker 3.5/5

We both loved the look of it when it arrived. The instructions were not very clear.  I learned more from the picture on the box than the actual instructions.  Once I had worked this out very easy to assemble. I have used Tippitoes products before, and found them to be very good value for money.  The prices are very competititve.  With this specific product, I was a bit disappointed with the wheels as Johan found it difficult to turn with the walker.  The seating and frame is excellent and he is obviously very comfortable.  He loved the car toy that fits in the tray, and learned to work the buttons quickly.  The only button hard for him to press and therefore not of much use is the horn in the centre of the steering wheel.  Overall this is a good product and Johan had lots of fun moving up and down in it. The play tray is a Wonderful toy!! Very helpful that you can remove it and attch it onto the cot or we take it in the car with us.  The snack tray is a nice size and deep enough to keep the snack on the tray instead of ending up on the floor.  The rubbery grip of the wheels are great, just the wheels itself need to turn and swivel easier for baby to turn in any direction.  A good safe, strudy baby walker and Johan enjoyed playing in his walker.  This folds up and is easy to fit next to the couch or under the stairs when not in use.  Definitely made life easier for me and kept Johan occupied and happy while I was cooking or doing heomework with our older children.  A good product as baby gets a helpful hand to independence and has fun safely.  Thank you very much for the opportunity.  Keep up the good work Tippitoes!  Carlien Prinsloo – Baby Johan 9 Months

This would be great for parents with 6 month old baby as ideal for them to grow and develop with the walker.  A nice pink car walker, with a small selection of interesting noises for entertainment and which collapses easily. 


Katie Awarded The Tippitoes Baby Walker 3.6/5

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