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Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow

Tippitoes ‘Nimbus’ Nursing Pillow is a European design which has been a favourite in Northern Europe for over ten years. Now introduced to the U.K. it will provide support during pregnancy and when feeding. Available in a variety of designs with interchangeable spare covers available.

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Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow Reviews

Product Tested by: Angela Waugh - Baby Sophie 6 Months

Product Tested By Angela Waugh – Baby Sophie 6 Months

Angela Awarded The Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow 4/5

Wow – great size, very light.  This is a good quality nursing pillow, only flaw was the zip insn’t concealed.  Really love the beads and movement of the pillow and brilliant as a sitting support for babies.  So easy to wash the cover as just unzip take cover off and wash.  This is ideal to use during feeding.  Fits snugly around waist and movement of the beads means the height can be slightly adjusted by yourself to accomodate baby at breast.  As an experienced breast feeder I have no problems latching on, but can imagine it will help new mums as the pillow is so adaptable and very light.  Also baby can lay flat on side which really helps with latching on.  Ideal to take this with you when visiting friends or family as so easy to just pop in the car.  Would be slightly too bulky to pack in suitcase.  This is a lovely comfortable nursing pillow to use and so easy to reposition baby.  This s a brilliant nursing pillow and sitting support for baby.  Only downside I could find was it wouldn’t work as a back support for mum while feeding in bed, also due to size I would not have been able to tandem feed my twins with this pillow.  So definitely superb feeding pillow for single babies.  Would suggest maybe offering these in 2 sizes to accommodate mums with twins.  We use this all the time now.  A brilliant lightweight nursing pillow.  Very easy to use and comfortable for mum and baby leaving both hands free to read a book or magazine.  Angela Waugh – Baby Sophie 6 Months  


Product Tested By Arlene Johnstone – Baby Ruairidh 6 Months

Arlene Awarded The Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow 4/5

The filling is made of "bean bag" beads and these are a bit loose so I’m not sure how long the pillow will keep its shape and provide support.  Concept is brilliant and I love it!  It means I have free hands to do something else whilst I feed and my back feels so much better.  This is very easy to wash as the beads are in a seperate cover which makes it really easy to take main cover off and just pop in washing machine.  A nursing pillow that certainly did help reduce the strain on my arms, back and neck during feeding times.  Also helps to make it much easier for Ruairidh to latch on as we are both comfortable.  This can be taken everywhere and I do not think I will ever feed without it again.  Not so easy to reposition my son when feeding as he is a big boy now, but this is no reflection on the pillow.  I have not tried to use this for neck support on a long journey, just used for breastfeeding presently.  I do feel that the design could be improved by adding more beads as this would give a firmer feel to the pillow.  Will definitely continue to use and already recommended to friends.  I really enjoyed using this nursing pillow and my back feels much better.  Thank you.  Arlene Johnstone – Baby Ruairidh 6 Months  


Product Tested By Lucy Grewar – Baby Charlie 5 Months

Lucy Awarded The Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow 4.5/5

I am always looking for ways to make breastfeeding easier and was keen to try this out and see if it worked.  I love the fact that this nursing pillow is filled with bean bag balls and has some movement, allowing it to change shape with the changing shape of Charlie.  My only niggle is the colour and material of the cover.  I like the concept of the feeding pillow.  I am always looking for ways to make breastfeeding easier.  I struggled with feeding and was surprised at how difficult I found it to begin with.  I already own one but do not like the way Charlie sits on it, so do not use it.  The nursing pillow label advises washing by hand or machine at 30.  This is quite a low temperature.  It also states not to bleach or dry clean.  There is no recommendation about tumble drying either.  I was not happy washing it at such a low temp and washed it at 40 degrees.  This nursing pillow is in daily contact with warm milk and I feel that the cover should be made so that it can be washed at 60 degrees.  During breastfeeding this pillow certainly raises Charlie to the right level for latching on.  A great portable pillow, and ideal to take with you when going round to my mum’s house, friends, or mother in laws.  For holidays I feel bit too bulky.  It is easy to reposition baby when switching breasts, just sort out the "beans" and puff them up when switching sides and ideal as both comfortable.  I am really enjoying using this nursing pillow.  I was not enjoying feeding in general, but was determined to carry on.  It has all finally clicked and I have got the hang of things now and the nursing pillow has been a great help.  I love the versatility of this pillow.  I have been placing Charlie on one of the "arms" to give him some tummy time.  The arm elevates his body so that he doesn’t have to lift his body with his head.  As a result, he is spending much more time on his tummy!  This pillow also supports Charlie when he sits up (he is not yet sitting up unsupported), and is a soft surface to fall on.  As it is made like a bean bag, it has some give.  Design is great.  The colour of the material (white with bumble bees) is cute, but shows up dirt.  A darker colour of material will look cleaner for longer!  I now use this every day for each feed, tummy time and for supported sitting time.  I will be telling all my firends who are mothers and breastfeeding mothers that this is a great nursing pillow and seat support for tummy time.  A great versatile product that I use every day, not just for nursing, but as a baby support seat and tummy time aid.  Lucy Grewar – Baby Charlie 5 Months

A brilliant lightweight nursing pillow.  Very easy to use and comfortable for mum and baby leaving both hands free to read a book or magazine. 


Angela Awarded The Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow 4/5

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