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Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate

Gate will fit doorways between 75-79cm; with the addition of  one extension this extends to 85-88cm. A further extension kit will bring the opening size to 95-99 cms. Extension Kits can be ordered separately. Pressure mounted and presented in fresh white metalwork enhanced by silver/grey plastics, the Swing Shut Gate is suitable for children up to 24 months. SG5 Standard Gates for 75-79cm. The Swing Shut Gate is also available in two addition sizes to suit the smaller doorway:
SG3 Narrow Gates for 68.5-75 cm
SG4 Extra Narrow Gates for 61-67 cm

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£27.99 - Available online

Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate Reviews

Product Tested by: Katie Walt - Daisy & Scarlet Aged 1 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Katie Walt – Daisy & Scarlet Aged 1 & 2 Years

Katie Awarded The Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate 4.5/5

First impression looked nice and sturdy.  Packaged well enought to protect the product but not excessive use of material.  Instructions were clear and concise and quite easy to follow.  It took me a while to put up, but that could be due to the lack of my DIY skills.  I also fitted the gate into the narrowest recomended stairwell.  Once fitted this was very secure.  Although not so sure how secure it would be if fitted into a plaster board wall.  This was exremely easy to use with one hand whilst holding a child, unlike other sagety gates I have used in the past.  The gate appears child proof.  The child would need to press either side of the gate and lift it to open it.  Certainly was child proof for my 2 year old as she cannot manage to open it.  The safety gate closes with just a push and without having to lift the catch (which you do to open it) plus it does everything so quietly.  I really liked the fact that the gate closed quietly especially when I have struggled to get two kids off to bed.  This is a modern looking safey gate in a white finish.  Very good quality.  Certainly is good value for money.  The bottom bar of this gate can be difficult/uncomfortable to step on/over when descending stairs.  If this could be removed the product would be perfect, but then not as secure!  I also prefer a gate that does not need to be screwed into the wall so a design that would attach say by suction to the wall would be an improvement.  I would certainly buy this product as it is the best stairgate I have used.  Once in place this stairgate looks stylish and is very sturdy and secure, being able to open the gate with ease when your hands are full makes it very easy to use.  Katie Walt  – Daisy & Scarlet Aged 1 & 2 Years


Product Tested By Sarah Scott – Isobelle Aged 1 Year

Sarah Awarded The Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate 3.5/5

When this arrived it looked sturdy and secure.  The gate was well packaged on arrival and instructions easy to follow and comprehensive.  To install this had to be screwed into wood and it required a drill and I also had to purchse raw plugs.  Aside from this intallation was fairly easy.  Once fitted the gate is rigid and very secure.  I did find the button on the gate is sometimes a little stiff making it difficult to open one handed.  Sometimes, however, the button works well making it easy to open one handed.  The gate is supposed to be self closing, however, this only works if you give it a push, or if it is only open a foot or so.  If the gate is open past approx 45 degrees the self close feature does not work, unless you nudge the gate shut.  This product is very well made and high qualtiy material used.  Good quality product, little expensive based on the fact our self closing feature did not work at all times.  I would consider purchasing this product as I was impressed with the quality of the gate.  Certainly would recommend Tippitoes products to friends and family.  Very impressed with the quality of the product, but disappointed that the self close feature did not work for us.  Sarah Scott – Isobelle Aged 1 Year


Product Tested By Carina Prinsloo – Marcus Aged 1 Year

Carina Awarded The Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate 4/5

Initially I thought that the box felt very light and seemed small.  It did not contain a lot of parts (which is good, considering my pet hate of assembling anything flat packed!).  Initial impression OK.  Going on the packaging this would have not grabbed my attention in store and would have walked past it in a shop.  I like the idea that everything is kept simple but I think it needs a little attention grabber because it is a very good product!  Instructions well illustrated and simple to follow.  WOW! This is a big plus for me.  The installation was dead easy and can easily be done by someone with limited DIY capabilities, like myself.  Very quick to install with minimum disruption to fixutres (very important as gate is always temporary).  Seemed very secure, even with my 4 year old occasionally manhandling it a bit.  Another WoW – very comfortable to open and close.  The self-closing mechanism also works brilliantly.  It took my 4 year old minutes to learn to open the gate herself.  Fortunately my 1 year old seemed safely locked out.  This gate has no sharp objects sticking out that can cause problems.  I will certainly be recommending this gate to friends and family as very easy to operate and very safe.  The only problem with Marcus older sister is that she was so impressed with her newfound ability to open and close the gate that this became a kind of game that she played endlessly!  Good for me, she has some sense not to let her little brother roam through.  If she was a bit younger this could have been a problem.  I am very impressed with this gate.  Still need to stand the test of time but it seems like a good quality product for an affortable price!  Good value for money.  I do not know if the same safety mechanism on the left side of the gate could be used both at the top and bottom as this will further minimize the risk of entrapment for little fingers.  This is definitely one of, if not the best stair gate that I have come across.  Initially not very impressed.  Missed the wow factor.  Only lasted a short while because as from when I started assembling and using the gate I was very impressed indeed.  Easy to put together.  Minimal disruption to fixtures and very easy and comfortable to use.  The gate is safe with added safey benefits that work wonderfully.  Really good value for money!  Strongly recommended!  Maybe a product that doesn’t need more selling on the box but that will sell itself! Carina Prinsloo – Marcus Aged 1 Year

Once in place this stairgate looks stylish and is very sturdy and secure, being able to open the gate with ease when your hands are full makes it very easy to use.  


Katie Awarded The Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate 4.5/5

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