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Tippitoes Vibrating Musical Rocking Cradle

With attractive fabrics on a wire frame design, the rocking cradle includes a detachable toy bar with three soft interactive toys with rattles and squeaks. The cradle is easy to assemble and the covers are removable for washing. Located at the front is a musical and vibrating unit, playing a variety of tunes and with a soothing vibration feature. The item is suitable from birth up to 9 kilos (approximately).

RR1 – Brown/Cream

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Tippitoes Vibrating Musical Rocking Cradle Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Hutchinson – Baby Sienna 5 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Hutchinson – Baby Sienna 5 Months

Sarah Awarded The Tippitoes Vibrating Rocker 4.2/5

First impression smart and entertaining.  Website is good, lots on offer and easy to navigate.  This is a good quality rocker, strong and sturdy.  Fabric is easy to wipe clean and also easy to take off and put in the wash.  There is only 1 seating position but that position makes it easy for Sienna to reach the toy bar.  This rocker is very stable easy to rock and the vibrate stays on for a while but does turn off on its own.  Good toy bar as easy for Sienna to reach, plays different tunes and you can turn the volume up and down.  When you need to put this away you can take the bottom bit off and it sort of lies flat.  This is nice and lightweight so is easy to carry and could pop in car boot when of to visit family.  I will continue to use it and my daughter loves this bouncy chair more then her other one.  I would recommend it as it has every thing I look for in a rocker.  Very entertaining bouncy chair with lots to do for baby.  Sarah Hutchinson – Baby Sienna 5 Months


Product Tested By Victoria Bishop – Baby Oliver 5 Months

Victoria Awarded The Tippitoes Vibrating Rocker 3.5/5

I feel the website is well presented and it’s really easy to use! I like that you can request a free catalogue without having to spend any money on the site.  I feel it would really benefit from direct sales.  Found the chair quite basic for the money it would cost to buy.  The material was basic but easy to clean.  It wasn’t as soft as I imagined it would have been.  The chair has only one position but this is all that is needed with this type of chair.  The chair was very stable and my son loved the vibrating setting.  The chair doesn’t really vibrate all over; it was mainly at the base.  The music setting was also very good.    My son liked the toys on the toy bar but it didn’t clip onto the chair very well.  My son was able to pull the toy bar off so in the end we stopped using it.  Although the chair was easy to assemble I wouldn’t want to take it apart and put it back together a lot.  It would be too much hassle.  However, as the chair is easy to assemble would be ideal to take on holiday or when visiting family.  Easy to assemble and an ok product for the price.  Victoria Bishop – Baby Oliver 5 Months


Product Tested By Vicki Hall – Baby Liam 8 Weeks

Vicki Awarded The Tippitoes Vibrating Rocker 3.7/5

My first opinion of this chair was that it was a good basic bouncy chair with cute toys.  The website has a good selection of products and is easy to navigate.  The chair is of good quality.  It was easy to put together but felt sturdy even when being bounced.  The seat fastening felt secure around baby.  The fabric is waterproof and easy to wipe any accidents clean, but also durable enough to support baby.   There is only on seating position on the chair which was ok whilst baby was awake but not so good when baby started to drift off to sleep. The head hugger also moves as baby moves.  Personally I do noth think a younger baby would have looked comfortable in the seat, but it seems to be ideal for an older baby with good head control.  The vibrate function didn’t really have any effect on the chair and baby certainly didn’t seem to notice when it was switched on. The chair was soothing when bounced but this needs Mum or Dad to do the bouncing by hand or foot.  The toy bar is very cute but can only be positioned at 2 points, depending on which way it is attached.  This is either very close to baby, which I think he found unsettling at times, or too far away.  The vibrate control we didn’t use, nor the music and I found that if baby was kicking about in the chair, his legs were often bouncing off the battery unit which can be felt through the fabric of the chair.  I got around this by placing a blanket over the lower half of the chair to protect baby’s legs.  The chair does not fold for storage without taking the whole frame apart, which I didn’t do.  However, the chair is fairly small and light weight and I found it didn’t take up too much room.  Because the chair is very light weight and the frame can be taken apart I would take the chair when travelling.  I will still continue to use the chair, but only for playing in, I will continue to remove baby when he begins to look sleepy as it does not provide enough head support.  For a basic chair I would recommend this product to family/friends.  Overall this is a good basic chair, which is great to keep baby entertained, however, it does not provide enough support to allow baby to fall to sleep in.  It is also not ideal to soothe baby as the vibration isn’t felt throughout the chair and seemed to have little effect and someone is needed to actually bounce the chair.  Vicki Hall – Baby Liam 8 Weeks

Very entertaining bouncy chair with lots to do for baby.


Sarah Awarded The Tippitoes Vibrating Rocker 4.2/5

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