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Tiptoe Tiger Book

A delightful interactive picture book, filled with vibrant neon artwork by award-winning Britta Teckentrup.

The sun is going down in the jungle. But Tara the tiger cub is wide awake! Who will play with Tara? The beautiful butterflies? Or the hooting owls? Or will Tara’s bouncing and pouncing scare them all away?

In this delightful interactive book, filled with vibrant neon artwork, children can help Tara along her journey by spotting animals on the page, reminding Tara to tiptoe and warning her about the snappy crocodile. Then, when it’s time for Tara to settle down in bed with her mummy, they can wave goodbye and whisper “night, night”.

The perfect bedtime story for any lively child who needs a bit of help settling down at bedtime!

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Tiptoe Tiger Book Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Smith – Konner & Bonnie 3 & 4 Years

Sarah Awarded The Tiptoe Tiger Book 5/5

When this arrived it looked really big and bright. They were very excited they love animals and the bright colours were attractive. Definitely captured their attention as they were transfixed and this has been read on a daily basis now. Oh they really did they loved the whispering tiptoeing and all the other actions. They loved whispering Tiptoe Tiger and flapping like a butterfly it really helped make them feel involved in the story. I haven’t tried it at night yet as it tends to make them quite excited to play they get there animals out so although Tara the tiger is feeling sleepy my two aren’t. They really enjoyed the story and lead to ordering some tiger toys too. The illustrations are so lovely and really make the story come alive. We would read this book every single day. They loved the interactive parts of the book it’s a very good idea.  I loved everything about this book. I also loved the interactive aspect and the bright colours. Perfect age range as they are old enough to understand the actions etc bit still young enough to really enjoy it. Definitely fantastic value as such a lovely book. Lovely size and the illustrations are really sweet. I would definitely buy this for friends children it is really good. Most definitely and would recommend to other childminders and nursery nurse friends. Nothing about this book that I did not love. Lovely large  visually attractive book with lots of interactive parts from arm movements to full body Tiptoe movements to hooting roaring then the whispering which is a very useful one we call it our small inside voice, lovely bright illustrations the colours are so vibrant absolutely loved it. Sarah Smith – Konner & Bonnie 3 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Mtongolo – Naisha & Jonathan – 4 & 2 Years

Caroline Awarded The Tiptoe Tiger Book 5/5

I loved the bright orange colour, it was very attractive for the kids. The 4-year-old was very intrigued by the cover and she wanted to read the book immediately she saw it. The 2-year-old just touched and looked at it but put it down shortly after. This book certainly captivated by 4 year old not so much for my 2 year old. My daughter enjoyed helping with the journey and she was always happy to say what’s coming up in the next page. The older one is always happy to do what the book asks, like to get up and tiptoe or roar. It is very interactive, it’s a good addition to our library. The kids always enjoy a good book to settle them at night. They enjoyed the story and were engaged to the end, especially the first few days we read it. The illustrations are very good and captivating to the children’s eyes, they form a good base for conversations about colours. They’ll reach for it about 3 nights in a week. They liked guessing what animal is coming up in the next page. I liked the fact it’s interactive and has attractive colours. It was age appropriate for my 4 year old. My 2 year old is not very engaged, the 4 year old loves it more. But it’s great and encourages interaction and helps develop my 2 year old’s speech. Very good value. Quality is excellent could not fault it.  I would buy this as it’s an interactive and appealing book. I would recommend for all the reasons above. Attractive to the eye, interactive and good size. My children enjoyed the book and my older one always likes following the instructions of pre-empting what is coming up. I’d highly recommend.

Product Tested By Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 4 Years

Nicola Awarded The Tiptoe Tiger Book 5/5

I was very impressed by this book when it arrived. I loved that it was hard cover and eye catching. My child wanted to read it as soon as he saw the cover. He loves lions and tigers so the cover definitely caught his eye. The story did captivate his attention because he was curious to know who Tara was going to bump into next. My son loved helping Tara along her journey and laughed when she did listen. He really enjoyed the interactive part of this book. My son loved interactive book and before we started reading it we were not aware it was interactive so it was a fantastic surprise. This was a good bedtime story. My son loved that Tara ended up with her mummy at the end and that he got to say good night to her. It was a lovely story full of surprises. We have had this book for weeks now and he has chosen it every single bedtime. Although he knows what happens he just loves the story. The illustrations are beautiful. They are eye catching and full of such detail. Really impressed with them and definitely add to the story. This was read every single night without fail. My son loved Tara the tiger. He thought she was very funny as she didn’t listen very well so got into mischief. I loved the interactive aspect of it. My son has a sever speech delay so for us it was a massive win. Anything to encourage my son to talk is amazing and this book did just that. He now talks about Tara and sometimes comes up with his own ideas for her when we are reading. This book is perfect for this age group where children are learning to talk, be imaginative and learn new things. However my daughter who is 6 and a half also loved the book so although it’s perfect for 2-5 it is also such a lovely book that it definitely has a wider audience. Absolutely great value. I would have bought this book in an instant for the fact it is interactive. It keeps my child entertained and concentrated. Great quality, love the fact it is hard back and the pages feel of great quality too. It would be very hard for this book to get damaged which for an age group audience of 2-5 is very important. I would buy this. As stated I love the illustrations; the story and the interaction. It is a firm favourite in our house. I already have recommended especially for people I know in the same situation as me with a child with a speech delay. We loved this book. It is a fantastic read with eye catching illustrations. It is bright , it has mystery surrounding the story and overall a very beautiful book. Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 4 Years


Nothing about this book that I did not love. Lovely large  visually attractive book with lots of interactive parts from arm movements to full body Tiptoe movements to hooting roaring then the whispering which is a very useful one we call it our small inside voice, lovely bright illustrations the colours are so vibrant absolutely loved it.


Sarah Awarded The Tiptoe Tiger Book 5/5

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