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Toddicare Back-Pack

Toddicare, the eco-friendly wear for babys and toddlers. Check online to read all about our adorable Back-packs available in a variety of animal styles.  We guaranteed, 100% high-quality cotton at favourable prices including free delivery from £100.00 purchase (only in UK). Choose from a natural growing selection of embroidery, unique colours and styles for boys and girls alike. Our low-priced organic / eco-friendly products are soft and safe for you and the environment. We care about the Environment! we care about what babies and toddlers wear!!!

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£15.00 available to purchase online

Toddicare Back-Pack Reviews

Product Tested by: Vicky Ward – Macey 2 Years

Product Tested By Vicky Ward – Macey 2 Years

Vicky Awarded The Toddicare Back Pack 5/5

Very good quality and detail. The bag is the perfect size and fits really well. We put Macey’s Reindeer; Upsy Daisy toys and everything is Rosie. Macey loves the bag and takes it in the car and Grandmas house. Could fit 3 toys but not her drink; to be honest it would have probably pulled her over if anymore could have gone in. Fantastic quality very impressed. This is excellent value for money. Macey absolutely loves it. I would recommend as its really cute and well made. Top quality bag that is well made and fits Macey perfect. Vicky Ward – Macey 2 years

Product Tested By Karen Lancaster – Elizabeth 3 Years

Karen Awarded The Toddicare Back Pack 4.1/5

Very well made, bright colours and very cute. I thought at first it was a great size but when my daughter wore it was slightly big for her. We packed her spare set of clothes for nursery and the little toys. She loved the bag unfortunately as it was quite large on her it kept slipping down her back. Would have been nice to have a chest clip to secure the backpack. There is plenty of room in this bag. More than enough space for a change of clothes & packed lunch. Excellent quality. Very well made and the fabrics were designed to last. I think it is a little high for a backpack but this will give her years of use and feels it will last. Although it is slightly too big for her she loves it and she will grow into it. I would recommend because it’s a fantastic bag for toddlers with great designs. It is well made and will last. I felt the price is a little high and feel the design of the backpack could be improved with a chest strap to ensure a proper fit. Overall though it is a fantastic bag and Elizabeth really enjoys using it. This is generous sized toddler backpack with great designs and made to last. Karen Lancaster – Elizabeth 3 Years

Product Tested By Lucy Baverstock – Sean & Elana – 23 Months & 3 Years 10 Months

Lucy Awarded The Toddicare Back Pack 3/5

It looked bright and colourful based on a cheerful ladybird, but very different material than expected from a bag like this (canvas type). This size of the bag is way too big for my nearly 2 year old and with the straps on near minimum fits my 3.5 year old, so not really suitable for younger toddlers. I found it very hard to keep it on my daughter at all. Lots of space in the bag, we put raincoats and other small lightweight things in it like hat scarf and gloves etc. when not in use. After the initial novelty wore off my daughter didn’t want to wear it at all, but this was a personal choice and maybe ideal for others. We could fit everything she needed plus a lot more could have fitted in the bag but we could only put light items in it as it kept falling off of her. The overall quality of the sewing is very good, its more the design that lets it down, like it’s not really made to stay on children’s backs, the straps are very wide apart for a child of the 0-4 age group it’s aimed at. The bag looks ok, but needs either a very wide child or an extra strap across the front to join the straps together to get it to stay on! It is also not waterproof and the type of canvas material it is does not go well with the typical rain in this country! It does easily fit me (and I’m not small) so that’s quite handy if a child gets fed up the adult can get away with wearing it quite comfortably with both shoulder straps on. Lucy Baverstock – Sean & Elana – 23 Months & 3 Years 10 Months

Top quality bag that is well made and fits perfectly.


Vicky Awarded The Toddicare Back Pack 5/5

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