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Naptime is a sacred time. Your baby is cocooned from the world as they drift into snuggly, milky dreams. It’s a time when your baby floats to the land of nod and all is calm and well with the world.To help little ones drift to contentedly to sleep, the PODDLE POD ® is designed to snuggle your baby gently to sleep. Many babies find it impossible to let sleep take over unless they are being cuddled. Understandably they crave the feelings of security, warmth and closeness that nestling into a parent brings.The PODDLE POD® is a naptime nest that gently snuggles little ones, giving them the feeling of being cuddled that they so desperately want. And for mum and dad? Well it means you can relax safe in the knowledge that your little one is getting the rest they need. Whether you take the opportunity to tackle some of the jobs that are impossible to do while holding the baby or enjoy a hot cup of tea, PODDLE POD® gives you the surety of knowing your little one is resting safely and contentedly.

Poddle – 24in x 16in approx (Inner Pod 14in x 6in)Toddle – 32in x 19in approx (Inner Pod 17in x 7in)We recommend that you add one of our purpose made removable funky Poddle Covers to your order. Our BRAND NEW 3rd generation covers have a zip opening and feature a 100% cotton half with a lovely minky colour contrasting fleece on the other half, which means you Pod looks great any way up and also helps keep you Pod in tip top condition.Our Poddle Pods and covers are made to our own exact standards using high quality, breathable and fully machine washable materials.Pod Materials100% cotton outer. Polyester hollowfibre fillingPods and covers are able to be machine washed at 40 degreesThe Original Poddle Pod – Available in two sizes, the Poddle Pod is designed to be used with babies aged approximately 0-6 months. The Toddle Pod is then used with babies approximately 6-36 months of age.* Pod does not include removable cover which are available to purchase separately. 
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 Nap Time Accessories Category 

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Toddle Pod Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Duxbury – Marcie 9 Months

Product Tested ByRachel Duxbury – Marcie 9 Months

Rachel Awarded The
Toddle Pod 4.5/5

sturdy and good quality. Looks comfy and love the star design. Comes in its own
zip up bag which can be used to store it. I didn’t expect something like this,
I just expected it to come in standard throw away packaging so it was a nice
surprise and is really handy for storage. Instructions were clear and easy to
follow. It definitely looks comfortable and when asleep my baby looked very
snug. It helped as she mostly will only sleep in someone’s arms and the design
was like she was being held which helped. I had to put her down asleep in it,
she would not go to sleep awake in it although I think it is mainly because she
is at a very inquisitive age and did not want to lie still. Very good quality,
sturdy and heavy enough to provide real comfort. For
some families I think it will be invaluable as it gives them a break from
holding baby all the time. However, as my baby is currently very inquisitive
she did not want to go to sleep in it. She did however love playing with it and
enjoy crawling
all over it. I would consider it as although my
baby wouldn’t go to sleep awake in it she still had lots of fun playing in/with
it. For those who struggle to get babies
to sleep out of their arms I would suggest it. I do think that it works better
for smaller babies who cannot yet sit up as they are less likely to want to get
out when it is time to sleep. However, my elder daughter who is 3 really liked
relaxing and playing in it even though she is not in the recommended age range.
We didn’t get as much use out of it as we had hoped due to baby not wanting to
sleep in it initially, however it was great for her once she was asleep and
even more so for playtime, The quality is brilliant and I was really surprised
with how soft and sturdy it was. My baby struggled to get to sleep in it,
mainly as she was too inquisitive and it was new surroundings. Once she was
asleep I was able to transfer her into it and due to the design it looked like
she was snug and still felt like she was being held which helped her settle.
She enjoyed it much more for playtime and would lie, crawl and roll over and in
it happily. Although out of the age range, my 3 year old daughter also enjoyed
it as she loved relaxing and playing with her younger sister in it. She would
often lie in it with a blanket to watch a film and looked so comfy and cosy in
it, The price for me is possibly a bit high due to the type of use we mainly
got out of it but I can see it being reasonable for those with younger babies
who may fall asleep in it when they are still awake. The quality is really good
and this made the high price seem more reasonable as it is obvious that it is
well made. Rachel Duxbury – Marcie 9 Months

Product Tested By Tania Wilson – Miles & Katryn – 6 Months
& 3 Years

Tania Awarded The Toddle Pod 4.3/5

Looks like a high quality product. Good quality packaging
that helps to store item safely without getting damaged. I had some safety concerns with putting him
down in it as he wriggled upwards and had his head dangling over the sides
whenever he was awake. When he is asleep he seems to be comfortable enough. Can’t
fault the quality at all, very pleased. I didn’t find it that useful, although
it was very convenient for putting baby on the floor for a nap. In terms of the
durability and quality of material I would give that 5 stars. I didn’t use it that much, only
every now and then. I would recommend this to others. It would have been 5 if I had found myself using
it all of the time and if I hadn’t been worried about the safety a little bit. It’s
a very high quality product. It has been thoughtfully crafted and no doubt
lovingly made, however I would not feel comfortable leaving my baby in it
unattended if he is awake purely because he managed to wriggle his head over
the side. Tania Wilson – Miles & Katryn – 6 Months & 3 Years

Tested By
Stacey Dollinger – Zara 6 Months

Awarded The Toddle Pod 4.5/5

Looked lovely when arrived and came in great little bag
which was great for storage. This
certainly kept Zara snug as a bug and she looked calm, comfy and relaxed. The quality is very good and comfortable for
my baby. I think the idea is lovely. Was
nice to put on sofa and let her sleep, was good to have her on this by our side
for afternoon naps, and felt safe putting her in this while I caught up with a
few things around the home. Also
portable so can take away with us too. I
would consider purchasing when I have next baby. This one will last us a while and later it
can be used as a play mat. I would recommend this to new mums as I think it is
ideal for new babies. Lovely snug sleeping
pod which is safe and comfy. We have
used this quite a lot around the house and taken it to grannies. I would recommend to new mums as lovely
little sleep snug pod for them and very high quality. This is a great portable sleep pod for my daughter
and we enjoyed using it. Ideal for new
babies and worth the investment. Stacey
Dollinger – Zara 6 Months

It was great for her once she was asleep and even more so for playtime, The quality is brilliant and I was really surprised with how soft and sturdy it was. 


Rachel Awarded The Toddle Pod 4.5/5

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