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All materials are CE-approved, TUV certified, and manufactured in Europe.HIGH QUALITY
Made in Europe: All parts are manufactured, assembled, and packaged in Europe, so you can be assured of Toddlebike’s quality.3 year no-quibble guarantee and excellent customer service, just in case.INNOVATIVE
Compact design with narrow wheels, so young children can learn to steer and balance effectively at their own pace indoors around the home.FITS THE GAP
Suitable from as soon as confidently walking (usually around 15 months) – long before Toddlers are ready for balance bikes, pedals or scooters, it is the best toddler bike.FUNCTIONAL
Weighs less than 1kg, making it easy for young children to ride, manoeuvre, carry or hang neatly on buggy when not in use (balance bikes typically weigh around 3 to 6kg!).Unlike other ride-ons, large wheels mean it can handle most terrains.Hard-wearing plastic makes the bike easy to clean; Waterproof, weatherproof and mudproof, for added outdoor convenience.FUN
Bright, light, and provides daily exercise, independence and freedom from buggies.Available in primary colours and pink and purple.

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Toddlebike Reviews

Product Tested by: Jessica Hough – Phoebe 23 Months

Product Tested By Jessica Hough – Phoebe 23 Months

Jessica Awarded The Toddlebike 4.7/5

When this product arrived it was already assembled, looked very appealing to the eye and the colours were lovely. The product is very lightweight which has plus points that my child found it very easy to move and use but the downside is that it does topple over very easy.  My child sat on it straight away and knew what to do. She loves it because it takes her from place to place. This product definitely teaches balance and direction. She had a few topples but after a couple of goes, she was brilliant.  She sometimes uses this to take her teddies for a ride. It is good quality but it could be made a bit steadier. It offers excellent value for money; the use my daughter has had from it I would happily pay the RRP for it. I would buy this and recommend it to others. I think it really is quite a brilliant product and it keeps my little girl very happy. Aside from a couple of topples nothing serious, she learnt to use the product and has had no problems with it. It has given her another form of transport it’s. Overall it’s brilliant. Jessica Hough – Phoebe 23 Months


Product Tested By Emily Rovers – James 20 Months

Emily Awarded The Toddlebike 4.5/5

James liked the bike straight away and couldn’t wait to get on it. It was colourful and very eye catching for children. I had no initial concerns with him riding it or moving it around. It is very lightweight and easy for him to change direction when he wanted to. It does help with their development skills too. It helps with balance and directional skills. When his friends came round he did tend to share it with them and let them have a go so helps with this too. The playable context is great as it kept him entertained in our garden and out and about in the park. He was able to balance on the bike but it did take some getting used to. It is really lightweight and kept tilting while he was trying to get on. He found it easy to move around and used it to take his action man toys on a trip. The quality is good and offers great value for money. I would consider buying this as it was a lovely little bike for my son to use easily. I would recommend it to others too. You can take this out and about as it is so lightweight so no heavy carrying to do. My son loves it. Emily Rovers– James 20 Months


Product Tested By Kate Monda – Raphael 19 Months

Kate Awarded The Toddlebike 3/5

This product looked great; bright and colourful. The packaging was protective but had a hand written address which made it look a bit scruffy. No company logo either. I actually mistook it for something I had purchased online. I had no concerns with my child playing on this bike. However, sadly we had to take the toy away from our son for the following reasons:  Although he is tall for his age, he was unable to sit on the seat part and reach the handlebars at the same time which meant he kept trying to use it whilst sat on the cross bar; not very comfortable! More worryingly, the back wheels do not seem to be spaced apart enough to provide adequate balance; it kept tipping over and he kept falling off, hitting his head on a few occasions! The back wheels are too close together and so there doesn’t appear to be much stability, especially given that the Toddlebike is so light.  It also makes climbing on and off a problem as it just tips over. He did enjoy pushing it around like a car! It is very lightweight which is great for taking it out and about. Good strong colours but just doesn’t feel sturdy enough.  Sadly no, I would not buy this now. I feel awful saying this as we are really grateful to Bizziebaby and to the manufacturers of Toddlebike for allowing us to trial it but I have to be honest.  Sadly our overall experience was not great. Although it looks fantastic and certainly caught my son’s eye and his attention, I have too many concerns for his safety given the stability issue. I really think that if this was addressed though, this would be a great little bike and would be perfect for taking on holidays or in the boot of the car for days out etc.  If it wasn’t for the safety element this could be a fun, reasonably priced little bike. Kate Monda – Raphael 19 Months


I think it really is quite a brilliant product and it keeps my little girl very happy.  It has given her another form of transport it’s. Overall it’s brilliant.           


Jessica Awarded The Toddlebike 4.7/5     

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