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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump

The Closer to Nature electronic breast pump is easy for mothers to assemble, use, and sterilise. This excellent Tommee Tippee product is quiet, compact, and gives great results at the touch of a button.Features a unique flexible cup for maximum comfort, that is specially designed to mimic baby’s natural feeding action. Also comes complete with unique steri-storage box, allowing you to microwave sterilise and store all of your breast feeding equipment in one compact box.
BPA FreeQuiet, discreet and easy to use4 expression phases – light, low, medium, highIncludes 1x150ml bottle2 milk storage lids6 breast padsSteriliser box
Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2009 & Winner of the Bronze Award 2012/13

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£99.99 Available in Argos, Boots, Asda, Morrisons, Mothercare, Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis or purchase online

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump Reviews

Product Tested by: Chris Melvin (Written on behalf of my partner) – Hope 6 Months

Product Tested By Chris Melvin (Written on behalf of my partner) – Hope 6 Months

Chris Awarded The TommeeTippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump 5/5

Looks like a good easy to use product with everything you will need. The assembly instructions for this product are very easy to follow and the product very simple to assemble. The instructions for the usage of this product are very simple to follow not hard to use on a day to day basis at all. Very simple to assemble. Disassembling this product is just as easy as assembling comes apart in very easy pieces. Good strong suction very comfortable to use not painful at all unlike other pumps I have used. The expressing was shorter than I  first expected which was great! As mums do not always have the time to wait. This was extremely easy to monitor how much you have expressed as the bottle at the bottom of the pump is clear with very clear measurements on.  I found this pump to be very effective. Yes this pump is very easy to travel with I have taken this pump out with me for a day out so I can express in the car.  All the parts of this pump fit in to the sterilising box making it very compact I could even fit it into my nappy bag! Brilliant idea. This pump comes with a tiny brush to make it easy to clean the tubes of the pump.  All the rest of the pump is also very easy to clean and easily fits into the steriliser. All the parts fit in the steriliser very easily the bottle fits in like any other of your bottles. Along with the box, tubes and pots. This breast pump is value for your money, with all the essentials you need to get started. I would not change the design as I think it’s great. I would buy this product when I have my next baby due to the fantastic quality and how easy and comfortable it is. I would recommend this product to other mother’s due to it being so comfortable, easy to clean and assemble and the great value packs you can get them in. I love it. I have had a fantastic experience with this pump so easy to express would recommend to everyone. Chris Melvin (Written on behalf of my partner) – Hope 6 Months



Product Tested By Rebecca Lees – Harrison 8 Weeks


Rebecca Awarded The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump 4/5

Gender neutral, compact, well presented. It isn’t the easiest pump to assemble, I managed to follow the instructions, however they could do with being larger, with bigger diagrams. The instructions for use are clear and easy to follow. There are quite a few parts so it is a bit complicated. I found it easier to disassemble than to assemble, as all the parts come apart. I found the suction was strong yet comfortable. Was very impressed with the expressing process, it was very efficient. If you express straight into the bottle it’s fairly easy as the gradient marks are black so you can work it out providing you are holding the bottle fairly level. However if you put the storage pot in the bottle to express, it is much harder to tell. I feel this pump is really effective; I managed to easily pump a few ounces in a 5 minutes. Very portable, good that you can put it in box provided. Battery or mains powered so easy to use anywhere. There are a lot of bits so it can be a bit tricky to clean; a bottle brush is a must. Although there are a lot of bits, they are all small so fit in steriliser easily, or into the box provided nicely. I think it would last a long time so yes good value for money. Design suggestion offer different shield sizes for different sized nipples. Also less pieces. I would consider purchasing this and recommend due to fact it is easy to use, efficient, compact. Gender neutral, compact, suitable for all. Rebecca Lees – Harrison 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Michelle Sharples – Olly 3 Months


MichelleAwarded The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump 4.5/5

Looksgreat, I’ve used a Tommee Tippee manual pump before so the parts looked quite similar. I knew the parts quite well already because of using the manual version, but the instructions were clear with easy to follow diagrams. The text is quite small to read though. Instructions are really easy to follow, although the text is quite small. There is a nice pull out diagram sheet inside the instructions, with really clear pictures to follow. Very easy to assemble, after reading the instructions once, it was really easy to remember.  Again really easy to disassemble, everything slotted together simply.  I found the suction to be a lot less weaker than I imagined. I find suction on the manual pump stronger. It is verycomfortable though. Expressing was a lot quicker than I expected. Although the suction felt less, I was still producing the same amount of milk in about half the time! I did find it quite difficult to monitor how much milk expressed. I found it hard to see it coming out because the bottle can be cloudy or with splashes on from sterilising. To see how much I had expressed properly I had to remove the pump and stand the bottle on a flat surface. This breast pump is effective and it really helped to keep my supply up and my baby happy! All the parts to be washed can fit into the travel steriliser easily, but then you need to carry the electric part and wires separate so can be a bit bulky. Was easy to clean and sterilise. Everything fitted into my steriliser easy and also into the travel steriliser. I don’t think I would pay RRP for it, when the manual one works just as well, takes up less room and costs a lot less! Saying that if saving time was necessary then I might think about purchasing. Design suggestion maybe making the electric part a bit less bulky, slimmer. I probably would not purchase this item as I have time to spare at the moment, and using the manual one would be ok for me. I would recommend the Tommee Tippee Pumps as they are great, and kept my milk supply up while staying comfortable. They are easy to use and not too much of a pain to wash and sterilise. A great pump, that helped keep my supply up and my baby happy while I stayed comfortable!Michelle Sharples – Olly 3Months


I love it. I have had a fantastic experience with this pump so easy to express would recommend to everyone.


Chris Awarded The TommeeTippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump 5/5

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