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Tommee Tippee Suresound Ultimate Monitor

For complete peace of mind, this monitors sound, room temperature and movement. An alarm sounds after 20 seconds if the sensor pad detects no movement from the baby. Exclusive SureSound® technology ensures privacy, interference-free sound and easy set up. Exclusive SureSound® technology – Movement sensor pad -Compatible with all cot mattresses – Digital room temperature display – Nightlight with dimmer switch -Fully portable with belt clip -Mains or battery operated with power cut protection -Out of range indicator.


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£109.99 Available in Argos, Boots, Asda, Morrisons, Mothercare, Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis or purchase online

Tommee Tippee Suresound Ultimate Monitor Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Prince - Babny Harrison 3 Months

Product Tested By Samantah Prince – Baby Harrison 3 Months

Samantha Awarded The Tommee Tippee Suresound Ultimate Monitor Top Marks 5/5

When this arrived looked really impressive and very well packaged.  The quality is superb and it was very easy to set up, only took a few minutes.  Loved the fact that you can operate this on mains and battery.  Also enables you to take the parent unit around the house with you which is fabulous.  Ideal to take on your travels and would definitely take on holiday as would not be without this now.  This is such a brilliant monitor and can hear Harrison breathing while in his nursery (peace of mind).  The mat is very easy to set up and position, only down side is if the baby is a fidget like mine he can move off it and the alarm goes off.  Love the sensor mat and would not have put Harrison in his own room without this.  This monitor also has a temperature display which is good as stops you worrying about whether the room is too hot or too cold.  The range is superb as had clear sound in different parts of the house and the garden.  This is a fantastic monitor and have already recommended to friends and family and will continue to use ours.  You cannot put a price on peace of mind and this is certainly worth every penny.  Samantha Prince – Baby Harrison 3 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Clark – Baby Violet 7 Weeks Old

Lisa Awarded The Tommee Tippee Suresound Ultimate Monitor 3.9/5

I was quite impressed by the packaging and claims on it.  Liked the look of the features, the base unit is also very attractive.  This certianly looks good quality and the base unit is good looking and the sensor pad insn’t flimsy!  The instructions are very clear and precise and I read the quick start insructions and set up everything without any trouble.  This has the facility to enable you to charge via Mains or with batteries.  The monitor is suitable for anywhere as both base and monitor can run on batteries or mains.  I would be happy to take it away with me.  When we had the monitor switched on we did encounter a lot of interference.  We did try all five channels but were still unable to obtain a clear signal.  Not sure why this happened, but kept volume on high so we could hear any noises from Violet.    The sensor mat is added reassurance.  I was worried it would make me fuss more but I definitely spent less time running up and downstairs to check on Violet.  We had a couple of false alarms, but I prefer this to checking on Violet frequently when she is sleeping quietly.  The night light and temperature guage are both nice extra features.  Night light is good for night-feeding and has variable brightness settings.  We did struggle with distance range due to suffering interference when switched on.  This is a good monitor and the sensor pad and alarm are brilliant features.  Just had trouble with clarity of reception.  Also I feel the base unit for the hand monitor should be a recharging unit.  With clear reception good value for money.  Lisa Clark – Baby Violet 7 Weeks Old

Product Tested By Jennifer Rhymer – Baby Kieran 3 Months

Jennifer Awarded The The Tommee Tippee Suresound Ultimate Monitor An Amazing 5/5

Looked fantastic, excellent quality and easy to use.  A monitor that is extremely easy to set up so was working within minutes.  The only thing I would comment on is the fact the base unit for the monitor doesn’t charge the batteries, which would be useful.  The main unit is a reasonable size and ideal for at home.  However, personally I feel it is a little too bulky to take on holiday, but perfect for visiting friends and family. The sound quality is so clear and can hear baby very clearly.  No interference at all which is brilliant.  The base mat is extremely easy to set up and position.  Also sensor mat does add extra reassurance when baby is sleeping which is essential.  This monitor also benefits from room temperature feature, nightlight and out of range indicator, which are all really useful extra features.  Distance and range is just right.  I can go anywhere in the house and garden and it is still within range.  I will most definitely continue to use this monitor.  It is the best monitor I have ever used.  Reception is clear, precise and no interference.  Monitor has extra features which make it all the more value for money, as with some monitors you would have to purchase these extras separately.  A fantastic, stylish monitor that is effective and works like a dream.  Jennifer Rhymer – Baby Kieran 3 Months

This is a fantastic monitor, clear sound, portable and easy to use.  Fantastic and really puts your mind at rest.


Samantha Awarded The Tommee Tippee SureSound Ultimate Monitor An Amazing 5/5

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