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Tommee Tippee Tip It Up Cup

Fun and Funky Colours -Non Spill -Hygiene Cap -Easy grip – BPA Free -Interchangeable lids and bases throughout the range -Super soft silicone dura-spout

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£3.49 Available in Argos, Boots, Asda, Morrisons, Mothercare, Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis or purchase online

Tommee Tippee Tip It Up Cup Reviews

Product Tested by: Vicki Mawson – Poppy 10 Months

Product Tested By Vicki Mawson – Poppy 10 Months

Vicki Awarded The Tommee Tippee Tip It Up Cup 3/5

Colourful, fun, well designed. The age that is it suitable for didn’t jump out of the packaging, I had to look for it.  I went onto the Tommee Tippee website to be sure.  Quality very good. BPA  free, plastic seems strong and robust.  Lid does not seem to fit securely. I would be reluctant to rely on it if I wanted to put the drink bottle in my bag full of liquid.  The drinking spout very good.  My baby worked out how to use it very quickly and it is nice and soft on her mouth.  This is ok to store and fairly easy to assemble and easy to clean.  I would suggest the ridged sides to have more grip. Two handles so easier for baby to hold.  I am actually bottle feeding my baby presently and she did like using the cup.  There are cheaper alternatives on the market but maybe not with the design and look of this one and the extra features.  I did not like the lid as poorly fitting.   It does the job.  I liked the very soft spout and that my baby found it easy to work out how to drink from it.  I have marked this down as I wouldn’t use it for travelling (because the lid doesn’t fit securely), but it is excellent for use at home. This is a good-looking and useful product from a reputable brand, but performance lets it down if you are on the move.  Vicki Mawson – Poppy 10 Months


Product Tested By Lisa McNeil – Hugh 10 Months

Lisa Awarded The Tommee Tippee Tip It Up Cup 4/5

Brightly coloured transitional drinking cup with soft, teat-like drinking spout. I am impressed by the colour and design of the cup. Once I noticed the way the spout works, I just felt that this would work better than what we were using before. Only downside seemed to be the lid, which would keep falling off.  Simple packaging- this seemed best for the product, which speaks for itself in appealing to parents and children alike. I felt that I received sufficient information concerning the suitability of the cup for Hugh. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is whether or not it is suitable for sterilisation and/or dishwasher safe.  I think the quality of the cup is excellent, especially for the price. It seems solid and hard-wearing, which is exactly what is needed in a cup for this age group.  I can see where they were going with the design of the lid (easy enough for kids to remove themselves and sturdy enough to stay on while moving the cup). However, due to the nature of the way in which the cup works, it was very difficult to transport without the lid coming of and any pressure to the spout cause the liquid to go everywhere. Drinking spout is Amazing! I felt that there came a stage where Hugh was too big for water out of a bottle and he just couldn’t quite get the hang of other transitional cups. This design fixed all the problems that both Hugh and I had with getting him drinking. It truly is a wonderful idea that really works.  It is no harder to store i.e. takes up no more room, that any other transitional cup. I did like the handles as I hooked them on to the pram when out and about to compensate for the lid. Due to the ability of the cup to be hooked onto places, it means that it is more easily stored inside and out (hooked onto pram or on handle of cupboards).  Very easily done with the intuitive assembly and disassembly. Very simple and easy is what is needed when dealing with a thirsty baby.  The cup is almost as easy to clean as any other transitional drinking cup. The only slight problem comes from cleaning the bulgy bit at the bottom. However, this really only depends on the method you use to clean, so not a big niggle.  It is supposed to be non-spill, but because the lid does not stay on very well, it can cause the cup to leak at the spout when pressure is placed on the spout e.g. when in a change bag where the lid falls off and things more about the bag and apply slight pressure to the spout.  I am presently bottle feeding and my baby enjoyed using the cup.  Excellent value for money that means you can get a couple.  Like: the spout technology. Dislike:  the lid that sometimes wasted the spout technology.  It was exactly what we needed to be using (we just didn’t know it). Hugh loves his Tip It Up cup and I feel that he takes more water and he also enjoys drinking more than before. It is a handy cup and is superior to other cups for Hugh.  Other parents may be struggling with their little one not taking as much water as they should because they don’t like the other transitional cups on the market. It truly has changed the way Hugh takes his water and I am really grateful for that. Other parents deserve the best for their children too, and for that I would heartily recommend this product.  If the lid is fixed then I would give it a 5.  Brightly coloured transitional sippy cup with a teat-like silicone spout which is preferential to bother mother and baby.  Lisa McNeil – Hugh 10 Months


Product Tested By Ruth Montgomery – Sam 10 Months

Ruth Awarded The Tommee Tippee Tip It Up Cup 4/5

Bright colours, funky shape.  Packaging good with informative information. Very durable especially with my son crawling with it and hitting it off furniture.  Not very impressed with the lid, it didn’t go on very well and refused to stay on properly, which caused problems when putting it into the baby bag. Drinking Spout is Soft, chewy for a teething baby and if tipped upside-down did not spill but my son figured out if he squeezed it he could get the water to come out very quickly, he figured this out on the first use. The cup has quite a wide middle so made it awkward to fit it into normal cup cupboard; I have to store it on the bench.  Very easy to clean, not many parts to worry about.  Supposed to be non spill, which it was if only held upside-down but with a baby using it they do more than that and my son managed to soak himself on more than one occasion.  I am presently bottle feeding and my baby liked this cup.  The thing I did not like is the lid would not stay on.  My son likes it and finds it easy to use.  I would recommend due to the Ease of use as a first cup.  Only lost marks because of the lid really.  Very easy to use cup, brightly coloured to encourage baby to use it.  Ruth Montgomery – Sam 10 Months

This is a good-looking and useful product from a reputable brand.


Vicki Awarded The Tommee Tippee Tip It Up Cup 3/5

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