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Tommy Guns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Conditioner

For thirsty, dry, undernourished & coloured hair

This delightful luxurious conditioner is the perfect solution for dry lack-lustre hair, improving detangling, adding moisture, protecting colour & bringing out your natural shine

Active ingredients include Sweet Almond for intense conditioning, strengthening & softening your hair. Wild Nettle to moisturise & condition. Jasmine to help revitalize, feed & nourish your hair

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£5.50 250ml - Available in Waitrose, John Lewis, Ocado, Next or Purchase online or click online to find local stockist

Tommy Guns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Conditioner Reviews

Product Tested by: Paula Macdonald

Product Tested By Paula Macdonald

Paula Awarded The Tommy Guns Jasmine Nettle Conditioner 4/5

Smell was nice and good  looking packaging.  Liked the design of the bottle and very easy to dispense. This was also very simple to apply.  Unfortunately the product was not as effective as I like it on my hair, lovely smell but not nourishing enough.  Unfortunately  this did not improvethe condition of my hair,  as the conditioner was far too runny, I prefer my conditioner a bit thicker in texture. I liked the design of the bottle, but a little too big for my small shower shelf.  This is reasonable value for money.  Design improvement one suggestion, perhaps the shampoo and conditioner were able to have a hook attachment so you could  hook them onto smaller shower shelves . Unfortunately this product smelt amazing but was not nourishing enough for my hair type. I would  recommend as a lovely product and each hair type suites different conditioners. This product leaves your hair fresh, smelling amazing and your scalp tingling.  Paula Macdonald

ProductTested By Isla Davidson

Isla Awarded The Tommy Guns Jasmine Nettle Conditioner 4.5/5

Never heard of this make before and was pleased to have the opportunity to try this out.  Liked the design of the bottle and easy to use.  The dispenser was ideal just the right amount each time.  When I first tried this did not really make much of a difference, but after I had been using this for 3 weeks started to notice my hair condition had improved.  I was surprised.  I have very fine hair and it is coloured so needs all the help it can get.  I did notice hair improved and certainly added a shine.  I must admit I was skeptical at first as I love my present brand.  This did improve my hair condition and you only needed a small amount for it to be effective.  I would use the conditioner after every wash and worked for me.  A good consistency and just put on leave for a minute or 2 and wash off and hair feels soft and tangle free. Slightly unusual shape as more square in shape compared to others but ideal for home and to take on your travels.  I have since purchased more and also recommended to friends as nice to have a change of conditioner every so often.  Good quality, lasts and does leave your hair feeling soft and silky and smelling gorgeous.  Isla Davidson.

Product Tested By Roberta Smith  

Roberta Awarded The Tommy Guns Jasmine Nettle Conditioner  4/5

Good shape bottle, looked good quality. Bottle design is good, strong and easy to use.  This was very easy to dispense.  You could be assured right amount dispensed each time.  A good quality conditioner which left my hair feeling silky smooth I used this continually for 6 weeks and did notice an improvement towards the end of the trial.  Was a lovely conditioner, worked well alongside the shampoo and left my hair detangled and feeling soft and looking shiny.  My hair did improve and looked healthier and shiny.  In time it does improve and for me worked but I did use the conditioner and shampoo together.  Good size bottle, easy to store at home and secure lid so can take on your travels too. The conditioner  is nice consistency, works well and gives  your hair a nice sheen.  Leaves your hair smelling gorgeous too.  I would purchase this product and would recommendto others.  Lovely conditioner, effective after a few washes and worth trying.  Roberta Smith

This product leaves your hair fresh, smelling amazing and your scalp tingling.


Paula Awarded The Tommy Guns Jasmine Nettle Conditioner 4/5

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