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TOMY Jumbo’s Jamboree

This clever elephant on wheels will roll merrily along playing a happy tune. Jumbo has an extra trick up his trunk. Pull him apart into seven pieces and you have an orchestra on your hands! His trunk is a trumpet… his matching ears rattle, there are pan pipes, a xylophone and more!Each is an instrument to shake, bang, rattle and blow! Colour match his seven parts together like a jigsaw puzzle, then take them apart ready to play a tune.

Suitable 12 Months Plus 
Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2016 

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£20.99 Available Tesco, Argos, Amazon or click online to find local stockist

TOMY Jumbo’s Jamboree Reviews

Product Tested by: Christine Richards – Noah 17 months

Tested By
Christine Richards – Noah 17 months

Awarded The TOMY Jumbo Jamboree 5/5

Looked a fabulous toy and a very
clever design. Packaging good, easy to
see product and easy to open. Never had
any concerns about my son playing with this toy ideal for him. Fantastic toy to play with, Noah
enjoyed pushing the elephant whilst blowing the trumpet. Putting the toy back together helped with his
hand to eye coordination. This certainly kept his attention. There are enough parts to the toy to keep him
entertained for around 30minutes. This is
a great toy, sturdy and great quality. This
is really good value for money. I would
purchase and I have already recommended.
I have also just purchased one for my nephew. A great toy, a lot of product with a lot to
do. Christine Richards – Noah 17 months

Tested By
Jennifer Haffey – Ella 13 Months

Awarded The TOMY Jumbo Jamboree 5/5

toy was very eye catching due to its many colours. My child went straight for it when she saw
it. Excellent packaging, the toy arrived in good condition. Easy to follow
instructions and requires minimal assembly. No initial concerns with the
product. For a 13 month old child it is great for their fine motor skills and
for exploring cause and effect. However if the toy was taken apart a 13 month
old would never be able to put it together again. At the moment this isn’t an issue as she gets
hours of fun out of it as it is. As she
gets older she will be able to take it apart and reassemble! The toy is suitable for both boys and
girls.Great stimulation as it helps with her fine motor skills and cause
and effect. It can be a little noisy but
sure that’s what it’s all about and this wasn’t a problem for us! My little
girl is teething at the moment so I find that she enjoys biting it which again
isn’t a problem as it’s easily washed and it’s very durable. The toy will help
with sharing when it is taken apart as there are many different little
instruments in it. Its bright colours appeal to all children and my child
noticed it straight away. Great quality.
Good strong and durable toy. Great value for money as it will grow with
the child and as she gets older she will be able to take the toy apart and
enjoy all the little instruments and put it back together again. It is noisy but my child loves it. I would
definitely purchase this toy and highly recommend. Lovely bright toy that my child will be hours
of fun from! Jennifer Haffey – Ella 13 Months

Tested By
Nicole Davies – Poppy 21 Months

Awarded The TOMY Jumbo Jamboree 4.8/5

initial impression of this product was that it was very bright, colourful and
definitely looked fun! The packaging for this product was appropriate for the
kind of toy this is as the toy comes apart to provide various musical
instruments. All parts were tightly assembled with strong material as to not
lose any parts but easy enough to cut with scissors to remove from packaging. The
toy did not require assembling from the box but rather taking apart to get the
full use of the toys instruments, this was very easy to do for myself and 21
month old. Re assembling the toy was easy for myself to do, this did not require
instructions as it was very straight forward. I did not have any concerns over
my child playing with the toy however, the Elephant comes apart to give you
various musical instruments, this is easy to do for my child of 21 months but I
would not be so sure that a 12 month old would find this easy to do. In
addition, re assembling this toy from individual musical instruments back into
the elephant shape proved an impossible task for my 21 month old, so definitely
would not be easy for a 12 month old to assemble. The toys different parts were
brilliant. Not only can you use the instruments individually, but once
assembled the elephant can be pushed around and plays a tune as it’s doing so.
The instruments were easy to use for Poppy. Having previously purchased musical
toys for her I found this is the only toy that she was able to fully use all of
the instruments without my help. The trumpet part particularly caught my
attention as having had trumpets and recorders as part of musical sets
previously, my daughter has never been able to successfully make a noise with
them due to not having enough strength to blow but this toy did it with ease.
My only criticism would be that Poppy would not independently be able to
assemble the toy back together herself in order to benefit from the
multi-purpose use of this toy. This toy definitely aids with her development.
The toy is perfect to share as it has many different parts i.e. instruments,
not only this but the instruments are played by using hand eye co-ordination
to, for example, hit the separate parts of the xylophone. This is a toy that
will definitely grow with her as once she is a little bit older she will have
the ability to re assemble the toy herself. Poppy loved playing with her new toy;
it grabbed her attention straight away. She loves musical toys anyway but
because she was able to use every part of this independently she played with it
a lot longer than she will sit and play with other toys. Overall the quality of
this toy is one of the best I’ve seen, especially for the price. Its light
enough for children but not flimsy as some of the cheaper toys are. The parts
fit together nicely once assembled, however my only criticism would be that the
ear part is not overly easy to put back on, especially for a child. Definitely
great value. In comparison to other toys
Poppy has I think just the appearance of the toy along with the wheels in which
you can push it around on and tune it makes is enough for the price. However
you get the benefit of being able to take this apart and use it as instruments
too! Very impressed! I would not hesitate to buy this product as a present for
friend’s children. I have already highly recommended this product to family and
friends who are looking to buy toys/gifts. Everybody loves the multi-use
purpose of this toy. Poppy loves this toy when assembled as Ellie the elephant
and when its individual instruments and this is definitely a toy that can be
used for a long time yet! Colourful, bright, lots of fun, exactly what you need
for developing minds! Nicole Davies – Poppy 21 Months

This is a great toy, sturdy and great quality. This is really good value for money. I would purchase and I have already recommended. I have also just purchased one for my nephew. A great toy, a lot of product with a lot to do.


Christine Awarded The TOMY Jumbo Jamboree 5/5

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