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Tomy Pooh & Friends Grow With Me Play Gym

Grow With Me is a multi-functional play gym that adapts to 3 stages from birth to 6 months plus… 0 – 3 months : Activity mat with detachable overhanging characters to keep baby entertained in those early days. 3 – 6 months : Add the specially designed tummy time cushion which helps baby develop their core muscles. 6 months+ : Use the inflatable cushion to allow baby to sit up and play – keeping them entertained for longer. The Winnie the Pooh Play Gym includes 3 soft characters – Tigger, Pooh & Eeyore and a rattle that are all easy to reach for baby and can be detached for separate play. The gym is easy to assemble and store, folds away neatly, Machine washable/wipe clean.

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Tomy Pooh & Friends Grow With Me Play Gym Reviews

Product Tested by: Nichola Faulkner – Baby Lexi 5 Months

Product Tested By Nichola Faulkner – Baby Lexi 5 Months

Nichola Awarded The Tomy Pooh & Friends Grow With Me Play Gym 4/5

My initial impression of the product was very good; it looked to have lots to do and was lovely and bright. All the materials also seemed soft to touch but of good quality. The website was easy to navigate and use. There was a huge variety of toys and baby products available all easy to find and then find out information on. Clear prices and stock status was also good. I marked the Gym down as a 4, narrowly missing out on a 5. I just had two issues with regards to quality. The first being the plastic holders which enable the foam arch to stand – slight problems with them popping out but not enough to put me off purchasing the gym. The second is that after just over a week of use there is slight bobbling to the actual mat. Again this isn’t something that would put me off just an observation. I didn’t have any concerns at all with allowing Lexi to use the baby gym. Lexi has really enjoyed using this baby gym. Something that we both enjoyed (I think) is the fact that there was plenty to ‘look’ at and do for when it was tummy time and the little support cushion that comes with the gym was also very helpful. There were lots of different materials and textures for Lexi to use and the fact that they were spread out over the gym encouraged Lexi to move around. The baby gym is washable at 40 degrees. I can say that I have washed it and I was pleased with the way it washed. I believe that this baby gym does differ to other gyms where you might just find your basic toy arch. I love the fact that this one has the ability to grow with your baby and help with stages of sitting and tummy time. Again 5/5. The gym does grow with your baby. We also like that it all folded neatly and was secured by the little Velcro strap it meant it was easy to take along with us wherever we were going.  I believe it does offer good value for money, we only got the baby gym at 5 months old but we have had lots of fun with it and it is out most of the day at home. I do think it would be much more value for money being used from newborn as there were things Lexi could already do, that the gym could have helped her with, i.e. sitting up.   Yes I would recommend after seeing how much Lexi has used this baby gym compared to one that we bought her before she was born I would also have purchased this for her. I think she found the one we got her a little boring. I have used three baby gyms and this by far has been the one we had the most fun with.  I give the product a 4 / 5. This is because we had one or two very minor quality issues. Everything else was brilliant though.  One happy baby who enjoyed playing and exploring the baby gym = one proud Mummy seeing her little girl learning and growing.  Nichola Faulkner – Baby Lexi 5 Months


Product Tested By Jeni Larwood –  Baby Harriet 6.5 Months

Jeni Awarded The Tomy Pooh & Friends Grow With Me Play Gym 3.8/5

Very bright and colourful, with lots of fun features to (hopefully) keep my daughter amused. Very sturdy construction, good quality materials. Very comprehensive website with a huge array of products. Don’t think you would browse it as it covers so many different types of products, but it appears to be easy to find certain products if you are looking specifically. Quite cluttered though with lots of different boxes on the right hand side. The products look of a good quality and I recognise Tomy as a name which conveys good quality.  The material used appears to be of very good quality, but for an older baby (such as mine) some of the Velcro comes away too easily and the inflatable cushion is very easy for a baby to lift up. The supports for the toy arch have also come away on occasions after a rigorous kicking session!  I’m happy for her to play on it under supervision, but unlike my previous gym it does not enclose the baby in it (with padded sides for Example) so it’s easy for the baby to roll off the gym and therefore around whichever room it’s kept in. I have sometimes found her underneath the inflatable cushion as she’s lifted it up and got stuck underneath it.  She likes the mirror, crinkly pieces and the toys. The inflatable cushion is also extremely interesting to her, probably because of the texture. With the aid of the inflatable cushion she did manage to sit unaided for a short time after being propped up at first. This is washable, but I haven’t washed it so don’t know how the bright colours would cope with washing.  It is different to other gyms we have used with it’s variety of different textures. It does also fold away very easily which is not something I have seen on any similar models. This is definitely a plus point with me as it is easy to remove at the end of the day.  Although I only tested it from when my daughter was 6 months, I can see that with the varying features it could perhaps be used for longer than a normal gym, but the lack of robustness of the features wouldn’t enable it to be used much past 6 months safely. In my opinion this is good value for money if purchased for newborn, if purchased later for (4 months plus) probably not. I don’t tend to buy Disney or other major branded products. I also wouldn’t buy it for a child 6 months plus as it doesn’t stand up too well to repeated attempts at kicking and rolling. Would certainly recommend for a newborn upwards, especially for a fan of Winnie the Pooh! Good ideas and execution for younger babies, but by 6 months they are starting to outgrow the features and can easily outsmart them. This play gym would be ideal for any newborn, and would be useful for at least 6 months, by which time babies will be a bit too boisterous to use this without supervision.  Jeni Larwood –  Baby Harriet 6.5 Months


Product Tested By Emma Wedge – Baby Harriet 7 Months

Emma Awarded The Tomy Pooh & Friends Grow With Me Play Gym 4/5

Well built and very colourful. Website is Bright, colorful, easy to browse through, although the ‘other items you might like’ at the bottom of the product page seemed a little random.  Overall a good website which allows you to find what you are looking for quickly.  Appears to be very good quality.  It has withstood a wash in the washing machine and appeared not to fade.  The play arch is held up by two ‘plastic feet.  These hold the arch upright which is useful when baby is lying on mat.  The feet of the arch are plastic and can be hard if baby falls, rolls onto them.  We did have a few tears in the early stages of sitting when she hit her head on the plastic feet.  But this was rare, and the feet do position underneath the play mat for protection (although I found they can move).  The gym is very colorful, and has different textures for my baby.  The tummy time pillow, and blow up half ring support baby allowing for baby to be indifferent positions (not just on back).  This is washable which is a great feature, especially for younger babies.  Found this baby gym grows with your child from birth.  Previous baby gyms have lost my baby’s interest once she started sitting and moving around, but the sturdiness of the arch on this gym, and the feel of the toys meant that she still wants to play with this gym at 7 months.  Item grows with your child from newborn and tummy time, right through learning to sit and beyond.  The toys are removable and can be used on pushchairs, car seats, or just on their own.  The gym folds up but it doesn’t have a handle so hard to carry around. I do think the gym is slightly more expensive than other play gyms.  However, it does seem to be able to be used for longer.  It is a fantastic play gym, but the plastic ‘feet’ for the arch are quite hard when baby is just learning to sit up and still having falls!  Fantastic gym which kept my baby captivated for over 5 minutes, which is an achievement!  Emma Wedge – Baby Harriet 7 Months

One happy baby who enjoyed playing and exploring the baby gym.


Nichola Awarded The Tomy Pooh & Friends Grow With Me Play Gym 4/5

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