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Tooli Candela Nightlight

Previously know as Candeloos, these LED Candela Tooli lights are cute, fun and funky night lights for babies and young children (and the young at heart!). They give off a surprisingly strong but soft and pretty glow, so stand them at the bedside to make bedside sentinels to ward off the dark, or to use in make-believe adventures and home-made dens in the house as the Safe-Charge system makes them safe for inquisitive little hands.

  • Safe, portable and reusable
  • Perfect for brave trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night!
  • Also great for parents during late-night feeds without waking baby
  • Lights turn on when lifted from the charging base
  • Lights recharge as soon as they’re put back – so they are always ready and easy to grab in the middle of the night
  • Button to turn off to conserve energy
  • Can also be set up to pulse gently, lulling the restless to sleep
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    £19.99 available to purchase online or also available online at

    Tooli Candela Nightlight Reviews

    Product Tested by: Sheryl Anslow – Hayden & Chloe Ages 1 & 3 Years

    Product Tested By Sheryl Anslow – Hayden & Chloe Ages 1 & 3 Years

    Sheryl Awarded the Candela Tooli’s Night Light 5/5

    Bright, funky, kids love the shapes. Looks sturdy and robust. Packaging looks nice and is solid enough to ensure product is not damaged in transit. Would look nice if given as a gift too. Instructions are, simple, straightforward, and to the point.  The nightlights were excellent quality and survived a few drops and bangs with no damage, however having looked on the website replacement covers could be brought if needed which is fantastic. We had a couple of power cuts while testing the nightlights and I have to say they were brilliant, as soon as the power went we could see them lighting up the landing. Brilliant idea.  Hayden and Chloe loved the nightlights, Hayden enjoyed being a big boy and taking his light when he went to the toilet at night and Chloe will not go to bed without hers now. Hayden would cry for me to take him to the toilet, now he has the confidence to go off by himself like his big brothers. I think they offer fantastic value for money; they are robust as well as being fun for the kids. They are simple to use with fun shape, perfect as they are. Have already recommended them to a few friends and family who have or are expecting children. If I could have given this a higher score I would. Very impressed. Good quality, work well, fun and funky, the kids love them.  Sheryl Anslow – Hayden & Chloe Ages 1 & 3 Years

    Product Tested By Emily Vicary – Grace 22 Months

    Emily Awarded Candela Tooli’s Night Light 4/5

    My first impressions were that it looked slightly gimmicky and perhaps could be mistaken for a toy of some sort. Strong, sturdy box. The material on the top adds to the design I think. Instructions were not too clear as the lights came already to go but the instructions stated that I needed to take apart the light with a screw driver. This was not the case though. Nice plastic finish which is smooth to touch. It looks like it has been made well. It is very sensitive to the base and will turn off even when held over it. Easy to turn on or off on the bottom. Grace really liked the nightlight but I felt that she thought it was more of a toy.  We had just moved Grace into a bigger room and new bed and were unsettled with her surroundings. I placed the light on the floor next to the door so if she woke in the night she could at least see that. I probably would buy as a gift as I think it’s a gimmicky quirky item that would be perfect. I thought this was a lot more expensive that it is so yes, great value for money. The light does exactly what it’s meant to do but I think the colour of the light and the shape make it too exciting for the child. Many times Grace has played with it and I don’t want that association with something that is meant to help her sleep. It would probably be useful when children are older and leaving it in the bathroom instead of waking up the whole house turning lights on. Also it could be taken on holiday as children and adults will be unsure of surroundings there and it would be a good aid. Emily Vicary – Grace 22 Months

    Product Tested By Pennie McGuire – Esme & Archie 3 Years

    Pennie Awarded the Candlela Tooli’s Night Light 3.5/5

    A very modern and funky looking light. It comes in a nice box which due to a ribbon on top is very easy to open. Instructions are bright and clear on the box too. Excellent quality. It’s very tough as my twins have dropped their lights several times and they still look as good as new. fantastically easy for toddlers little fingers to put on and off, but as it is on the bottom I feel they are less likely to ‘play’ switching them off which is a great thing. They both love their night lights! They love having them on as it gives just a lovely glow that lights up quite a bit of the room but isn’t too bright. Due to the shape they are easy for them to carry to the toilet at night and light enough to carry easily also. Due to the different colour they are also different from other nightlights and the twins love the different colour. Esme has a green one but she has asked me to buy her a pink one now to match her room which I think I will as a Christmas gift. It did take a few nights for them to get used to them as although they light up a far bit, they are not overly bright. I like this as I feel they sleep better than they did with there other night lights. Plus as they are so portable they can take them to the toilet at night so I can turn off the hall light. I think these are great buy for the price, it’s a lot to pay at first but they are such good quality and sturdy too. They hold a charge for over 8 hours and sometimes I will turn the twins off when checking on them as they know how to put them back on so they can last for a good few nights on one charge. Fun, funky sturdy night lights, perfect for little fingers and frightened toddlers! Pennie McGuire – Esme & Archie 3 Years

    Very impressed. Good quality, work well, fun and funky, the kids love them.  


    Sheryl Awarded the Candela Tooli’s Night Light 5/5

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