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Tots Bots Easyfit Nappy – As close as cloth gets to a disposable, the Easyfit is our best selling nappy.Integral waterproof outer – no faffing with a separate coverOne size fits 8-35lbsWrap-around stretch for ultimate comfort and fitLush stay-soft interiorSlim fitting so it will fit under all brands of clothingSuperfast drying only 3.5 hours on the airerOptional insert for night time or olympic widdlersHook and loop or Popper fasteningFree washable fleece stay dry liner.

Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Nappy
Natural comfort, Natural fit!The ultimate in comfort and fit for your baby. Our supersoft bamboozle stretch is made from gorgeous s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y bamboo giving fantastic absorbency, yet slim fitting. It is a great all rounder and will last the night no problem too with the addition of an extra booster. It is easy to see why this nappy won the Mother & Baby Gold in the Best Reusable nappy category for the last 2 years. Now in our trademark colours too.Slim fitting with multidirectional stretch — fabulous fit every timeHook & Loop fastening — just like a disposableOptional Birth to potty — The Size 2 fits from 9lbs by adjusting the poppers on the frontHidden minky core and pop in bamboo booster increases absorbencyFabric is more durable than terry bambooStays softer longer, great for hard water areas

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Easy Fit start from £16.99 and Bamboozle Stretch start from £10.99 Available to purchase online

Tots Bots EasyFit & Bamboozle Nappies Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Goswell – Jesse 2 Years 1 Month

Product Tested By Rachel Goswell – Jesse 2 Years 1 Month

Rachel Awarded The Tots Bots EasyFit Nappy & Bamboozle Stretch Nappy 4.8/5

My initialimpression of the easyfit nappy is that it is very well made and good quality. The fabric is very soft and it looks like it will give a comfortable fit on my son. The Bamboozle nappy is super soft and a fab colour (orange!).  Beautifully vibrant. Generally more convenient for my lifestyle. Ultimately cost effective and so much softer on my son’s bum! Very good fit and looks comfortable for him.  The texture is great on the easyfit nappy – very soft and stroke able on the inside with waterproof outer! The texture of the bamboozle nappy is also very soft and like its name suggests, feels nice and stretchy too. I thought the outer cover texture is fine. It is still soft. With a lovely Jubilee pattern on!(London Underground one wasn’t available BUT Tots did send me waterproof wrap for the bamboozle nappy with the LU patternon) Totally fab! Both nappies performed very well in the comfort stakes, both looking great on him and not leaving any marks or indents on his skin when taken off. It fits generally pretty well. Though when out and about I do find using a disposable nappy easier. I found the easyfit nappy to be a bit better than the bamboozle stretch nappy. I made the silly mistake of not putting a wrap on the bamboozle upon first use and of course he was soaked through his trousers!!  Once I had used the wrap though I found that he was kept perfectly dry in the day. I did not use either of these nappies at night time purely because my son is fed via a tube overnight for ten hours directly into his tummy, so he wee’s a HUGE amount and I don’t think any reusable nappy would be able to take the strain of the amount of wee that comes out of him. Both nappies are very reliable.  No leaks (when used correctly!).  The poppers on the nappies ensure you can get a good fit. Both nappies are extremely easy to put on! Very easy to assemble because the insert on the Easyfit is sewn in, so no assembly required.  On the bamboozle there are two poppers on the insert which is very easy to remove and the waterproof wrap to go on top is very easy to fit.  I found the nappies easy to wash! Just threw them in the machine and that was it. Did have to scrape off some poop into the toilet before washing the easyfit which is not the most pleasant of jobs!!  BUT the nappy cleaned really well,  no residue’s left!! I didn’t use any disposable parts with these nappies. Bothof these nappies are environmentally friendly.  By nature you are not adding to land fill and yes this is important to me.  I think they both do offer value for money. When you consider how much you would spend on disposable nappies over the years I think you cannot beat it really.  So much nicer against my sons skin too. He has eczema so I found these particularly good for this too.  I would purchase these. I would also recommend as they are extremely easy to use and wash which is important. They come in a range of funky colours and patterns and you will find yourself becoming a cloth nappy convert with so much choice! I really enjoyed testing out these nappies on my son. He looks so cute in them and I love the fact they are just so soft against his skin and the colours are great too! Rachel Goswell – Jesse 2 years 1 Month


Product Tested By Alison Wickens – Daniel 9 Months

AlisonAwarded The Tots Bots EasyFit & Bamboozle Stretch Nappy 4.8/5

 My first thought was wow, it’s so soft and fluffy inside and so pretty on the outside! By using washables I don’t have to remember to buy more nappies and I don’t have my wheelie bin filled with smelly disposable nappies. When out and about and when Daniel’s in nursery, the used nappy gets put into a wet bag until I’m home again. Its minky lined which means it’s soft and fluffy like a teddy bear.  I was showing it to everyone saying, feel how soft this is. The outside of the nappy isn’t obviously plastic because it’s textured like fabric and it is stretchy.  I had the super cute Jubilee print and it looks more like clothes than a nappy. It was very comfy and didn’t leave any marks on the thighs.  The edge of the Velcro is a little sharp so I had to be careful not to attach it too high as Daniel’s tummy would rub on it.  The poppers adjusted how far up the tummy the nappy sits so it will fit him from newborn until he is potty trained.  I think it would fit a newborn but it would look a little bulky on them. Fits perfectly.  It has never leaked poo and has only leaked wee when I’ve forgotten to change him. It easily lasts 3 to 4 hours and it has a pocket so a booster could be added if it was needed. It does need pre-washed at least 3 times to get to full absorbency though as I first used it after the second wash and his clothes got a bit damp before 3 hours. It is definitely not a nappy I would use at night.  I don’t know of any all-in-one style nappies that last through the night.  I did try it twice without a booster and in the morning his vest and bottoms were starting to get damp, but surprisingly, not soaked.  I had to change him immediately where as with my usual washable bedtime nappies, I can wait until after his breakfast. As long as it’s changed within 4 hours it is 100% I’ve never had a poo leak, despite being in bouncers and walkers and even having a runny tummy. I had Aplix Bamboozle Stretch Nappy so it goes on and off in a second.  His granny has arthritis in her fingers and she was able to manage. There’s not much to assemble. The insert is attached so it just gets tucked into the pocket and the nappy is ready to go. It’s really simple to wash. It gets stored in a dry nappy bucket with a lid and washed at 40, with the occasional 60 degree wash.  If there is poo I flush that down the loo and rinse the nappy under the tap. I have older versions of this nappy which take ages to dry, but this  new version is dry after only an hour or two hanging up.  Despite some very messy baby-weaning nappies, they have come out of the machine spotless every time. Flushable liners are easy as they go straight into the toilet. They do crinkly up inside the nappy so I prefer the fleece liner that comes with the nappy as it catches more and is very easy to clean. I really care about the environment and don’twant to have 8000 plastic nappies going into landfill from each of my children. These nappies can also be washed at 30 with the special totsbots potion. They aren’t cheap but this nappy will last until he is potty trained so they will get well used.  It’s hard to spend over £200 on 3 days’ worth of nappies. But as my wee fella goes through 50 nappies a week, they pay for themselves within 6 months. I have already bought another 8 as I just love how well these nappies work for us and they have such lovely patterns and colours. I have been telling everyone with a baby about these nappies and several mummies have bought some to try for themselves. An excellent daytime nappy that is easy to wash, simple to use and beautiful to look at.  I wish more parents would consider using washable nappies because these nappies are so easy to use and a hundred times nicer than the paper, plastic and chemical filled disposables.  The days of terry squares, nappy pins and plastic pants are history. Alison Wickens – Daniel 9Months


I really enjoyed testing out these nappies on my son. He looks so cute in them and I love the fact they are just so soft against his skin and the colours are great too!     


Rachel Awarded The Tots Bots EasyFit Nappy & Bamboozle Stretch Nappy 4.8/5     

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