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Voyage Changing Bag

Add a cosmopolitan feel to any mum-on-the-go look with our Voyage 4 in 1 bag.
Made of lightweight waterproof mélange, our extra-large changing bag will keep you organized on the move.
Our convertible Voyage can be carried as a handbag, worn over the shoulder, or strapped onto the stroller thanks to our cleverly designed adaptable straps.
The Voyage comes complete with a practical inner bag, multiple compartments and large interior pockets that make it easy to find everything on the go.
Available in Grey and Beige.

  • Additional independent inner bag.
  • Large interior pockets.
  • A concealed exterior compartment.
  • Two-sided thermal bottle pockets.
  • A padded changing mat.
  • An insulated bottle holder.

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Voyage Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Tammi Johnson – Neela 4.5 Months

Product Tested By Tammi Johnson – Neela 4.5 Months

Tammi AwardeThe Voyage Changing Bag 4.7/5

Looked big and spacious when arrived. I loved the bag when it 1st arrived and
still do BUT when I was using it I realised the style, layout of how the straps
are can be a bit annoying when using it as the rucksack. Fabric was perfect,
can see it lasting a long time without any slacking in it. Amazing quality. Ii
think if this bag had been around for me 7 years ago I would have purchased it
and I don’t doubt that it wouldn’t still be working for me 4 kids later till
now. So many pockets/hidey places make this a good storage bag. Everything can have its own place and makes things easier to get when in a rush. The size is
brilliant, I was a bit over whelmed by it when it 1st arrived as I don’t tend to take much out with me now, but it came in handy more than once to have a bit of extra space left in the bag. Yet again I wish I could have purchased it 3.5
yrs. ago for my twins as the bag I used then never had enough space. I loved
the fact it came with a smaller bag for a quick grab and go, when I went to the
woods with the children I had the bag on my back, I never even noticed it once
it was on it was that comfortable. You could use the bag as a rucksack, a
normal smaller handle bag over the arm and attach it to the pram/stroller with
the tie/clips that it comes with. There isn’t a long handle, which with the
size of the bag you wouldn’t use anyway so it’s not missed. The straps are good
for length, and comfort with the padding in them. Only fault was when using
rucksack it felt like the handle should have somewhere to tuck away. I loved
using the bag and will continue to use it for as long as I can – with or
without a baby, I’m sure as baby grows and becomes a toddler I will have plenty
of things to take out with me still. I have already recommended. Perfect large
family bag, will suit my family needs for many years to come. Tammi Johnson –
Neela 4.5 Months

Product Tested By Abigail Klutsey – Erin, Gabriel & Nyah -4 years, 2 years
& 5 Weeks

Abigail Awarded The Voyage Changing Bag 4.8/5

Good quality and design, large bag with added extras. The bag is large but well designed, not overly fussy in its appearance, Quite a plain outer design to the bag but multifunctional within. Laptop bag again is plain but nice material. Definitely a bag for an out and about mum not the uber fashionista. Material is very good strong and appears hard wearing. Looks expensive doesn’t appear to be cheap material. I have used bag in heavy rain, bag remained dry inside and water resistant outside, bag was totally dry within 20 minutes of being inside. I
love this bag, so far it has withstood my children and myself using it every
day and it still looks brand-new. A lot of thought has been put into this bag
and its design and quality of materials. Multiple compartments in the main bag which can be used for different items depending on your family size and age. I
breastfeed so use the bottle compartments on the main bag for the older
children’s drinks bottles for example: Only thing is there is no designated food area, I carry a separate food bag but this could maybe be incorporated into the bag for convenience. The main bag is large, I have 3 children and this bag has been amazing for the fact I only need to carry 1 bag plus their food bag, I can fit everything I need for them and myself in the 1 bag for a day out. I think if you only had 1 child this bag may seem a little large though as you wouldn’t necessarily need the amount of space. The added laptop bag I have used when I only have my baby as this holds her changing things and my purse mobile etc. adequately. Because the bag is large sometimes it can get quite heavy something I have had to watch especially when strapping onto the pram or stroller as the counterweight sometimes flips the buggy. Because the bag is large I use it when I have all the children I have used the smaller laptop bag when I just have the baby but I wouldn’t use the bag if it was just me or if I only had the one child as it is big and doesn’t look like a handbag, which is a bonus with 3 children but not when on your own. The fact that this bag has the back pack straps is amazing, the bag can get heavy and being able to carry it in this was has made it a lot easier. I also use a sling with my baby having her on the front and the bag as a backpack has made getting out and about easier and less problematic to my back. Also when pushing the buggy or stroller having the ability to wear as a backpack is much easier. The other handles clip together which again makes carrying the bag easier, it has slightly shorter strops which means the bag doesn’t hang like a handbag making it easier to carry as a large bag. Both options, also can be strapped to the buggy using the accompanying straps, this can be difficult to clip on if the bag is heavy as you need both hands to clip the bag, also I have left the straps on my buggy handles as they have to be looped onto the handle before clipping to the bag instead of remaining on the bag. The rucksack straps are very comfortable; the straps are thick and padded. Having the bag be multifunctional is brilliant, I have used it on the buggy, pram, as a rucksack and carried it as a bag. It holds everything I need in different compartments so things are easily found and kept neat and tidy in their own spaces. I will definitely continue to use this bag it is now my main bag for myself and my children. I would recommend for a mother with a larger family of children at home it is brilliant. Good comfortable and convenient bag. Brilliant bag for a larger family, who need space, versatility and convenience while looking good. Abigail Klutsey – Erin, Gabriel & Nyah -4 years, 2 years & 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Michelle Hole – children aged 4 Years to 5 Months

Michelle Awarded The Voyage Changing Bag 5/5

My initial impression of this product is a very high quality changing bag. It looked like it would be a bulky bag to use as it is a very large bag. I believe the
material is waterproof which is always a bonus. I love the style of the changing bag; I can use it in a wide range of ways to suit me. The look of the bag is fashionable and modern so I know my friends and family would use this
too. The fabric used is very good quality, I believe it is waterproof although
I haven’t put it to the test. I found it very easy to clean this bag with a damp cloth. I cannot rate this bag any higher, I think this is ideal for ANY family with children, especially those with more than one young child. The inside of each compartments are waterproof which saved the spare clothes/nappies
when one of the many drinks leaked inside! That alone is such a peace of mind
for me when I have to take multiple changes of clothes for several children. The
number of compartments is ideal. It enables me to find items with ease. It keeps the drinks/nappies/clothes etc. separate. All the sizes of each compartment are more than adequate. As I have 5 children (3 under 2) this is perfect for fitting in everything needed for when leaving the house. It is a bulky bag however the amount you can fit in is incredible. It can be used as a backpack, a shoulder bag (although once it has things in the straps are not quite large enough to keep in your shoulders so a long strap may be worth having too) and two clips that attach onto pushchairs and buggy’s make this incredible versatile. When using the shoulder straps I really struggled to keep the bag on my shoulders as the straps were not quite long enough. When using it as a backpack it was very comfortable even when it was full of heavier items such as drinks. This bag can be used 3 ways. As a backpack, a shoulder bag and can attach to all buggies’ and pushchairs with the extra straps provided. The shoulder straps were not long enough for me to keep the bag on my shoulder. A long shoulder strap as an extra option would have made this ideal for me when carrying 2 car seats/shopping to the car etc. I love using this bag especially as it comes
with a range of sizes smaller bags inside and a changing mat to enable me to
change my children when needed with much more ease. I will definitely use
this bag from now on. It enables me to take everything I need in one bag.
Rather than a smaller sized changing bag and having to use my handbag as well. I will definitely recommend this changing bag to any parent. As I feel the
only criticism for the bag is the shoulder strap it would be unfair to score it
anything less than top marks. Overall I am incredibly pleased with this
changing bag and would definitely choose this if I ever needed a bag
again. Michelle Hole – children aged 4 Years to 5 Months


I loved using the bag and will continue to use it for as long as I can – with or without a baby, I’m sure as baby grows and becomes a toddler I will have plenty of things to take out with me still. I have already recommended. Perfect large family bag, will suit my family needs for many years to come.


Tammi Awarded The Voyage Changing Bag 4.7/5

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