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TotsBots Easyfit Bamboo Nappies

As close as cloth gets to a disposable, our new ‘Easy fit nappy’ is just fab. Shaped design with Elasticated legs & waist. Aplix fastening – so no excuses for dad!
Bamboo fibre interior – silky soft with superior absorbency and natural antibacterial properties.
Slim fitting with multidirectional stretch – fits like a glove every time! One size from birth to potty – simply adjust the height using the poppers on the front.
Fold out core – for fast drying. Wick proof edging – to prevent leaks. Bamboo insert for night time or olympic widdlers.

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£14.99 Available to purchase online or click online to find your local stockist

TotsBots Easyfit Bamboo Nappies Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsti Wilkins – Baby Jayden 8 Months

Product tested by Kirsti Wilkins – Baby Jayden 8 Months

Kirsti Awarded Tots Bots Easy Fit Nappy 4.9/5

Looks good felt great and looks very comfortable. Jayden never complained about the nappy being uncomfortable. The reusable system isn’t really for me but I can see the advantages for other families. The nappy kept Jayden dry during both day and night time wear and never leaked. It is bigger than disposable nappies which could be an issue for fitting clothing over the top. Very easy to put on your child, the shape is perfect. You just put them in on a normal wash and they are clean. Although it is not very important to me I suppose they are environmentally friendly. Excellent product but I’m still sticking with disposable nappies as I find them overall easier to use. It’s a great product and if anyone mentioned that they were going to use re-usable nappies, I would definitely suggest these. Great Kirsti Wilkins – Baby Jayden 8 Months

Product Tested By Libby Watts – Grace Aged 1 year

Libby awarded the Tots Bots Easy Fit Nappy 4.3/ 5

This product looks really good. I was sent a plain white and also a lovely purple one with spots. They look fairly simple to use. The website looks good and has a lot of different products to look at. It is quite hard to know which products are best. I like the short run down on the Our products page but would like the decription in this part to be a little more detailed to give me a quick idea of which sort I would like. Also in this section a clear description of the differnces in the nappies. I really like the FAQ’s page. One thing I would like to see is an idiots guide to what you need to buy I don’t find them as convenient when out and about but they are actually very easy to use at home.  It was quite hard to give this product a really good go as I was only sent two so it was hard work to really try and get Grace to wear them all the time as I could not wash and dry them fast enough. I would recommend in future more are sent so they can be tested properly. The nappy is really soft!! The outside of the nappy is very smooth and soft. It looks very comfortable and not as bulky as I was expecting! Once I got used to the nappy it was fine but the first time I used it I put it on too tightly and the nappy rubbed Grace’s leg and she had a sore patch at the top of her leg. The elastic around the leg is quite tight. These performed well and did not leak. I had a couple of leaks at night time so went back to my disposable nappies at night. During the day I had no problems with this nappy I really liked the fact that this nappy was not at all bulky. I have a few friends who use fabric nappies and have always thought they look quite bulky but the tots bots nappy is not bulky and Grace was able to move about really freely and she is a very active little girl. Very, very easy to use. Did not have any disposble parts. The nappy was very easy to wash, just I did not put on hot enough was the first time. The have washing instructions on the label so just follow these and everything OK. I could have done with an instruction leaflet with the nappies to be honest about washing and use of disposable things etc. I think if you were buying these for your first child and used them for your second they would be very cost effective. Loved the colours and the way you can make the nappy smaller. I would consider buying them. I have already recommended to my friends because it is so easy to use and not as bulky as some nappies that are on the market. Overall a really nice nappy. I would like to have used them all day everyday to really get to see if I would like to use them all the time but was not sent enough to test. Surprisingly really good experience with this product especially the fact that they were not as bulky as I expected.  Libby Watts – Grace aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Hannah Ablett – Jessica Aged 1 Year

Hannah Awarded The Tots Bots Easy Fit Nappy 4.8/ 5

Really appealing to the eye and are very soft.  Really easy to use website with lots of information on more convenient items to use. The lining is really soft Nice to touch and looks great under dresses, no need for dress over knickers.  Much less bulky than some of the other washable nappies.  We never had any leaks during the day.  At night time we had  a couple of leaks but then my baby’s quite a heavy wetter and sleeps all the way through the night.  These are great and allows baby good movement around the legs.  The washing label states to wash on 60 but I don’t know anyone who washes their nappies below 90.  Also because they are bamboo they take quite a while to dry even though the liners are easy to separate to aid drying. Good all round nappy with funky pattern designs.  It’s noticably less bulky than other washable nappies.  I really liked them.  They were made from great material, soft and designed to help with washing and drying (well as much as it could be) My baby is at the first stages of walking so the way these nappies are designed to fit means it doesn’t get in the way and is not bulky around the bum.  A great product, Eco friendly, good fit, easy to use and wash well.  Hannah Ablett – Jessica Aged 1 Year

It’s a great product and if anyone mentioned that they were going to use re-usable nappies, I would definitely suggest these.


Kirsti Awarded Tots Bots Easy Fit Nappy 4.9/5

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