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TotsBots Papoozle Sling/Carrier

We designed the Papoozle to use on our third baby Darach. As with the nappies, we couldn’t find quite what we were looking for in the carriers and slings available on the market. The Papoozle is a hybrid of the best points of the various carrier styles on the market combining the comfort and closeness of a fabric sling with the ease of use of an upright carrier. From birth to toddler your baby will love being snuggled up next to you in this. Padded waist band with safety buckle fastening helps spread the load to your hips taking pressure of your back. It is also totally dad proof! Soft stretchy shoulder straps cocoon your baby close to your heart — where they like to be best. Additional padding in shoulder for enhanced wearer comfort.  Multiple wearing positions including — facing out, facing in, on hip and breast feeding (foetal).

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£49.99 Available to purchase online or click online to find your local stockist

TotsBots Papoozle Sling/Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Louise Mason – Baby Zac 4 Months

Product Tested By Louise Mason – Baby Zac 4 Months

Louise Awarded The TotsBots Papoozle Top Marks 5/5

It looks like a very simple but effective design. Lovely, soft material and looks like it would be quite easy to use & put baby in on my own, which is wear I have had problems with baby carriers in the past.  I like the look of the TotsBots website. It is well laid out & easy to navigate. All of their products look lovely and designed with the more earth-friendly mum in mind. The prices seem very reasonable & there seems to be a good amount of stockists listed.  The fabric is really soft but also strong. It is really comforable to wear & is breathable so it doesn’t make mum or baby too hot.  I have tried a few carriers before that were awkward to fit & adjust, especially while the baby was in it. This is completely different! It is so quick & easy to fit, anyone could do it! I am very impressed.  The Papoozle was very easy to put on and so quick too!  You can’t go wrong with the instruction booklet. The belt fits around your waist & the material straps just cross over at the back & then again at the front and you tie a double knot around your waist. It couldn’t be more simple! Extrememly easy! I have used  carriers in the past where my baby has got fed up feeling squashed into the carrier, but Papoozle  was so easy. Just a case of popping his legs inside the material & pulling it up behind him.  My baby felt very secure in the carrier. Especially when facing me.  The Papoozle is really comfortable to wear whilst walking around. The padded shoulders are great!  I could do most of my daily activities whilst my baby was in the carrier. The only thing restriction was things that involved leaning forward as his head did seem to fall forward a bit. I think this is due to his age though, as when he was awake he wanted to be facing forward but his head control was still not excellent.  Zac loved being in the carrier because he could see everything that was going on and also close to mummy.  I’d say this carrier is quite good value for money. £50 might seem like a lot for some people, but compared to other carriers I would say its about the right price. It is comfortable, made from a lovely material, so easy to use. Also it will last a long time, so well worth the money in my opinion.  Of course we will continue to use this carrier as fantastic.  Superb design and will recommend to friends and family.  A much better carrier compared to ones I have used in the past.  The Papoozle is comfy, easy-to-use baby carrier which my baby loves being in!  Louise Mason – Baby Zac 4 Months

Product Tested By Krishna Topan – Anya Aged 1 year

Krishna Awarded the TotsBots papoozle 4.8/ 5

This is a great product and their website is very easy to navigate and find your product.  However, no instructions were provided online on how to use it – No details at all about what to do with extra material provided with papoozle. The quality of the product was great.  Felt strong and sturdy.  Material was nice and soft and carrier was easy to fit for the basic positions.  I believe that there are other positions and extra material was provided for this but no instructions were given. This is one of the simplest carriers I have ever used.  It is easy to put on by using waist clip and wrapping fabric round. I found that it was very easy to put Anya into this and she loves facing forward and being able to see everything. I was able to do this myself without help unlike when I have used other carriers. This carrier felt very secure – I think this is because of the waist buckle.  The wide shoulder straps also made it feel very secure; this was really good for my back as it distributed the weight evenly.  As Anya is older now I have stopped using other carriers as my back hurts after a short period but I had no problems at all with this. Anya loved being forward facing so she felt a part of the activities which I was doing whilst I was carrying her around. Great distraction for when she is teething! She finds it comfortable and falls asleep in there as well. This is great value for money compared to other carriers. I found that the green stars design was a bit bright. I would have preferred a more subtle design or one colour.  Also, instructions could be provided for the additional positions in which this carrier can be used. I think its great and really fulfills my needs. Overall, a great product – easy to use and very comfortable to wear.  Krishna Topan – Anya Aged 1 year

Product Tested By Melanie Phillips – Baby Oscar 5 Weeks

Melanie Awarded The Tots Bots Papoozle 4.5/5

I was a bit unsure of how this would work out- iv’e tried other slings/baby carriers before and they weren’t what I thought.  The website was interesting although predominantly was about their range of nappies.  It was bright, informative, friendly and very easy to use.  The sling fabric was very soft and at the same time very strong.  The sling was easy to put on. So easy in fact that I had to keep double checking I had done it right as it seemed too easy!   It was very easy to ‘load’ my baby into the sling. Although not so sure if this will be the case as he gets bigger.  At first I felt unsure of how safe it was for my baby, but I think this was more to do with the fact it’s so easy to use it almost seemed too easy. I thought maybe I had done something wrong. Once I had worn it a few times my confidence built. The only problem I found was my sons head kept slipping down under my boob- as he is a new born I had his head resting on my chest, but while we were walking it would slip down my chest.  I could easily carry on with almost all of my daily routine, except I found bending down a bit uncomfortable as my son just hung in the sling.  My son absolutely loved this sling. He fell asleep from the moment he got in there. I found on the days I didn’t use it he wanted to be close to my chest anyway.  I’m not so sure if the sling is versatile, but the position you have your baby is. The only problem I found was as my son has no head support yet I was a bit more limited to how I could use it. Also the booklet that came with the sling only showed 2-3 positions and implied you could do more but didn’t show you. I even looked on their website which again showed the same 2 or 3 but I couldn’t find how to do any other positions. This sling is perfect if the weather is nice. The fabric will keep your baby snug if there’s a breeze or slightly windy. But if it rains there’s no way your baby will stay dry. I would only use it in mild weather.    It is a bit more than I would pay for a sling but I would say it is good value for money.  Although this is a really great item, for me the shoulder straps were too wide and came half way down my arm- this could just be down to different body shapes/builds. Maybe if they provided you with more instructions for different positions.  Have already recommended it to other mums and mums to be at my eldest son’s school.  It is easy to put on, it was so comfortable to use and could easily be used for long periods of time. My son loved it and was very comforted when in it. It comes with a handy bag to store it in so all that material doesn’t get in the way. Although I don’t think my husband would use it!   Very impressed with this sling. I would highly recommend.  Melanie Phillips – Baby Oscar 5 Weeks

The Papoozle is comfy, easy-to-use baby carrier which my baby loves being in!


Louise Awarded The TotsBots Papoozle Top Marks 5/5

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