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The Totseat is a safe portable high chair. The Totseat travel highchair was designed with safety at its very heart. It’s what parenting is all about isn’t it – safety, health and happiness. Designed by a neurotic mother, the safety of the Totseat chair harness is, has and always will be, our main concern. For this reason, every genuine Totseat chair harness carries a lifetime guarantee.
Totseat also carries the logo of the Child Accident Prevention Trust, in recognition of a commercial partnership with this charity which seeks to improve the safety of children in the home. The Totseat must be used responsibly and on an appropriate stable chair, on level ground. A child in a Totseat should NEVER be left unattended. 
Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2008 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award winner 2012/13

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Totseat Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Canning – Elisheba 11 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Canning – Elisheba 11 Months

Lisa Awarded The Totseat 4.4/5

This product looks good, it’s a small size; ideal for its purpose. The packaging was perfect; nice carry bag which is ideal for use when travelling and small enough to fit in changing bag if need be. It was ok to attach to chairs but sometimes it depended a lot on the chair, plus it can take a  while to make all the appropriate adjustments, it was ok for me having read all the instructions but certainly couldn’t give it to anyone with no prior knowledge and expect them to fit it safely. The instructions were great and contained all information you needed; I did find myself reviewing them on my second and 3rd use though. I found it very easy to clean. This seat has benefitted me very much so; it lives in the boot of our car for such occasions as a restaurant with no high chair or visiting family who have no high chair. It’s quite easy to put my baby in and out of the seat, though it helps if there is someone to hold it open to slip her in now she’s wriggly! It was adjustable enough for my needs but it takes some practice (and time!) to get it all correct and safe for every chair.  Good quality construction and fabric used. I would buy it at the current price point though we only use it once in a while. I would recommend it to others; it’s a nice product for people that visit others regularly and need an alternative to a highchair. I like the product and design; I like how it functions now I have got my head round it and it is a useful product when visiting friends and family or restaurants without their own highchairs. Lisa Canning – Elisheba 11 Months


Product Tested By Lucy Hine – Olivia 18 Months

Lucy Awarded The Totseat 4.8/5

My initial impression of this product was good quality fabric and attractive appearance. The packaging was great; neat, tidy, portable and compact. This seat was very easy to fit to chairs using the guidelines provided. The instructions contained everything you needed to know. I managed to attach it safely and securely to the chair I wanted it on. I did not have to clean much other than a wet cloth and fairy liquid. However, I would have no hesitation in putting this in the washing machine at 30 degrees with separated colours. I did benefit from how portable this seat was; it remained in the car or my chosen bag. I found it very easy to put my baby in and out of the seat when attached. The quality was fantastic; good quality fabric used.  It does offer value for money and would be great if a highchair was unavailable. But the height was an issue on some chairs in restaurants and the product could not be used as my daughter was too low. That would be my only suggestion to make this better; the height; maybe some padding at the bottom to make your baby higher. Unfortunately I wouldn’t consider buying this because it is unsuitable for my daughter; she is used to a tray or high enough to be level with the table when eating. I would maybe recommend it to others though as this might not be an issue for them.  Overall it was a pleasure to test a good quality product. I was just disappointed I could not use it as much as I would have liked due to the height restrictions from chair to table. Lucy Hine – Olivia 18 Months

Product Tested By Rachael Carlisle – Bella 20 Months

Rachael Awarded The Totseat 4.3/5

I thought this product was very nice when it first arrived. The packaging was lovely. I found this product ok to attach to some chairs I wanted it on; I tried it on different types of chairs in various places. The instructions were great and had all the information I needed to be able to use this product safely. It really depends on the chair as to how safe this is attached. On one chair it was difficult to attach it to the back.  On another, Bella, was too far back from the table due to depth of chair seat. The seat is very easy to clean. I definitely benefited from using this when out and about due to its portability. It is easy to put your child in and out of this seat. The quality is fantastic and offers great value for money. I will continue to use this where possible but I don’t think I would buy it again. I would possibly recommend it to others though. I really liked the idea and look of productbut not as useful as hoped due to different types of chairs we came across. Rachael Carlisle – Bella 20 Months


I like the product and design; I like how it functions now I have got my head round it and it is a useful product when visiting friends and family or restaurants without their own highchairs.   


Lisa Awarded The Totseat 4.4/5   

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