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Totseat is made with a soft ecru fabric and available in a lovely new collection of designs. The Totseat is ideal for your bouncy baby or to be given as a gift. Recommended for babies and toddlers aged 6-30 months, this lightweight and versatile chair harness anchors your child safely and comfortably in almost any dining chair you can find.

Machine-washable and pocket-sized in a small, handy bag, totseat® portable travel high chair makes eating out, travelling, and entertaining guests easy for everyone.

Multi-language instructions included.

Now Available in Denim, Fruit and Jungle designs.

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Price £30.00 Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2021 Highchairs & Travel Accessories 

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Totseat Reviews

Product Tested By Dawn Moore – Esmae 26 Months

Dawn Awarded The Totseat 5/5

Love that it’s in a bag. Loved the design. It’s really good as fits on all shapes and size seats. The instruction card is really easy to follow. I also watched an online video which was good to follow. Really easy to swap from chair to chair. Really lightweight. This fits really well on my dining chair. We also used at the grandparents and fits their dining chair as well. Once this was fitted to chair totally secure. It’s like a big nappy. My little one wasn’t going anywhere. My daughter is 26 months old and she was really comfortable. Not as rigid as some seats. We used for meal times and activity time. I love the fact it comes in a bag and fits anywhere for travel. So ideal if going out and about.  I love the fact that in these unsure times I can carry a Totseat knowing its mine. No one else has used it. I have washed it and it is safe. Some places only have rigid plastic high chairs. My daughter is too big for those. But still needs to be secure to a seat. This Totseat is perfect. So easy to wash. I wash everything on a 30 wash. Came out perfect and dries so easy. My daughter is 26 months. So can sit at most tables. But still needs to be secure and be safe. This Totseat is ideal as makes her feel like a big girl. Which she always tell me she is. We use for meal times and activities. So we use daily. We mainly used at home but it is nice to package up neatly for when out and about. It will be going to my nephew in a few months and I know my sister will use it often. I loved how compact it is and so easy to wash. Excellent quality. Washes up well. Still looks new and use numerous times. I wouldn’t have paid £30. But that’s because I’m a single mum and couldn’t afford. But now I have tried it it’s totally worth the money. And can be used for many locations. I would by this.  I would recommend as easy to use. Packs up small for travel.  Washes up nice. Great value.  Dawn Moore – Esmae 26 Months

Product Tested By Andy Machin – Florence 14 Months

Andy Awarded The Totseat 4.2/5

The packaging was nice and looks like it would be easy to take out with us. It had a really nice pattern, liked the look of it.  The instructions were OK. Managed to do it but not correctly first time, unsure where a couple of bits went. Worth having maybe a couple of indicators on the actual seat. We did find this easy to use once we got used to how to put it on. Easy to attach and put our child in it. It fitted the dining chair well enough but when we put our child in it was not high enough so we had to sit her on a cushion and then that slid out.  Maybe worth having a base to it. Once fitted to the chair and with cushion underneath this was secure and our daughter enjoyed being in her Totseat.  She certainly seemed comfortable as was not moaning to get out. This is easy to pack up and take with you.  We used it in a different house and that is where it was really useful. Very easy to take with us and easy to attach to their chair. It did give us peace of mind having this to take we us as we knew we did not need to rely on a high chair supplied as they can often be dirty looking.  It was helpful to take on trips knowing we did not need to rely on highchair being supplied.  Obviously with COVID-19 restrictions we have not been able to use it in many other places but we definitely will when we can go out again. This was very easy to wash. I know this is suitable from 6 month onward but I personally feel too young for a 6 month baby unless a booster seat of some sort is provided as the baby would not be able reach the table. Currently we are not able to use very often because we are in our home because of restrictions and so there isn’t a need for it, but we would use it quite frequently if we were out and about more. We used it mainly when visiting relative and we would use it id we went out for meals.  Really liked the flexibility this deliver as works on all chairs and portability of it.  Good quality, could have slightly more guidance and maybe a booster seat aspect.  If you are out a lot it is really very good value.  We would buy this as ideal to take on holidays.  We would recommend for reasons above and peace of mind to have it with you wherever you go. Good product, once you are used to it quite easy to use and gives peace of mind. We wish we could have used it more too  really test it but the limited places we used it, it worked very well. Andy Machin – Florence 14 Months

Product Tested By Julia Roye – Kanan 2 Years

Julia Awarded The Totseat 3.8/5

Looked good when arrived.  I think it would definitely be handy if venturing out as it has the bag to keep it in. I think the instructions are straightforward, however I didn’t get the opportunity to use the product on a less conventional chair due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel. This was easy to use but I found the additional strap fairly redundant at this age for my son. This was a very good fit for our dining chair. I definitely felt that my son was secure in the seat, given his age I would agree that he was safe. I think maybe if he was younger (8 months) I would be a little concerned that there is no cushioning in the product to protect the back or head, so may not be as comfortable. I think initially he found it quite strange and possibly a little restricting, but with more use and adjusting the restraints, I believe he was comfortable and enjoyed using a big boys chair. Unfortunately we did not get to test this product outside of the home due to the ongoing circumstances. But have all intentions to make use of this when the opportunity arises to visit family and friends. This does give you peace of mind as you are using your own seat. However, I usually clean down chairs before my son uses them when out I am not so concerned about previous use. We were unable to take this out and about with us.  But it makes for a good alternative when a high chair option is not available and can keep him strapped to the seat. This was easy to wash. Would be great if u could wipe it down though. For me personally I would be more comfortable using this from 10 Months onwards. We used this about 1 or 2 times per week. Used at home due to present circumstances. I really liked the ease of the adjustable strapping. This is a good quality well made product.  Personally I think the price is a little high. I would buy this on the basis that I would possible take this on holidays with me. Rather than bringing this out with us when going to restaurants, friends or family as the option for a high chair is usually available. I would recommend if I felt that they were in need of an alternative seating options. I think this product is easy to use and a decent alternative seating option when travelling. As for regular use when attending restaurants or family, I think many places these days are accommodating to parents, so are likely to have required seating. Julia Roye – Kanan 2 Years

I loved how compact it is and so easy to wash. Excellent quality. Washes up well. Still looks new and use numerous times. I wouldn’t have paid £30. But that’s because I’m a single mum and couldn’t afford. But now I have tried it it’s totally worth the money. And can be used for many locations. I would by this.  I would recommend as easy to use. Packs up small for travel.  Washes up nice. Great value.


Dawn Awarded The Totseat 5/5

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