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Totseat Al Fresco

Totseat now boasts al fresco fasteners on the whole range to make it easier for parents’ use on the rounded café armchairs that many outdoor eating areas have. Curved and slatted café chairs can often defeat baby chair harnesses – But not Totseat.  Now with the added benefit of additional fasteners, it will just be that much easier to attach a Totseat to these types of chairs. Totseat transforms any adult dining chair into a safe and comfortable highchair for children between six and 30 months. The funky little Totseat has received numerous awards for safety and design, and is the only fabric highchair to carry the logo of the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT)*.


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Totseat Al Fresco Reviews

Product Tested by: Jane Belsham – Adam Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Jane Belsham – Adam Aged 1 Year

Jane Awarded the Totseat Al Fresco 4/5

A clever idea. The packaging is nice and simple and not too big. I had no problems attaching to the chairs I used but some may be more difficult than others. Good clear instructions had no problems. Once in place this was very secure and safe. Washed fine although took a while to dry because of thicker material. Was great to have a seat you could fix onto a chair and take anywhere. No problems getting Adam in the seat except trying to keep him still while tying it round. It was very good except the child is not elevated at all which is awkward in a restaurant say when you need to keep chairs tucked in, and toddler can’t reach table and no little table to put finger food on. Really liked the quality, material was really tough and nicely coloured and designed. Personally I think this item is quite expensive. One suggestion for a design improvement would be to incorporate a sponge pad to raise baby up a bit.  I wouldn’t have considered buying it because of the cost but I will have it in my car incase I need it. This is a really clever idea in a neat package. Jane Belsham – Adam Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Kate Druett – Abigail (2 Years) and Grace (1 Year 1 Month)

Kate Awarded the Totseat Al Fresco 4/5

Good idea, looked attractive and great size. It wasn’t suitable for our two year old who is now too big to be strapped in. I was concerned that it wouldn’t provide enough support for the 13 month old but it provided just the right amount of support and she quite happily sat in it for a long leisurely lunch! Great small compact size but was difficult to get the product back into the bag once out. Once general principle of how the seat attached was worked out was easy to do. The instructions could have been clearer about what to do with the middle strap, otherwise were clear and easy to follow. When placed on chair was safe and secure. Also very easy to clean. Would be something we’d take on holiday due to usefulness and small size. Easy to fit Abigail & Grace in the seat, so long as you have a relatively calm child! However we tried with a relatively stable child; think for younger children the seat wouldn’t have been supportive enough. The seat wasn’t suitable for our two year old who wouldn’t have liked being strapped in, however worked well for the 13 month old. Material was attractive and seemed good quality. Certainly good value for money. Seat was too low down to enable the child to reach the table, so if the seat could be raised in any way this would help. Think that the maximum age of the child would be about two years.  Although we won’t be using it for our two year old, we will be taking it away with us as ideal for Grace. Small and compact size great for travelling and being out and about.  Kate Druett – Abigail Aged 2 Years & Grace Aged 1 Year 1 Month

Product Tested By Tanya Drummond – Tatum Aged 1 Year 7 Months

Tanya Awarded the Totseat Al Fresco 4.5/5

Looked a great idea and ideal to take on holiday. Nice colours and looked a good size.  Tatum is petite for her age so it was just right for her.  I was surprised this was a good supportive seat for Tatum.  Tatum would be strapped in and look around interacting and smiling at everyone, so she was happy enough. This came in it’s own portable bag and once you got the knack very quick and easy to fold away.  Really liked the idea of having a portable seat for Tatum when we go out.  The instructions are easy enough to follow and after a few attempts this is very easy to secure to chairs at home, family friends and when eating out.  I was confident Tatum was secure in this seat and it was very easy to wipe clean. When placed on chair was safe and secure. The fabric was colourful and strong.  I would say this is value for money as just nice to know you have your own travelling highchair to take with you wherever you go. Some of the chairs we attached it too we did have problem as Tatum was too low.  Maybe an idea to offer one with a cushion attachement to bring them up to correct height when seated at the table.  Good quality portable chair which is safe and easy to use.  Tanya Drummond – Tatum Aged 1 Year 7 Months  

This is a really clever idea in a neat package.


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