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Transformulas Eyelifting Gel

Instant eye lifting effectVisible resultsTightens, lifts & firmsReduces fine lines & wrinklesImproves elasticityReduces puffinessHydrates & moisturisesSemi-permanent effectOur EyeLifting Gel is designed to work in several ways. Firstly, with the skin’s natural collagen, giving a natural lifting boost to the eye area, as well as reducing puffiness and signs of tiredness.  This super intensive hydrating formula also has a smoothing and tightening effect, softening fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, the cooling gel gives an instant wake-up to tired, over-worked eyes, reducing puffiness for an instant eye makeover. 

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£29.95 available to purchase online

Transformulas Eyelifting Gel Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Davina Fox

Davina Awarded The Transformulas
Eyelifting Gel 5/5

The box is professional looking and
the actual tube in its shiny silver is very nice and expensive looking. I like
the packaging not over the top. Instructions Very easy to follow and are
printed on the inside of the box so no separate paper to loose or get in the
way. The product feels like quality feels like it starts working from when it
is first applied. Couldn’t get any easier just take the wand out like a
lipstick and apply to the areas of the eye you would like it on. I think my
eyes felt a bit less saggy in the undereye area. It was effective in making my
tired saggy under eyes looking better. (well I think so anyway). Seems a bit
pricey but as the packaging says cheaper than surgery! I would purchase this
product. I would recommend. Great product so easy to use and easier to
follow instructions that are printed on the inside of the box. Lovely looking
tube, an uplifting experience. Davina Fox

Product Tested By Sheila Norton

Sheila Awarded The Transformulas
Eyelifting Gel 4/5

At first glance looked very good.
Packaging was easy to open and well presented. Instructions easy to understand. Good quality and smell was pleasant. This was
very easy to use. During the trial I noticed my eyes felt very soft and smooth.
I did notice a small change in the eye area. I felt this was average value for
money. I would not purchase this product as I did not feel it was effective
enough for me. I would recommend this for smooth skin in the eye area. A well
packaged product with easy to follow instructions which made a slight
improvement to my eye area. Sheila Norton

Product Tested By Vicki Jones

Vicki Awarded The Transformulas
Eyelifting Gel 3.8/5

I thought the
product looked great from the packaging to the product itself. Small enough to
pop in your wash bag not like other eye products. I was excited to receive it. The
packaging was nice. Looked very professional what I would expect for the price.
Instructions seemed simple enough to follow.
The product seemed like a high end looks wise. When following the
instructions the eye gel was simple to use. I personally did not notice a
difference with my eyes, nor did my husband. Perhaps I don’t have enough
wrinkles around my eye area to see a difference? Not that I’m complaining about
that. I did not really see a difference so
would say was not effective for me. I think the price is about average and if
it had worked for me I would be willing to pay the price but as I noticed
nothing I would avoid it for now at least. For me I did not like the product
this is mainly due to the fact that it made my eyes feel really sticky! I guess
that’s the uplift?! But I hated it, I put on before bed and in the morning as
it said but at night my eyes felt solid and when I put on first thing it really
affected me putting my contact lenses in. On several occasions I had to take
them out due to such eye irritation, with my glasses on my eyes just felt
sticky. Could work for others but not for me.Vicki Jones


I would recommend. Great product so easy to use and easier to follow instructions that are printed on the inside of the box. Lovely looking tube, an uplifting experience.


Davina Awarded The Transformulas Eyelifting Gel 5/5

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