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Triqo Box 100 Pieces

Triqo is a unique construction toy. With only 2 forms, a triangle and a square, you can create an endless amount of constructions. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is made with fully recyclable stong and flexible polypropylene. Join the fun and start building with Triqo! Let your imagination go wild! Suitable for children ages 5 and up.

There is something addictive about playing with Triqo, once you start clicking the shapes together, you can’t stop! It has endless possiblities, kids can build pyramids, houses, rockets, animals, hats or even fantasy constructions. When playing with Triqo with my kids, i also found it very relaxing, and the kids were very calm too as they worked on their masterpieces! The whole family can join in the fun! Triqo is used in Maths lessons in Australia and has several Lesson Plans. Triqo..the Fun of Intelligent Play is suitable for kids 4 to 5 years and up.


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Triqo Box 100 Pieces Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Williams-Green – Lexi 7 years

Product Tested By Michelle Williams-Green – Lexi 7 years

Michelle Awarded The Triqo 100 Piece Box Set 4.6/5

Thought it may be more complicated than it actually is. Packaging could be improved, rather than opening with 4 sides I think just a lid would be more practical. Flimsy bottom. The pieces inside are sturdy good quality pieces. Could not see recommended age but think 6 and over appropriate. She came up with lots of ideas and shapes. She was able to make the suggested shapes and enjoyed making them. She found most of the pieces easy to click together, but needed help with some of the shapes as her fingers were not strong enough. She loved it, she thought the designs were "cool”. She made patterns and designs on the floor. I think it is slightly expensive but my daughter did enjoy playing with it. Could include some other shapes, (rectangles) maybe some extra colours like turquoise. If it was slightly cheaper I would purchase this toy. I would recommend as I think children of all ages would enjoy this toy. Challenging, fun for all the family. Teaches patience! Michelle Williams-Green – Lexi 7 years

Product Tested By Kendal Gilbert – Alana 5 Years

Kendal Awarded The Triqo 100 Piece Box Set 4.5/5

As my daughter loves anything educational and loves creating and following patterns it was the ideal toy for her, however I found it really hard how to get it to clip together and had to look up videos on the internet, but once I had done it a couple of times it was straightforward. Good quality packaging makes it look interesting. Good quality no broken parts despite repeatedly been taken apart and put back together. Perfect for school age children. Very creative toy with different ways of building 3d shapes. She was able to follow the item suggested fairly easily. It was hard at times to click the pieces together but had to look up videos on how to bend the sections in place. She loved this toy and has been going back and back to play with it and be creative. She has made spinning tops for her little brothers to play with. It is expensive but educational and last in the hands of young children. The instructions could be clearer and easier to click together for little hands. We would definitely consider purchasing more. We have been looking at the different shapes to make different creations. Would recommend as overall good reliable product. The only thing that lets it down initially is the lack of instructions. Kendal Gilbert– Alana 5 Years


Product Tested By Pamela Hynds – Sky 6 Years

Pamela Awarded The Triqo 100 Piece Box Set 3.8/5

It is packaged well and looks like it can provide hours of fun.Very well presented and packed. Contents are easy to use, vibrant colours and lots of them. My daughter was able to use with no issues and age suitability is ideal. She had many good ideas on how to make different shapes etc. My daughter used her own imagination and did not really show any interest in copying the shapes suggested. These pieces were very easy to click together. This did not keep Sky’s attention as would move onto something else within an hour or so. Her 1 year old brother loved the colours though. I think the toy is great and could lend hours of fun for children.T his was not a favourite toy with my daughter but would recommend as could be a brilliant toy for other children. I believe the toy would be a great gift for creative children with a great imagination, who actually love toys that are not into dolls and prams. Pamela Hynds – Sky 6 Years


Challenging, fun for all the family. Teaches patience!                


Michelle Awarded The Triqo 100 Piece Box Set 4.6/5    

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