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Have you got a solution to the 5p carrier bag charge?  Trolley Bags are the answer! Gone are the days of paying 5p for plastic bags when you’ve forgotten to take your countless reusable bags from home into store. Gone are the days of ripped carrier bags and bananas squashed by tins. Gone is the struggle of keeping bags open at the till with one hand whilst frantically packing with the other.Trolley Bags are a system of four bags, connected together by velcro along integrated rails which in one simple action, spreads out and rests on any supermarket trolley giving you a series of open and upright bags into which you can pack and sort your shopping the way you like it.  The colour-coded system allows you to pack your shopping how you like it, keeping food groups together and not worrying about mixing vegetables with cleaning products.Trolley Bags are a whole new concept when it comes to reusable bags; they are quite simply more usable bags! Through our initial patented system we will introduce shoppers to both a beneficial and sustainable way to pack forever more.Once you start shopping with Trolley Bags, you’ll wonder how you ever managed for so long without them before!

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Trolley Bags UK Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Roberts – Logan 5 years

Katie Awarded The Trolley Bags UK 4.2/5

The Bags looked very handy to keep in the boot of the car, not taking up much room and easy to load into the trolley when needed. Nice and colourful although seemed a bit expensive. The packaging was god, wrapped up nicely but well protected. Easy directions to follow and quite self-explanatory. The quality is good, sturdy and strong but they could be easier to roll back up afterwards. I found the price of the bags to be quite expensive when you can get strong bags in stores which can be reused over and over again. The positive of these trolley bags is that they can fit in the trolley nicely and do not look untidy when stored away. I would not consider buying due to the price; other bags do the same job. If someone was looking for an easy to use product that can be stored away easy and doesn’t take up much room then I would recommend. The bags were easy to use and did not look untidy in the boot of the car unlike carrier bags. The design to fit in the trolley is a great idea but you need to make sure you can separate your groceries into 4 bags. The trolley bags are strong and although I think the price is expensive they are a good design and do the job that needs doing. I would probably not purchase in the future but I do think they are good if you need a compact, tidy way to keep shopping bags. Katie Roberts –Logan 5 years

Product Tested By Rosie Chandler – Sam, Paul & Lizzie – 2, 4 & 8 Years

Rosie Awarded The Trolley Bags UK 4.7/5

Looked really great idea set of bags in one unit to fit into trolley. I always have loads of bags in the car for shopping and look untidy. These fitted in the boot neatly and easy to use. Arrived ideally packaged for the product. Instructions clear and simple. Quality is very good. You get 4 bags in the set which fit with ease into the shopping trolley. No more taking out loads of bags and trying to
put in the trolley and load quickly. These fit into trolley, well-spaced out and made packing shopping a breeze. For the design, simplicity of use and easy folding to store yes value for money. The amount of times I have not had bags and spent out £4.00 for a strong bag so yes good investment. We do a weekly shop at the weekend and easily filled all these bags. Was good to have a design that just slotted into the trolley and so easy to pack away groceries. Certainly made our lives easier. Then just take to car one lift and all in the boot ready to unpack when you get home. I have been asked about these and already recommended. If I saw these on offer would purchase another set. This product has made shopping a lot easier for us and now my trolley bag is folded neatly in the car ready to use each week. No more shopping bags all over the utility room all neatly stored in one set. A great idea.Rosie Chandler – Sam, Paul & Lizzie – 2, 4 & 8 Years

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Emily 4 Years

Claire Awarded TheTrolley Bags UK 4.3/5

I was very interested by the product and like the idea of easily being able to put shopping into bags as they would be supported by the trolley. Good packaging arrived safely. I was surprised by the size of the box length wise but I didn’t realise that the bags really would be that big. Everything was easy to read and easy to understand. Detailed instructions were given. The bags were good quality. They felt thick and sturdy, I wasn’t worried that they would rip or anything would make a hole in them. Although strong and there are 4 of them I do think the price is high what just shopping bags. You couldn’t use them for anything else due to the bar to go over the trolley. I have liked using them but they were not as easy as I would have liked. I don’t think I would spend the money on them. If they had an option for just 2 perhaps that might be better. As I found I didn’t even use the 2 largest ones. I would tell them about it and say it might be worth them giving them ago as other people have different shopping needs. It might be something you buy with a friend and have 2 each. An interesting item but might need a little bit more thought. I understand the need for the bars to go across the trolley but I found they stuck out too much and knocked into people. I didn’t really need to use the 2 largest as I found the very biggest one just too big. You can get plenty in but it was just too big. Also I used them in 2 different cars, in 1 the smaller bags wouldn’t even stand up as the boot was not high enough (and this wasn’t a tiny car a Volvo). Claire Brain – Emily 4 Years

The trolley bags are strong and although I think the price is expensive they are a good design and do the job that needs doing. I do think they are good if you need a compact, tidy way to keep shopping bags.


Katie Awarded The Trolley Bags UK 4.2/5

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