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Tron solves the age old problem of when little ones need the toilet – and there aren’t any! When your baby needs it simply unfold it, use it, and fold it back up!

The disposable Tron potty is unusually practical. It easily fits into your handbag or changing bag, in the buggy or your car. Tron is extremely lightweight, small and contains a high absorbent, biodegradable SAP pad which quickly eliminates odours, absorbing 250ml of liquid within 30 seconds.

After using, a specifically designed closure element enables quick protection of the contents, and a high level of hygiene is retained – Tron also comes with carry handles!

Quick and easy to use, Tron has been designed by architects to withstand up to 30kg! Three packs vailable in white or recycled cardboard.

Buy Tron Travel Potty 3 Pack here 

Price £2.95 for one, £8.00 for 3 pack and £30.00 for 12 pack available online

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Product Tested By Kelly Steer – Bobby 2 years

Kelly Awarded The Tron Travel Potty (3 Pack) 5/5

Amazing concept simple but easy to set up. A fantastic idea, Bobby is my 5th child this would of been great for my other 4. Instructions very easy to understand didn’t really need them as it was self-explanatory. Very easy to use which you need when a 2 year old needs the toilet. He did find it comfortable to use and he did not want to get off it. This is the perfect travel potty to take out with you as it fits any bag or even pocket if needed. The ideal travel potty to take on your travels. This does give you peace of mind as if no toilet available you have your Tron. This was great as very absorbent, eliminated odours and worked really quick. After use everything was contained well. This is strong and my son is below 30kg but was strong enough for our needs. We used this on our trips out and it was kept in the car. I loved how easy it was to unfold and the absorbent pad. I will definitely be buying 12 pack for our holiday as this is disposable, safe, hygienic and you do not have to pack a heavy travel potty for your child. The quality is excellent. For us represents very good value for money. I will be buying more as I think we will be lost without it. I would recommend as Bobby really took well to using it. It’s an Amazing idea small and easy to use. Bobby has only recently took to potty training I was worried he wouldn’t use this, we travel every weekend to go on walks so most of the time there isn’t a toilet available, I was able to fit this In his backpack carrier which is great even his 5 year old brother used it with no problem. Kelly Steer – Bobby 2 years

Product Tested By Theresa Schofield – Isobel 3 Years

Theresa Awarded The Tron Travel Potty (3 Pack) 4.2/5

When the Tron Travel Potty set arrived I was quite surprised at how small and compact they were. I think the concept for this product is great! We’ve been caught a few times with “I need a wee” in very inconvenient places before! A particular favourite was being caught in the Lion enclosure in Knowsley Safari park. It may just be me being blind but I didn’t actually see any instructions on the packaging or the product itself. It’s pretty easy to unfold but I did think I had not unfolded it enough and when my daughter sat on it, it unfolded a bit more! I did make sure we flattened the top next time we needed to use one.  My daughter was very happy to use it and found it comfortable and easy to use. I think it’s a brilliant item. No more being caught in awful places, when we visited a drive through Safari this time and Izzy said she needed to go in the lion enclosure again we just popped this on the back seat and she went with no issues. Eliminates the chance of wee down trousers etc as well during a walk. I completely agree this is perfect for holidays and days out. It takes up next to no space in our bag and is so light. This item is a lifesaver when there is no toilet available! The SAP pad had no problems with the liquid but the odour did hang around for a few minutes. But once everything was absorbed it stayed that way. I think the lack of instructions didn’t help with the closure element. A single red arrow was the only clue and my husband struggled with it. But once he had figured it out it was simple to use and very hygienic. The potty was definitely strong enough for our needs. I must admit I was a little concerned the first time my nearly 20kg daughter sat on it as I wasn’t convinced the cardboard would hold her weight but I was proved wrong.  We used it once in the car in a safari park and once whilst out on a walk in the countryside. I love that it’s so tiny, lightweight and easy to carry around. I love the product but I’m not sure I would be happy to pay £36 for 12 of them. I think £3 a piece is a little high for something you will ultimately use once and put in the bin. I think it’s made and packaged very well. Apart from not absorbing the smell as quickly as I’d like I think the quality of the product is very good. I love the product but at £3 a potty I don’t think it’s great value for money. I’ll be hanging on to the last one for as long as possible! I would consider buying this if the price was reduced a little. The potty itself is fantastic and did exactly what it needed to but £3 for something you will use once and then throw away I think is a little high. The product is great and for those situations where a toilet is not available it’s a complete lifesaver, no risk of wet clothes or accidents. It’s also so small and lightweight to carry it takes up no space in a bag. I think a few basic instructions may be useful (especially for husbands, not that they would read them anyway!) even if it’s just diagrams. Once set up it was easy for my daughter to use and for us to be sure she wasn’t going to end up with wet clothes/shoes. The product is small and lightweight so easy to carry with you, and despite being made of cardboard the construction is surprisingly strong. It is a little on the expensive side for me though. Theresa Schofield – Isobel 3 Years

Product Tested By Harry Glider – Charlie 15 Months

Harry Awarded The Tron Travel Potty (3 pack) 3.9/5

They were well packaged and compact. I think it’s a clever concept, definitely useful for day trips. Instructions were clear and the construction of the potty self-explanatory. This was easy to unfold and use. Unfortunately my son did not take to this potty. However, this could be as we are in the very early stages of training. I do agree this is ideal and lightweight to carry with you when out for the day or when travelling. I can’t believe it’s the first of its kind as it is definitely a very good idea. The potty are compact enough to fit in a changing bag which makes them great! This would also be ideal to take on holiday. peace of mind as a parent is a must. With family living a long drive away these give me peace of mind if my son was to need the toilet on the way! My son, unfortunately, refused to use the potty but I can see that the pad would be highly absorbent! unfortunately my son refuses to use but the closure would be sufficient. I would say this potty would definitely be strong enough for our needs. Due to COVID unfortunately we haven’t had many outings lately so we mainly tried this while in the garden. I like the peace of mind it gives parents who are training and also on long drives! If my son used them I would be inclined to purchase however I do find that the price is high for the quality. The quality is sufficient for the use however the price does not reflect the quality. In my opinion they are too expensive. As parents we try to find ways to reduce our spending. The price of a normal potty would be a fraction of the price for 12 of these. Personally we would not purchase these.  I would recommend if they were willing to pay the price. The potty is a great idea! Can’t believe it’s the first of its kind because I can see that there is definitely a need for disposable potties. Unfortunately my son wouldn’t use the potty. However he is still in the early stages of training! If the potties were good value for money I could see them doing really well. Unfortunately I think the majority of parents would be put off by the price. Maybe if the cardboard was made out of a different material it would reflect the price more. Or If the concept changed slightly, for example you purchase a ‘seat’ that is reusable and attach the underneath part each time. Overall, a great concept! Pricing just needs to be addressed. Harry Glider – Charlie 15 Months


I would recommend as Bobby really took well to using it. It’s an Amazing idea small and easy to use. Bobby has only recently took to potty training I was worried he wouldn’t use this, we travel every weekend to go on walks so most of the time there isn’t a toilet available, I was able to fit this In his backpack carrier which is great even his 5 year old brother used it with no problem.


Kelly Awarded The Tron Travel Potty (3 Pack) 5/5