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Tropic INSTANT GLOW perfecting leg serum

A must-have for blemish-free, sun-kissed legs, combining the repairing benefits of coffee butter and arnica extract, and the skin nutrition and protection of vitamins e and c, this leg perfecting serum helps heal damaged skin while reducing the appearance of bruises and scars. With the colour enhancing effects of natural caramel and gold mica particles to boost skin luminosity, get ready for utterly flawless legs!

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Tropic INSTANT GLOW perfecting leg serum Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Susan Allan

Susan Awarded
The Tropic Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum 4.5/5

packaging, attractive bottle. More expensive than I would normally buy. The
packaging was good, with the bottle arriving in an attractive box. The bottle
itself is similar to other self-tanning products on the market. The
instructions were very clear. The product is good quality and lasts a long
time. This product is quite expensive and there are much cheaper alternatives
on the market. Having said that I do think you get what you pay for and this
stuff is good. I would consider buying this for myself as a treat. I would
definitely recommend. I initially felt
this product was expensive. However, it smelt lovely, went on beautifully and
gave skin a lovely healthy glow. My only reservation was the slight shimmer
that I feel gives away the fact that it is not a natural tan. Susan Allan

Tested By
Victoria Betteridge

Victoria Awarded
The Tropic Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum 4.2/5

Looks good let’s
just hope it does what it says. Packaging is good, very appealing and nice and
easy to hold and use. Instructions excellent say clearly what you need to do
with it the product in nice simple terms. The quality of the product is great
after using it for the last few weeks it’s done exactly what it says on the
bottle giving my legs a great glowing tanned look that looks natural at the
same time. I think it is expensive for the size of the bottle. I would consider purchasing this if I see it
on offer. I would definitely recommend
to family and friends. I have really enjoyed testing this product out;
it’s been great seeing the difference in the colour of my legs going from very
pale Looking to a lovely natural glowing look. It’s also
makes your legs lovely and soft at the same time and smells nice to. Also
as long as you wash your hands straight after applying you don’t get stained
brown hands which is great. Would love to say I would buy it and use it
more but the price tag is a bit expensive for such a small bottle in my opinion.Victoria

Tested By
Ashley Hutchison-Jack

Ashley Awarded
The Tropic Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum 3.5/5

presented. Lovely smell to product. Ingredients are appealing as they are
nourishing for the skin.Classy look. Nice colours that attract the
eye.Very simple instructions. Would benefit from giving more detail in
preparation of skin prior to use and drying/developing time of product. Great
colour and feel to the skin. Lasts without leaving streaks and naturally fades
prior to washing off. Although great product it would be out of my price
range. I think you could get similar results for less but maybe not a product
as nourishing.Lovey product with nourishing ingredients.
Develops into nice colour that does not streak on the skin. I have fairly
tanned skin naturally so it may be a different result for lighter skin tones.
Product is a bit pricey as I have previously used similar products as less than
half the price. Simple to use but could do with more information on how best to
prepare your skin prior to use and the developing time desired end result. An
example may be- can you re-apply for darker colour? Should you moisturise prior
to application? Ashley Hutchison-Jack

It smelt lovely, went on beautifully and gave skin a lovely healthy glow. 


Susan Awarded The Tropic Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum 4.5/5

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