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Introducing a revolutionary new concept in children’s luggage, Trunki allows kids to pack, carry and ride their suitcases in a practical, fun, and safe manner. Trunki is the world’s first ride-on suitcase that puts the joy back into family travel.

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Trunki Reviews

Product Tested By Caroline Pocock – Ben Aged 3 Years

Caroline & Ben Awarded The Trunki An Amazing 5/5

When Ben first saw his Trunki he absolutely loved it.  Excellent idea and no more moaning when we are travelling!  Quality is fantastic as very well made, sturdy case and took more weight than I expected.  We took our Trunki along to the local shops.  My son usually hates shopping but now does not mind as he can take his favourite toys in his Trunki.  Also if he gets tired can be transported on his case which is brilliant.  Ideal for me as shopping trips were not so stressful.  A sturdy case that will last for years, ideal for shopping trips, visiting friends and family and perfect for air, train or car travel.  Must admit I expected this to be more expensive and most definitely superb value for money.  Perfect design, looks fun, sturdy and very appealing desings available.  Would certainly look at purchasing more for other children in the future and ideal present.  A fun item which is also extremely practical and good value.  A winner with us all.  Caroline Pocock – Ben Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Allison King – Adam Aged 2 Years

Allison Awarded The Trunki Top Marks 5/5

Great product.  My child loves riding on it, and it seems to be very spacious for traveling, while not too bulky for storing.  Adam rides on the ‘Trunki’ even when we’re not going places, he loves it so much.  He is also able to open the clasps himself so that he can get to his things fairly easily.  The idea of the Trunki is great and just perfect for holidays.  This is really well made.  They have thought of everything – a ‘key’ for the suitcase that is attached to the handle strap so it won’t get lost.  A ‘passport’ for the Trunki – fun for kids to fill out.  Also extremely sturdy.  This would be extremely useful at the airport.  My only consideration is that my child could easily get off while I’m pulling him along.  For safety purposes, I wonder if they could possibly think of some type of seat belt that would discourage him from just hopping off.  We also took this to the park, and it was nice to use while on the pavement or a hard path.  Adam really enjoys being able to ride his Trunki if he feels like it.  A great product, well made, durable and very good value for money.    A very enjoyable way to travel with your child and bring all their necessities along with you.  We loved it.  Allison King – Adam Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Williams – Daughter Tia

Amanda Awarded The Trunki 4/5

First impression really attractive to a toddler.  My daughter absolutely loved it as soon as it came through the door, she could not wait to ride it.  Idea is brilliant as helped keep Tia amused at airport as our flight was delayed.  This is a very sturdy item, just the clasps were a bit fiddly.  Ideal for travel and use at home as not really ideal to take to the park as you can’t secure toddler in place.  High quality and long lasting item.  Great value for money.  The only design improvement I would suggest is to add some kind of harness.  A good product for travelling with your toddler and keeps them amused while waiting about in airports, train stations etc.  Amanda Williams – Daughter Tia

A fun item which is also extremely practical and good value.


Caroline & Ben Awarded The Trunki Highest Marks 5/5

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