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Trunki BoostApak

BoostApak is the best way to avoid hire charges when travelling abroad. It’s a hand luggage-approved backpack that doubles as a booster seat with plenty of space for toys and games to keep everyone content during long journeys. It’s an also ideal solution for sharing lifts and travelling in coaches or taxis.BoostApak is a ECE44.04 approved car seat for group 2 & 3, certified to European Union and United States safety standards, recommended for children under 135cm weighing between 15 and 36 kg (approx. 4–12 years).Booster seats are not only important to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable during a car journey, but UK law requires that ALL children under 12 years old or 135cm in height use a booster seat. So it’s essential to always have one with you when travelling by car or taxi. If you’re hiring a booster seat on holiday, BoostApak could save you £100’s, take a look at our hire charges research here.

Bizziebaby Gold Award winner 2011 and Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2016 Travel Products category 

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£44.99 Available to purchase online

Trunki BoostApak Reviews

Product Tested by: Cheryl Nagati – Zaid 7 years


Tested By
Cheryl Nagati – Zaid 7 years

Cheryl Awarded
The Trunki BoostApak 5/5

My first impression was wow what a clever product! Absolutely
great idea for travelling especially on holiday. Ideal for the child to carry
themselves. Arrived boxed well. Opened easily then sealed in plastic cover. Instructions
very easy to read and follow. There’s no fixing to do no putting together. All
you need to do is adjust the straps to the child when in back pack mode. Obviously
it’s not a high back booster so this is aimed at the older child however it
seems to seat my son very well. He was nice and high and could clip and unclip
the car seat belt easily. We used this seat out on school runs which take no
more than 10 mins. This did not stop us
allowing our son to travel without the correct car set. Our son is of the correct age height and
weight to safely use this booster seat on any trip we made. My son said he
really liked the seat and that it was comfortable. He also said he could see
out of the window perfectly and enjoyed being high up so he could see properly.
Loved the black print with stars and so
did my son. Fabric seems very hard wearing and washed easily with a warm wet
cloth. It’s a very good product to use on holiday or quick trips but I wouldn’t
spend £44.99 on it. I’d be more tempted to buy it if it were around the £30 to £35
mark. I would purchase to use on
holiday. I would recommend because it
came in so handy. Loved it and so did my
son. Packaged well. Looks lovely and sleek. Print on the fabric was nice.
Comfortable to wear as a back pack as well to sit on as a seat in the car. My
son enjoyed using it and wants to keep it instead of his other one. Very useful
for short trips and holidays. The child can easily put it on as a rucksack at
the airport and keep it with them until you get into that hire car or taxi
whilst on holiday or a short trip away. Great invention!!! Cheryl Nagati – Zaid
7 years

Product Tested By Laura Chalcraft – Stephanie & Izzy – 7 &
4 Years

Laura Awarded
The Trunki BoostApak 5/5

The product
looked great. Smart design and can
clearly see the product (not hidden by packaging). It looked heavy but wasn’t, just sturdy. Just wanted to start filling it with items
straight away to keep in the car until needed for another purpose. Packaging is simple, colourful and includes
images which clearly show how the product works. The
instructions are incorporated into the packaging which I like and can be cut
away and kept with the product. The
instructions are easy to follow and are also sewn into the back padding in case
you lose the booklet! Takes no time at
all to get the booster ready to use as a seat.
Quick release buttons release the seat belt guides. As a booster seat
this one is more secure than any others I have bought as it includes a seat
belt adjuster to make sure the belt is at the right height. I have only tested
this seat on short journeys. I tested this product on short journeys where my
child would usually use a high back booster with side support. My daughter found this seat to be comfortable
and was happy with the height (slightly higher than our other seats). Very good
quality. Strong and durable
product. The product is not too
expensive. I would be happy to purchase
one especially for holidays where we might hire a car. I would consider buying a second one as have
two children. I would recommend this if
someone was looking to buy a booster seat as it might come in handy for other
occasions. Myself and my daughters are
very happy with this product. We have
already said that on the next trip to the grandparents it will be filled with
cuddly toys and taken (even though they already have boosters in their
car!). It is very easy to use and
versatile. Can be left in the car as a
booster but can also store items such as a blanket that could be used in the
car. Laura Chalcraft – Stephanie & Izzy – 7 & 4 Years

Tested By
Hayley Wills – Owen 4 Years

Awarded The Trunki BoostApak 4.4/5

Very compact
for a car seat but awkward to use as a backpack. Packaging was as expected a
box the right size, not too big with excessive packaging which you find some
places do these days. Instructions very
good and self-explanatory. Made sense easy to understand. Not much assembly at
all very quick to set up in car. Looks fine as a temporary seat for my child
for short journeys in other vehicles. We
used this to take my son to other houses in front of car as a treat and when we
had a friend in the car that didn’t have a seat for their child. I had him use
his normal car seat for longer journeys but short journeys this seat is fine. For
short journeys it was fine but we tried it on a day when he was tired and not
having the higher support for his head he did not like it. Good quality very well-made. Value for money yes & no. If you haven’t got a car ideal as you can
carry around and use without issue, but for the journeys I do it wouldn’t be
practical therefore cost effectiveness went out the window. Personally we would
not purchase this as does not fit into our lifestyle. I have a few friends who do not have cars or
do very short journeys a lot of the time so it would be ideal for them. Good
products and I like the storage option but not for me. Hayley Wills – Owen 4








I would purchase to use on holiday. I would recommend because it came in so handy. Loved it and so did my son. Packaged well. Looks lovely and sleek. Print on the fabric was nice. Comfortable to wear as a back pack as well to sit on as a seat in the car. My son enjoyed using it and wants to keep it instead of his other one. 


Cheryl Awarded The Trunki BoostApak 5/5

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