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Tummy Tub

The Tummy Tub®, designed in the Netherlands by childcarers helps to ease the transition from the comfort of the mothers’ womb. The Tummy Tub® makes bath time enjoyable from birth; its special, original design ensures that babies adopt and relax in the familiar and natural foetal position. Baby can be immersed up to shoulder level safely and remains warmer for longer. Parents and carers also benefit from using the Tummy Tub®, stress free bathing, easy handling, lightweight even when full, ergonomic hand grips and a wide rim to support the parents’ arms all help to make bath time easy. An anti-skid base offers extra safety. 

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Tummy Tub Reviews

Product Tested by: Product Tested By Archna Jani - Kieran 5weeks

Product Tested By Archna Jani – Kieran 5 weeks

Archna Awarded the Tummy Tub 4.1/5

Initially I thought the product was attractive looking, bit confused to how it would work, until I read the instructions.  The website was very informative of all their products. Also like the video demos played on how to use products as some written instructions can be a little confusing. The packaging was Simple and elegant and not a lot of waste packaging. The Instructions were easy to understand but feel a product like this needs a video demo. I thought the bath was a little big for a new born, but did the job, very easy to fill. The bath was easy to store, doesn’t take any more room than any other baby bath. I liked the extra wide brim for carrying purposes as it can rest on your arms. It is a very good quality product. It offers a little bit more value for money than most other baby baths, but not enough to put me off. I would consider buying now I have tested it, and will recommend to family and friends. Overall, slightly scary to use at first but once you’re comfortable positioning your baby it is easy to use. This took me a few attempts to feels confident and comfortable using it.  Archna Jani – Kieran 5 weeks

Product Tested By Doreth Thomson – Misha 1week

Victoria Awarded the Tummy Tub 4.5/5

When I first saw the actual item I thought it was rather strange and odd looking. Wasn’t sure at first I had the courage to place my newborn baby into the Tummy Tub, as it looked like an up market bucket. The company’s website is very informative and answers question which you need to have answered for this unique design. If you have never seen this product before the website is the best place for you to go and find your answers. The outer packing was strong and simple. The voile the item was placed in was beautiful and well thought out, especially if you wanted to give it to someone as a gift. The instructions were simple, basic and easy to understand. As a first-time mum it was just what I needed, as I wanted my daughter to enjoy bath time as much as I would enjoy bathing her. The size of the bath was compact and lightweight. For me that was handy as being in a flat and all the items you need for a baby you’re always struggling for space. As I have only just given birth, I didn’t find it comfortable trying to fill, due to my stitches. I feel over the next few weeks it should become easier. The bath was a bit awkward trying to empty due to my stitches. I feel it will get easy as the design of the handles allows you to have a firm grip. It took up hardly any space, so storage wasn’t a problem. The Tummy Tub is a good strong, sturdy quality product and very safe to use. Yes it does offer value for money, I think on first impression when you see it, you’re first thought is; ‘that is a very expensive bucket’. Once you have used it, I guarantee you’ll feel different. Yes, now that I have had chance to use it I would purchase this item. I think if I had seen it in the shops I would not have given it a second look.  Now I would, without hesitation. Yes I would recommend this item to friends & family, as I have already done.  It serves the purpose it was designed for. I have gone form being unsure, thinking no way am I going to use this product. I was wrong to judge it on face value. Once I tried it I was impressed. I felt I judge it on the design, rather than the use of the product, not realizing the benefits it would have for my daughter. Apart from having to support her, she was comfortable in the Tummy Tub and now I can see what is meant by the baby being in the foetal position.  Doreth Thomson – Misha 1week

Product Tested By Dipti Shah – Baby Anaaya Shah – 6 Weeks

Dipti Awarded The Tummy Tub 4.5/5

I thought it was a crazy idea to sell a bucket to bathe your baby when you could buy a bucket for much cheaper elsewhere!  The company’s website is great. So many products available from shoes to maturnity wear. Loved it… easy to use.  Simple packaging.  I loved the mesh bag the tub came in and the simple instructions. The simple packaging made the product more exclusive.  Instructions Simple and easy to understand.  Great size and convenient to use. As easy as filling a bucket !!!! As simple as that really! Nothing else to add.  Easy to empty because of its size and to store as the bath is not bulky at all, yet it’s practical.  The non slip base was great to ensure the bath stayed secure! And the lip over the top made it easy to carry when full!  Great quality and easy to use!  Not bad value for money however for the price I would expect that consumers received the stand also!  Would consider purchasing if the price included the stand also.   I would recommend as I think it’s a simple bathing solution which my baby loves to use and be bathed in.  Easy to use, fun for me and my baby.  Surprisingly great to use!  Dipti Shah –  Baby Anaaya Shah – 6 Weeks

Overall, slightly different to other baby baths, but once you’re comfortable positioning your baby it is easy to use.


Archna Awarded the Tummy Tub 4.1/5

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