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TUMTUM Tiny Dinning Set

Innovative ‘scooping corner’ allows food to be easily loaded onto fork or spoon. Simple exterior looks good on the table. Fun interior holds the attention of the user. Non slip base for added grip and straighter sides to contain food. Packaging can be coloured in and recycled into a fun play case. Dishwasher safe. Recommended for ages 1-3. BPA, phthalate & PVC free

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£14 John Lewis, Steamer Trading, Boots + various Independents or click online to find local stockist

TUMTUM Tiny Dinning Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Melissa Wimble – Ben 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Melissa Wimble – Ben 1 Year 2 Months

Melissa Awarded The Tum Tum Tiny Dinner Set 5/5

When I opened it, it looked quite expensive and seemed a quality product. Packaging Good, not too much, and quite impactful. Product size and shape Appropriate for the proposed use. Easy to clean as all clean well in the dishwasher. Ben loves the design – always looks forward to seeing the face of the hedgehog when he’s finished his food. The plate is big enough for a good portion but also allows room for the food to move around the plate whilst Ben tries to feed himself. We used our set daily and would be a good idea as a gift too. Very good, sturdy and of a good quality. Definitely a premium product. Has retained its finish very well without too much scratching despite being heavily used. Personally I feel price is slightly high and would be better priced at about £10-£12. Design is perfect and would definitely purchase this item. I was very impressed with this set and have already recommended to friends. A quality an innovative product, that is well designed and very toddler friendly. Melissa Wimble – Ben 1 year 2 months


Product Tested By Emma Coules – Jude 2 Years

Emma Awarded The Tum Tum Tiny Dinner Set 5/5

Nice design, high rim on the plate and a good sized bowl. Packaging was lovely, eye catching and smart. I think the size of both the plate and bowl are perfect for the portion sizes of a 1-4 year old. This set is very easy to clean. My son loves it, the bowl and plate doesn’t move around his highchair tray and the deep rim helps him to gather the food on his spoon with far less effort and mess. This is a set we would purchase for daily use as its practical and aesthetically pleasing. Very well made, a lot of thought has clearly gone into this product. If I’d known or sampled this product with my eldest child I would have bought it again for my youngest. I honestly think it serves its purpose perfectly and the design is spot on. Yes I would purchase this item and also recommending for friends and families children and I am recommending it to others. We LOVE this toddler perfect tableware! I love it because it makes my son feeding himself a less messy and less frustrating time, the set is nice to look at, the rubber on the bottom seems very durable, it’s easy to clean and my son loves "HIS” bowl and plate and would not want to eat from anything else. Thank you for sending it to us. Emma Coules – Jude 2 years


Product Tested By Corrine Marshall  – Heidi 2.5 years

Corrine Awarded The Tum Tum Tiny Dinner Set 4.9/5

 I was very impressed when this arrived. Packaging was eye-catching and good. The set looked a good size for Heidi. The bowl and plate were ideal size for Heidi to use, and liked the fact the plate had a high rim as kept food in! To clean just pop in the dishwasher, so easy. Heidi could use this plate and bowl really easily and that is a thumbs up from me. This is a lovely set, practical, easy to use and one of Heidi’s favourite. We would use this every day so a good practical choice as a ‘Must Have’ set. The quality is extremely good and this is reflected in the price. I do feel a little bit high on price and just took 1 point off as felt could be slightly lower as you need to purchase a few sets with a growing toddler. We love this set and used regularly and has stood up to extensive use. I would certainly purchase (when on special offer) and have also recommended to friends and family. This is so easy for Heidi to use and makes mealtimes a lot less messy!!! A great quality product just price could be lowered. Corrine Marshall – Heidi 2 Years

A quality and innovative product, that is well designed and very toddler friendly.


Melissa Awarded The Tum Tum Tiny Dinner Set 5/5

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