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TUMTUM Trainee 3 Piece Travel Set

Bowl shaped fork to keep peas in place whilst still being able to stab pasta -Knife blade not too sharp and at the correct cutting angle -Straighter sides on spoon to aid scooping -Grippy sleeves to aid grip initially, but which can be removed as the child wishes to be more ‘grown up’ -Mix & Match letters on the handles make up simple pre-school words, such as EAT, ATE, TEA, YUM. Handy Travel Case. Recommended for ages 3+ -BPA, phthalate & PVC free

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£15 John Lewis, Steamer Trading, Boots + various Independents or click online to find local stockist

TUMTUM Trainee 3 Piece Travel Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Maricela Tomlin – Yasmin 3 Years

Product Tested By Maricela Tomlin – Yasmin 3 Years

Maricela Awarded The Tum Tum 3 piece Trainee Cutlery Set 4/5

Eye catching, practical & durable. My daughter’s first expression when she saw it was: "Wow, I love it Mummy!”  Packaging is eye catching & shows the product as it best. Great idea to show a real size photograph highlighting the advantages of the product.  Its good quality, durable and lasting. After more of 1 month in use still retains its shine. Although the weight could be a major draw back.  Size appropriate, my daughter doesn’t seem to have a problem with it & it will grow with her! Although because of its weight it may be a problem for other children.  The shape of every article fulfils its purpose; I wouldn’t change any of it. Excellent fork shape, my daughter can eat small food like peas, sweet corn, small pasta shapes with it while in the past she’d have asked for a spoon.  Handy Travel case, Good idea & practical, but just to think about the added weight to her lunch bag puts me off using it. I.e. previous set weights 100 gms against 300 gms of the tested product.  Removable grippy sleeves, Good idea too as children’s meal times can get rally messy & would be slippery if used without them. On the other hand not vey practical for washing up purposes as need to be removed to dry as otherwise accumulated water would create bad odours & mildew to the sleeve. Regarding the lettering my daughter is not interested in forming words yet. Although the package said they are interchangeable, we tried & didn’t work. The sleeves fit snugly in the primary cutlery piece it was on. Contents adequate  I haven’t seen this product in the Shops yet, so  it would be a good idea for us to be able to replace lost pieces & acquire separate  sleeves, I.e. different colours, like pink! Not sure about value for money as wouldn’t have bought it on my own accord without previous recommendation or trying it. In the present financial climate, most of us are looking for good quality products at affordable prices. Although the length in use may outset the price.  If the weight can be reduced without compromising the quality it would be better. As I mentioned before the weight is an issue, at least in our case. My daughter loves the cutlery but after a while she’s eating switches to her hands or asks for other spoon or fork because she said is tired. Mainly at dinner time. Would recommend because is of good quality & my daughter loves it! The fact that it looks like grown ups cutlery is part of its appeal. I don’t know about other children but mine love to get ours when eating!  Maricela Tomlin – Yasmin 3 Years


Product Tested By Sophie Maxwell – William 3 Years 5 Months

Sophie Awarded The Tum Tum Trainee Cutlery Set 4/5

Looks smart and practical.  Packaging bright and colourful.  Quality of this cutlery set is excellent. Shape and size of cutlery was ideal for William and he found it easy to use. This set comes with a Neat carry case although doesn’t always stay closed and is a bit of a struggle to fit all 3 items in the container. Also the rubber sleeves are difficult to remove the first time, and then become very slippery and slide off too easily after a while. Pack contents are good for our needs.  Reasonable value for money. Will continue to use and will certainly recommend.  This is perfect sizing and an all round essential for all 3 year olds.  Sophie Maxwell – William 3 Years.


Product Tested By Latanya Castle – Bobby 3 Years

Latanya Awar4ded The Tum Tum Trainee Cutlery Set 4/5

Looked good quality when arrived.  Was delivered in very bright packaging and you could clearly see all the items.  The quality of this cutlery set is extremely good. I found the size of the cutlery was ideal for Bobby and he loved using this set as found easy to hold.  The carry case is a nice touch and a good idea.  We did find however the case would not always close easily. The rubber sleeve is a good idea and stops mealtimes being so messy.  Although they are very easy to use and can become too slippery.  The set itself is ideal as a trainer set and ideally suited for Bobby.  Good quality, good size, easy to use and easy to clean.  Price just a little bit too high.  Although overall very good quality.  Latanya Castle – Bobby 3 Years

The fact that it looks like grown ups cutlery is part of its appeal. My children love to get this set out when eating!


Maricela Awarded The Tum Tum 3 piece Trainee Cutlery Set 4/5

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