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Turtle Pack® – A Revolutionary Swimming Aid for Children

Turtle Pack is an innovative swimming aid that will change the way kids aged 3-6 learn to swim. Comprising of a high-quality neoprene vest and three removable foam shells, Turtle Pack has been designed by swimming experts to ensure that children are kept in the correct horizontal body position in the water – without compromising on comfort or safety. Our design allows kids to learn swimming strokes correctly and efficiently, whilst the vest design keeps their arms free in the water. As the child’s confidence & coordination improves in the water the buoyancy can be easily reduced by removing segments of the shell. The shells, once removed, can also be used as floats, kickboards or for in-pool games.

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Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Swimming Aids Category

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Turtle Pack® – A Revolutionary Swimming Aid for Children Reviews

Product Tested By Donna Liddiard – Noah 5 Years

Donna Awarded The Turtle Pack® – A Revolutionary Swimming Aid for Children 5/5

Different to other swimming aids we have tried. Looks fun to try. I think it is a very different product and a great concept. Very clear on how to use and adjust the product. Instructions printed on the box as well as on a leaflet within the packaging. Clear guidance on size / weight of the child and how to clean the swim aid. This was very easy to fit. It definitely kept Noah’s torso horizontal and there was a minimal amount of head dunking under the water. Noah did struggle to keep his legs up in line with his body but I don’t feel that this is anything to do with the product and more to do with his ability in the water. There were no complaints about it being uncomfortable and he was very happy to wear it for the whole hour that we we’re in the water. This definitely improved his confidence in the water. Noah quickly learnt that it would keep him afloat and he did not need to keep grappling for adult support. He is a non-swimmer but did grasp the concept of starting to move himself through the water once he had gained confidence in the Pack .The biggest benefit for us was Noah gaining confidence in the water to attempt some swim strokes . Clear instructions provided on how to remove buoyancy segments. My son is a non-swimmer, no lessons before. We did try using the shells as floats, but he was less confident, this is something we can use in the future when he has mastered swimming skill. It did give us confidence he was safe in the water although we did stay no more than an arm’s length away so Noah did not panic. We used this a few times. No issues keeping it clean, as long as it was dismantled to allow it to dry. Quality is very good. It’s is at the higher end of the price range for swim products but it massively helped Noah to gain his confidence in the water so it would be worth it . I loved the confidence it gave Noah in the water and that it is so different to other floatation aids we have seen before . We absolutely loved this so would purchase. I would recommend to people who have non-swimmers of a similar age. This was a fantastic product for us as parents of a non-swimmer. It helped Noah to massively gain his confidence in the water and he was happy to let go of us and try some swim strokes on his own. We all absolutely love it!! Donna Liddiard – Noah 5 Years

Product Tested By Laura McPherson – Luke 4 years

Laura Awarded The Turtle Pack® – A Revolutionary Swimming Aid for Children 5/5

I was really looking forward to testing out this product and when it arrived I was certainly not disappointed. My son was very excited too when I took it out the box and had to try it on straight away. I think this is a fantastic concept. I have used a swim vest previously but found that these could be a little bulky under the arms and despite being the correct size moved around a bit. Instructions clear and easy enough to follow. Very good fit for my son. Whilst trying it out it certainly seemed to be doing what it was supposed to do. Luke did find this comfortable to wear. I would say it did improve his confidence in the water a bit. We used this at a general family swim time. However the way the product is designed I certainly think it would be perfect for improving swim strokes as there is nothing that can get in the way of the arms etc. and hinder the child from swimming. I liked the fact that it fits snuggly on my son and it did not hinder his time in the pool having fun and he loved to play with the other shells. The buoyancy segments are very easy to remove. My son currently cannot swim at all. My son loved the fact that he could play with the shells too. It did give me confidence he was safe in the water with his turtle pack on. We have used it a couple of times and will continue to use it. Very easy to maintain and keep clean. Quality is excellent. Certainly good value as will last for years. I particularly liked how snuggly it fitted my son and that you could remove the floats as they become more confident swimmers. I would purchase this and certainly recommend. I was very excited to try the turtle pack and I was not disappointed when it arrived. It is extremely well made and the design is perfect to aid learning to swim or general play time in pool. My son was excited to try it and was happy wearing it. He liked the fact that he could play with the other shells too.Although I have given this product 5 out of 5 I do think that it is a little bit pricey although having tried I would certainly consider buying one. I note that you can buy a travel bag separately however I think it would be better if there was some sort of bag included when you purchased the product. Laura McPherson – Luke 4 years

Product Tested By Leanne Lang – Oscar 4 Years

Leanne Awarded The Turtle Pack® – A Revolutionary Swimming Aid for Children 5/5

Nice design. Was unsure how turtle pack would work without forcing child’s face into water. I like the concept that the turtle pack has adjustable buoyancy and multi function. I like that the fabric is heat retaining. I feel the instructions enabled me to remove and replace shells easily. I think they could have been clearer on buoyancy selection for age/ability. I found using full buoyancy on my small child forced his face into the water, although when I reduced the buoyancy (removed shells)he had more control and was able to avoid this.Very easy to fit, strap adjusts and son could not remove himself due to safety button. Once correct buoyancy is found the turtle pack is very effective at keeping a child in the horizontal swim position and afloat. Son seemed perfectly happy wearing the turtle pack. My son had more confidence in the water as he realised he could stay afloat. We were able to concentrate on arms and legs without compromising swim position, we also put the turtle pack on backwards which worked great, we worked on kicking legs whilst he lay back holding the shell. The biggest benefit of the turtle pack is its buoyancy and adaptability. Shells removed and replaced very easily.Child is currently having 1-1 swimming support as he has ASD with learning difficulties (duckling’s stage, beginner). We have not yet explored using buoyancy shells as floats or kick boards. We hope to explore this option in the future. He certainly was more confident and felt safer in the water and with support of his teacher he was quite happy attempting stroke whilst wearing turtle pack.He is still using turtle pack once per week for 30 minutes. Wipes clean and quick drying. Fantastic quality fabric and shells feel very durable.Yes good value as adaptable and durable with multi use.I liked the confidence it gave my son in the water. I would buy this product as it is true to its description and works effectively. I would recommend to build water confidence in the early swimming stages. Great child friendly design, multi use and adaptable what’s not to love. My child has enjoyed getting familiar with the turtle pack, fits great and keeps him warm. Aids flotation and isolation of arms and legs when swimming. Can be worn also for backstroke. Leanne Lang – Oscar 4 Years


Donna Awarded The Turtle Pack® – A Revolutionary Swimming Aid for Children  5/5

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