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Turtle Pack Travel Bag

Taking your Turtle Pack to the pool couldn’t be easier thanks to our very own Travel Bag (which features our friend Tiki the Turtle™). The specially-designed bag has a unique mesh section to help your Turtle Pack to air dry, whilst there’s also enough room to add other swimming kit in there too.

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Turtle Pack Travel Bag Reviews

Product Tested By Nadia Ahmad – Ayaan 6 Years

Nadia Awarded The Turtle Pack Travel Bag 5/5

The bag was sent in plastic packaging, very simple and I was not too sure what was inside. Once opened the bag was there so it did not have any packaging as such which I thought was a shame as good packaging could be used to attract the children. I actually think it’s a brilliant idea. My son goes swimming every Monday and this has been fab, allows the clothes to breather through, is lightweight waterproof, and with it being white it looks very nice too. Very easy to use because it is lightweight. My son uses this every week for swimming and loves it. It is very spacious. We had a swimsuit, towel, and shower gel and a change of clothes with plenty of room to spare. I was aware the mesh and rope tabs are extra safety aspects. This would aid me in making my decision to purchase as the safety of my children is paramount. The mesh section is brilliant for wet clothing after the swimming session. Excellent idea keeps the other clothes dry. Really unique concept. We used this bag once a week.With this being a white colour I was wary of this getting dirty, but it has been excellent. It can be wiped clean as well which is great. We took this bag out on walking trips as any items which got wet could get put in the mesh section. One word FAB. Quality is good as durable, strong material and not flimsy. Absolutely great value. This is a must for children who go swimming especially. I don’t think I will use anything else. I like the mesh concept; I like the colour and the turtle at the front to appeal to my son. I like the quality of the product and I can see myself getting good use out of this bag.I would definitely purchase this.It is durable, spacious, good quality and a reasonable price. I would recommend especially to mothers whose children swim. It is a must have. With its white colour and design it is unisex and appealing to most children. Ropes are long enough for adults and children. Mesh design – fit my son’s wet swimsuit in. Nice white colour and looks crisp and fresh. My son can pack it easily and really roomy. Washable and can wipe clean. Nadia Ahmad – Ayaan 6 Years

Product Tested ByJulie Smith – Goddaughter 6 years

Julie Awarded the Turtle Pack Travel Bag 5/5

Lovely little bag. I think this travel bag is a great idea. My 6 year old goddaughter found it easy to use. This was the perfect size for her swimming essentials. I realised the mesh and rope tabs are extra safety aspects and it instantly increased the appeal. The mesh section inside the bas is great for ventilation. We used this each week for swimming lessons. Easy to keep clean just rinsed in soapy water and hung to dry.We also used this as a book bag.We used this every week for swimming lessons and a few times as a book bag. This bag is great quality. Also really good value. I really liked the safety cords incorporated in this bag. I would purchase this bag. I would definitely recommend. Great bag, strong and safe and easy to clean. Julie Smith – Goddaughter 6 years

Product Tested ByLucy Lowe – Zak 6 Years

Lucy Awarded The Turtle Pack Travel Bag 4/5

You can see the product is well made and from decent materials. I’m not sure I completely understand the concept from the website. As you put a swimsuit and towel in the bag together the mesh area won’t allow the swimsuit to air dry or should you only store the swimsuit in it? This was easy to use and I like the strap placement and the straps are big enough to go over a coat. This is a big sized drawstring bag compared to others available. I was aware the mesh and rope tabs are incorporated for extra safety. If I was worried about my son having the bag pulled off him or pulled around by it I do think this detail is unique and would encourage me to buy it. I didn’t feel the mesh section worked that well as it is in the inside area so when the bag is being worn you don’t get any air circulating. I provide my son with a plastic bag for his swim stuff to stop the towel getting super damp. Therefore this feature wouldn’t attract me to this product. We used it a few times during the trial period. It didn’t get dirty while we used it, but as a school swim bag I don’t think white is a practical colour and it will get grubby fast. It’s a good sized drawstring bag which I would use for a P.E bag or just for everyday use. We used this as a swim bag when Zak went swimming. This bag is very well made with good quality fabric and I think this is reflected in the price. I think the price point is good; I would buy it as a birthday gift as the price reflects the quality. I really liked the size and the quality. I personally do not like the slogan on the bag and the unique selling point with the mesh back wouldn’t attract me to the product.I really like the quality of the bag, the size and the straps with releasable straps. I however would like to see the bag in different designs and colours before I recommended it. The turtle pack is an excellent quality drawstring bag. The material and manufacturing is of a high standard. I don’t totally understand the unique selling point of the mesh back as swimsuits get wrapped in towels and thrown in swim bags so they won’t be able to air dry anyway. The slogan would put me off buying this for an older child but if there were different designs with the same quality fabric I would be interested. Lucy Lowe – Zak 6 Years


Nadia Awarded The Turtle Pack Travel Bag 5/5

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