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Two Fingers Cleaning Box

Two Fingers Cleaning Box comes complete with 4 500ml Bottles including Multi-surface cleaner, Floor, Bathroom and Glass cleaner.  Plus 4 50ml refills and 4 quality micro-fibre cloths.  
NO Volatile Organic Compounds   NO chlorine or bleaches   NO harmful solvents   NO biocides   NO caustic alkalisNO known carcinogens   NO known toxins   NO Phosphates   NO Sulphates   NO Silicate or Caustics   NO ParabensThe entire Two Fingers range is only made from ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources, principally plant and vegetable derivatives. Just as importantly, all our products are non-hazardous and have never been tested on animals.

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Two Fingers Cleaning Box Reviews

Product Tested by: Catia Rodrigues Coixao

Product tested
Catia Rodrigues Coixao

Awarded The Two
Fingers Starter Pack 4.4/5

I first opened the package I could smell straightaway the product, a good aroma
that made me smile. I think the
packaging of this product is the most down side of it, to me looks cheap when I
look into it. The bottles look ok and resistant but unfortunately the sticker
with brand name and what it is for started pealing of in the corners when in
contact with water. Instructions are easy
to follow, simple wording. I have to
admit I was very surprised with the quality of the product, it does the job. Good impression for all 4 products, floor
cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner being the best ones, bath cleaner not as good
if you have to fight lime scale. In my
opinion this is where some work needs to be done, the aspect of the product is
not very appealing, is very plane, I do understand they are trying their best
to be environment friendly but I think they need to do something to catch
people’s attention. Great aroma after
cleaning, full marks for this, house smells nice and fresh. The price it’s ok, but having in mind there
are lots of products in the market and with supermarkets doing lots of
promotions I think maybe they should do package of two for £4 maybe? I would buy it if I see it in the supermarket. I would recommend. Happy with the product, much better than I
was expecting. Very happy I had the chance to try this as I
had a bad idea of environmentally friendly cleaning products, in my mind they
had no aroma and did not do the job…this product was very different…did the
job, cleaned and in top of that the house stayed with a nice aroma for a while.Catia Rodrigues Coixao

Tested By
Emma Saunders

Awarded The Two Fingers Starter Pack 4.4/5

bottles are great and you can turn the spray off when not needed. The labels on
the bottles are very informative but I feel they are not very eye catching and
look plain. Each bottle has easy to
follow instructions and informative. I
thought the products cleaned very well and left a lovely fresh smell all over
the house which lasted a while. I found
each product cleaned very well for the job intended. The floor cleaner was
great on stubborn stains I sprayed on left for a few seconds then mopped up and
it came up with ease. The bath and shower cleaner left the bathroom looking
gleaming and smelling fresh. I used the glass cleaner on the windows and
mirrors and no streaks were left. I have used the kitchen cleaner a few times a
day and think it’s fantastic for cleaning dried on food from my electric hob. I do like that the product is environmentally
friendly it also helped as my oldest daughter is learning about this at school
so I was able to show her products that we can use every day. It also
encouraged her to have a go and help me clean as it was good for the
environment. Each product leaves the
house smelling fresh and cleans for a few hours after. I was really impressed
with the aroma. I feel that the price is
average to other brands on the market which are easier to get hold of in your everyday
shopping at the super market. I feel they could be a little more competitive
with the price to encourage more sales. I
would consider buying as I do love the aromas and I do like the fact that you
can buy refills and reuse the bottles. Less waist. I have already recommended to my parents and
have taken the product round for them to try. I have enjoyed using the cleaning products and
there are a lot more good points than there are bad. I would recommend the
product as a fantastic eco-friendly not toxic cleaning range which I feel is
great for any family with children or pets. 1) Fantastic long lasting aroma 2)
Breaks up stubborn marks (dried food) easily 3) reusable bottle only need to
buy refill. 4) Streak free windows and mirrors 5) Gleaming bathroom 6) the most
disappointing I would say is the labels in the bottles. Not very eye-catching. Emma Saunders

Tested By
Paula McKinney

Awarded The Two Fingers Starter Pack 3.5/5

packaging is very simple and basic.
There are no frills just says what it is. The instructions are very simple to follow
and clear to understand. The container itself seems low quality and feels like
it may not last long. I found all of the
products cleaned well and had a pleasant aroma.
With the surface cleaner I felt that I needed to use a bit more than I
normally would. This is an extremely
environmentally friendly idea although I would raise questions as to how long
the actual spray lid would last as it does not seem very durable and I feel
that if it was being taken on and off on a regular basis that it may eventually
break. Initially I like the aroma, but I found that the floor cleaning seemed
to smell a bit stale once the floor was left to dry but all of the rest where
fine. It does offer good value for money
when you take into account all that is included in the starter pack. I personally would rather stick to my own
brands that I am used to and that have my confidence in their ability to clean
thoroughly. This was an easy to use
cheaper version of my usual cleaning products.
It provided a satisfactory level of cleanliness throughout the house. Paula McKinney

Very happy I had the chance to try this as I had a bad idea of environmentally friendly cleaning products, in my mind they had no aroma and did not do the job…this product was very different…did the job, cleaned and in top of that the house stayed with a nice aroma for a while.


Catia Awarded The Two Fingers Starter Pack 4.4/5

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