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To keep in all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, our juices are made in a special way. First, we use a unique cold-press technique to juice our fruit and vegetables as this means you don’t lose any of the vitamins or minerals. Then we use a process called high pressure pasteurisation. The juice gets put into a big container and dunked into a tank of cold water. The pressure in the tank then shoots up and drops suddenly which has the effect of removing any harmful bacteria whilst retaining all the nutrients and giving the juice a longer shelf life. So you get to drink the best veg as it should be.

Juices Available – Pure Greens, Mad Beets and Sweet Greens 

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Uncle Reg’s Juices Reviews

Product Tested by: Anna Cowell

Tested By
Anna Cowell

Awarded The Uncle Reg Juices 4.9/5

packaged letting the striking colour of the juices speak for themselves. I like
the Retro simple feel of the packaging. The labelling is very clear &
reading about the history of the company’s name certainly made me smile. The
250ml is a good snack/lunch time size. I
sampled the Pure Greens, Sweet Greens & Mad Beets flavours. The pure greens was the most savoury tasting
flavour. My favourite was the Sweet greens, but I was happy to finish each of
them! Each of them was very fresh
tasting & you could taste a number of the ingredients included. The juices kept well in the fridge. The
bottles say "separation is natural so please shake well before drinking” &
the juices did indeed shake back to a "normal” consistency. The juices are also cold pressed to retain
the nutrients which are fundamental. Good
value given the amount of delicious fruit/veg each contains. I would certainly have these as a treat and
knowing they are full of fruit/very certainly makes them appealing to those who
are health conscious. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try a
new juice which is jam packed with goodness. Great (smile inducing) packaging,
beautiful natural colour juices which taste fab & are a great ways to get
one of your five a day! Anna Cowell

Tested By
James Hoyles

Awarded The Uncle Reg Juices 4.7/5

well packaged and looked good quality natural juices. Packaging says it all. This bottle is ideal
size to take to work for lunch and also good size to take to gym and have after
work out. I was sent a selection of
juices including Pure Greens, Sweet Greens and mad Beets. The tastes varied but they were definitely
good quality and certainly nutritious.
Obviously I had my favourites but found these ideal for my dietary
needs. I prepare all my meals daily as
on a healthy diet most of the year. The
price is reasonable when you compare to supplements and other protein/natural
drinks. The juices are all natural and
cold pressed to retain all the nutrients which are good for your body. I would not have looked at these previously,
but now I have sampled these I would definitely purchase more. I have already recommended to friends and
also purchased some for my parents to take.
These are high quality natural juices and give you all you need. A great way to ensure you have all the
nutrients you need weekly with a natural juice.James Hoyles

Tested By
Fariba Mansouri-Johnson

Awarded The Uncle Reg
Juices 3/5

like a good product – a healthy alternative to juicing. Packaging is adequate – nothing over the top,
it does the job but isn’t aesthetically amazing. Left a horrible after-taste,
did not taste nice when drinking and had an unappetising smell. Probably a good
quality juice with fresh ingredients, but unfortunately the aroma was
overpowering and for me they did not taste very nice. This is not a product for
me, but if you like this sort of thing it might be good idea to offer multi
packs for people who would purchase on a regular basis. A
great idea as everyone is looking for ways to be healthier and some people
might be able to overlook the horrendous taste and off-putting smell. We did not enjoy this product at all. I was
exciting as the cold-pressing sounded like a great way to keep the nutrients in
and a mixture of fruit and vegetables is becoming more popular. My husband and
I both tried the juices and found them to be horrible tasting. They left an
unpleasant after-taste. Fariba

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try a new juice which is jam packed with goodness. Great (smile inducing) packaging, beautiful natural colour juices which taste fab & are a great ways to get one of your five a day!


Anna Awarded The Uncle Reg Juices 4.9/5

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