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Our personalised story books are designed with artistic and modern illustrations which cover everything from fantasy and educational themes, to everyday life stories. The child’s environment is introduced using personal features such as their photos, family members and other innovative features.Children are delighted in seeing themselves in a book, hearing their names in a story, and participating in the stories as heroes of an adventure, thereby increasing their interest in reading.This is a great opportunity to offer a truly personalised gift and a life-time treasure capturing a moment in a child’s life.Combining professional digital printing and off-set printing, each personalised book is individually produced with a durable child-friendly hardcover and plastic spiral.

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Unique Editions Personalised Books Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Lees – Joshua 19 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Lees – Joshua 19 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Unique Editions Personalised Book 4.8/5

My initial impression of this product was very impressive and an inventive product. It was very easy to order, simple process. The photo upload was particularly hassle free. It had adequate packaging for a soft back book. The design was brilliant, very clever idea. There were only two bits to personalise, the face of your child and name, but all were correct throughout book. The way they cropped the photo was brilliant too. My child was very excited by this book and intrigued to continue reading/listening to mummy read. He was fascinated that he was in the book. I thought the illustrations were very creative, to make him the face of not just people but animals too. He often brings me the book to read again and again. The story was simple enough to keep interest but covered a broad range of garden topics. The book is stimulating for him; it is colourful and just long enough to hold attention. The product is of a high quality; however a hard back option would be good. I feel it is a little expensive; however it is a brilliant gift idea. I would definitely purchase it as a gift for friends and recommend it on too. It’s a creative and innovative book that holds a child’s attention. Rebecca Lees – Joshua 19 Months

Product Tested By Angela Hillis – Luke 18 Months

Angela Awarded The Unique Editions Personalised Book 4.8/5

My first impression of this book was that it was an exciting concept. The instructions were very easy to understand and uploading the photo was no trouble at all! The packaging and design of the book was good, but would have liked to have seen more designs to choose from especially for boys and young children. The personalisation was correct and the pictures were very good. My son loved the book and it inspired him to look at it with me too. My child is only 18 months so couldn’t tell me verbally what he thought of the story but he sat with me and smiled until I had read the whole book to him. It’s a great book and the paper quality is very high. It is a little pricey but does offer value for money. Having more designs available would be great. I would recommend this as the product is good but a little pricey for our budget. Overall it’s an excellent product and the Company had excellent customer service. Angela Hillis – Luke 18 Months

Product Tested By Heidi Ramble – Jamie 19 Months

Heidi Awarded The Unique Editions Personalised Book 4.8/5

The idea of this product was fantastic. My son loves books and for him to be inside this one was really exciting. The instructions to order the book were very straight forward and easy to follow. The design was excellent. The personalisation was correct throughout the book and the way Jamie’s face had been completed in the story was amazing. He loves looking through it and always points at his own face when he sees it. We would reach the end of the book, and then he would turn it back to start again so he definitely liked it. He loves the story in it and just smiles when I read. I think it is very stimulating for him. The quality is excellent. It does seem a little pricey but it is a lovely book. It would make a perfect gift for someone. I would consider buying this again as a present and have already recommended it to others. It is an excellent concept, a great quality book and Jamie definitely loved it. Heidi Ramble – Jamie 19 Months

It’s a creative and innovative book that holds a child’s attention.


Rebecca Awarded The Unique Editions Personalised Book 4.8/5

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