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Urban Veda Reviving Facial Oil

Reviving Facial Oil replenishes moisture with delicate yet hydrating rose and nourishing Ayurvedic shatavari, whilst moisturising argan oil boasts anti-ageing properties. This restorative, antioxidant and omega-rich formula is set to recharge tired skin, supporting suppleness and elasticity.

Price £12.99 Available Holland and Barrett; Sainsbury’s or buy online

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner Skin Care Category – Tired/Mature Skin

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Urban Veda Reviving Facial Oil Reviews

Product Tested By Carol Day

Carol Awarded The Urban Veda Reviving Facial Oil 5/5

I was very impressed by the product it was a good size bottle and it looked expensive it smelt quite nice as well which I didn’t expect most face oils don’t smell nice.  I like the concept because I’m nearly 35 and would like to keep my skin looking healthy and dare I say younger. I really like the design of the bottle it looks expensive and looks good quality.  Instructions were really easy to follow although facial oil I personally think it’s self-explanatory. I did find this product easy to use the instructions were there in case there were any problems but in general it was very easy to work out what you had to do. I found the oil did soak into the skin well it took a little while but that’s to be expected with oil I would imagine. After it all soaked in my skin did feel really soft and smooth. you didn’t need to use a great deal to get the full coverage if use too much I think you would feel quite greasy and it would take a while to soak in but the small amount used was enough to cover my face and make. I feel that it was good for my skin however prolonged use would make the results even better.  I will continue to use it but I’m really happy with the results so far in the short time I have been using it my skin does feel less tired and dull. I feel like my skin looks a lot healthier since using this oil. My face was soft and smooth after using this oil, as rule oil wouldn’t be my first choice but this oil has change my mind and I will be buying it again. I did think that oil wouldn’t smell very nice however this one does smell nice, which is good as a smell of something, would put me off using it. I used this product every other day.  I didn’t want to use it too much in case it made my skin spotty but it didn’t. I noticed a difference in my skin quite quickly the feel of it within the first day or two but the look of it within about three days. I’ve been extremely happy with the results of this oil, it’s definitely something I would buy again and it’s something I would tell my friends about as well. It was a really good quality item I didn’t really expect as much from it as I’ve got as I’m not a big fan of oils but this one gets top marks. I think it’s very good product but extremely expensive for the amount it would be something I would have as a treat or for birthday or Christmas as a present but I would like to use it again. I liked the fact that it was no greasy I really hate having a greasy feel on my body or face I wouldn’t like that at all. I would buy it because it’s a really good product however it is expensive so it would have to be more of a treat. I would recommend this to my friends it did a really good job on my skin and I think a lot of my friends would love it. I will definitely give this top marks I’m extremely happy with the results and really don’t have anything bad to say about the product at all. Overall using the product has been brilliant I’m really happy with the look and feel of my skin since using it and my skin feels more bright and healthy. Carol Day

Product Tested By Adele Butler

Adele Awarded The Urban Veda Reviving Facial Oil 5/5

When the facial oil arrived I thought it looked extremely high end. When I removed it from the box the bottle was stylish and had clear labelling. I think it’s a good concept to have a product specially designed for tired and mature skin. The bottle was stylish and has all the info and instructions you need to use it. The colours are vibrant and eye catching. The instructions are easy to follow and give you a step by step example of how to apply. The pipette made applying the oil really simple and easy to apply. I then rubbed it in using my fingers and it absorbed into my skin lovely. I didn’t find that it left my skin feeling overly oily. The oil absorbed into my skin lovely and I didn’t have a lot of oily residue left making my skin look shiny which I have experienced with other products I’ve used in the past. My skin felt rejuvenated after applying the oil. It absorbed nicely into my skin not leaving an oily shine to my face. I only used 3 drops and found that it easily covered my face. I found that it was extremely effective. My skin is really dry and I suffer with a lot of dry skin patches on my face and when I have used other products I have found that throughout the course of the day the patches will reappear as the oils wear off but the urban Veda oil kept my skin totally hydrated throughout the day. My skin looked and felt so much better. No dryness and patches. This oil left my skin feeling better than products I’ve previously used. The smell was gorgeous. It had a natural, floral smell which is exactly what I like. I used this once a day in the morning.  On the second day of using this I noticed my skin looking fresher and hydrated. I would happily buy this once I have run out. It’s the only facial oil I have found has really helped my skin. Quality is fantastic. From the packaging to the scent and the actual usage it is amazing. It absolutely offers great value for money. I am happy to pay for a product that you can use sparingly and that goes a long way and works. I loved the way it left my face feeling rehydrated and alive again. I was also a huge fan of the smell. Being on your face it has to smell good. I definitely would buy this because it really does deliver on what it promises. I would recommend because it made my skin feel amazing and a product I am happy to recommend. Loved it. Looks stylish and high end smells beautiful and gives my skin the perfect end results. Not an overly oily residue left after applying. Smells good enough to eat. Dry skin patches eliminated. Bottle goes a long way. Skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated. Adele Butler

Product Tested By Krystle Airzee

Krystle Awarded The Urban Veda Reviving Facial Oil 5/5

Lovely bold packaging very eye catching. The bottle is handy pipette style with delicious rose Turkish delight fragrance. I like this product as has luxury feel and made skin tone more even.  Bottle is easy to use and no need to pour wasting excess. Leaflet wasn’t necessary as packaging explanation was enough. Very easy to use as one pipette measured right amount and easy screw top lid. This was non greasy and easily absorbed. When applied skin felt instantly silky and smooth. Use the amount suggested and was enough to give full coverage.  I’m prone to large markings from old blemishing’s and spots. This product removed the outbreak of future spots and smoothed out a lot of the blemishes.  After using this skin did feel much better and looked better too. My skin is very soft and subtle since using this oil. I did like the aroma as it is very dainty sweet and indulgent fragrance. I used this twice daily. It took about 10 days for skin to show noticeable change.  I love this product the change has been phenomenal for me and shall continue using this. Blended oils with luxurious feel and quality.  Great value and if use correctly dosage lasts ages. The aroma was truly lovely.  I like that it was oil based so wouldn’t dry out if by chance lid was left off. I will be buying this again.  I would also recommend. From the packaging to product I thoroughly enjoyed using this.  The smell is sweet and indulgent. Packaging is eye catching and appealing. Krystle Airzee







I would recommend this to my friends it did a really good job on my skin and I think a lot of my friends would love it. I will definitely give this top marks I’m extremely happy with the results and really don’t have anything bad to say about the product at all. Overall using the product has been brilliant I’m really happy with the look and feel of my skin since using it and my skin feels more bright and healthy.


Carol Awarded The Urban Veda Reviving Facial Oil 5/5


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